Chapter 13:


Magnum Opus

Three attacks, two happened at the same time. Now it makes sense that I saw the tuxedo guy at the police station, he was one of the members not the same person at school and the hospital.

I look around to see if Hope has finished.

One of our reporters tells us that the murdered is still at the same place. It seems he is at the victim’s house. Many officers had been seen getting close to…


What the…?

“Hey, wait a second I was listening to that!” I raised my voice to let the bar girl notice me.

She looks at me and does nothing.

“Hey, did you hear me, turn that on!” I yelled as I stand up and head towards her.

“Sorry I can´t, I am not interested in those things only on music. Besides nobody seems to care.”

She´s right, I look around and everybody seems to be on their business- It´s like they were not really paying attention to the radio.

“Listen, the only reason we have music at this Café it´s because the boss likes it and everyone respects him so there are no complaints.”

“Tch” I let her know I´m bothered.

Wait, the news said that there were three attacks, but only two of them had O3 and O5, meaning that the other attack wasn´t label. But why? Also, if the police had been seen going to that place so quickly it´ll means that happened in the wealthy part of the city. If we leave this place early we may know where all this happened.

Hopefully they catch the tuxedo guy, that way my family will stop thinking I am part of them… wait a minute. How did my brother know there were more than one? Did he just come up with that? No, it´s impossible, he never would do that, he may know something we don´t, after all he works for the emperor.

“Let´s go.” I hear Hope´s voice. She´s carrying a baggage.

I nod and follow her. My curiosity is killing me right now. Why do I want to know who the tuxedo guy is? Am I really that desperate to prove I am innocent to my family?

We walk towards the street the old man is leading the way out.

She puts her baggage on the back part of the bike.

“John, this may be the last time we see each other, that is why I will give an advice. From what I can see in you is that you are all over the place, so reflect about yourself, who you really are and accept whatever darkness comes from it. Once you find yourself you´ll start living your life.”

“Where did that come Sir?” I´m utterly confused, I feel those words are not for me.

“Don’t you worry young man, you are in that part of your life where you don´t know yourself. You can take my words or not, it´s all your choice.” He says that with a smile as if he was talking to his own son.

“See you Jean, take care.” Hope says to the old man.

“Bye guys. John! Look after Hope for me” The old man says in laughter,

What the? Why is he saying that? What is so funny anyway. Why is everyone telling what to do. I feel like I don´t have the control in my life anymore.

I look at Hope, she seems happy. I will talk to her about the old man later, maybe she can open herself up more.

And so we leave the café.

The old man´s words echoed in my head. “know yourself…”. I know myself.

I´m crap.

I am a horrible human being.

I am a consumer of human resources.

The world would be better off without me.

What should I know about myself, that I should have died at school!

Without noticing I tighten my grab.

Hope slows downs and we park.

Did I hurt her?

“I´m sorry Hope I didn´t mean to…”

*Sniff sniff*

She´s crying.

“Are you okay Hope, I´m sorry for grabbing you that hard.”

“It´s not that.” She says trying not to cry.

“Then, what it is?”

“Jean… Jean… he´s gonna die….”

The old man?

“Why? How?”

“He has a terminal illness. He Is going to die soon.”

Crap. I didn´t know that. I thought that his only issue was that he got completely burnt.

I remember what Frank the employee told me back then. “You should be careful with your words…” damnit. Right now, I don´t know what to say. What should I do?!

Without thinking much, I hug her.

As soon as I do it she pushes me back, but grabs me by my shirt not letting me go.

She kneels and continues crying.

I look at her.

I see my mom.

My heart is racing, a storm of emotions flow throughout my body.

I instinctively kneel and hug her. Why? I don´t know but I am holding her as tight as I can.

Why did my mother appear like that when I see hope?

I don´t understand and right I don´t to.

All I want is to comfort her now.

Or maybe…

Is it…

Is it me?

The one looking for comfort.

Mr. Kind

Magnum Opus