Chapter 5:

Who Is Mr. Kobayashi?

Ranch Royale!

I step into my unit at the med barn like any other day and set down my toolkit. I wipe the sweat off my forehead and the hair sticking to my face to the side. Standing alone in the room, I look around and remember the events of the other night; the bones and intestines soaking the floor in blood and the unaffected piglet sitting in between two lifeless human bodies. It’s as if nothing ever happened.Bookmark here

I’m startled with I hear two voices, Panacea’s and one unfamiliar female’s enter the unit. They are both so enthralled in their conversation they don’t even acknowledge my presence upon entering. I see a girl shorter than me, with longer hair, bright red almost violet. She has big, brown eyes attentive and focused on every word coming out of Panacea’s mouth. She is holding a clipboard and writing down notes at lightning speed.Bookmark here

Finally, Panacea breaks her concentration and decides to address me.Bookmark here

“Oh, Chinatsu! I didn’t expect you to be here today. Did you forget to collect your things?”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“Well, I was informed that you were longer going to be with us.”Bookmark here

“Was I assigned to a new unit?”Bookmark here

“No, you’re being assigned to a new station; Romano’s station.”Bookmark here

All these decisions are being made for me without my consent. In a matter of a few days my life has been turned upside down. This can’t be happening to me.Bookmark here

“Then who’s she? My – my replacement?!”Bookmark here

“This is Fujita. She isn’t replacing you, but she is my new apprentice and she will be taking on your duties from now on.”Bookmark here

“Sooo… my replacement.”Bookmark here

“Oh, Chinatsu you always did see the glass as half empty didn’t you?”Bookmark here

How could she be so cold? The woman who’s basically been my mother for the past five years suddenly acts as if I’m just another vet in the barn. Bookmark here

“Can you let us talk in private please, Fujiko?”Bookmark here

“Um, it’s Fujita.” She says in a mousey voice.Bookmark here

“Just get outta here before I take that little clipboard and hit you upside the back of your head! You’ll be leaving with a bump on your head and such a bad concussion you won’t remember who did it or why! Is that what you want?!”Bookmark here

She looks at me with her big, brown eyes welling up with tears. She drops her clipboard and runs out of the room crying.Bookmark here

Who does she think she is?Bookmark here

“Wow Chinatsu, when will you learn to stop being so selfish?! Unlike you, Chinatsu is eager to become an accomplished vet who helps the mammalians be in tip-top shape so they can continue to run this place and not let in fall into the wrong hands. If any of the other ranches sees the General’s family or the other mammalians ill, they will see it as a sign of weakness and-“Bookmark here

“This ranch is already in the wrong hands!”Bookmark here

Panacea gasps and hurries to shut the door.Bookmark here

“What are you talking about? I was told you requested an audience with the General yesterday evening.”Bookmark here

“I did.”Bookmark here

“I heard he granted your request to be his personal veterinarian after Ricci’s parents… disappeared. It’s a lot more responsibility than you’re used to here, I was surprised.”Bookmark here

“I – I didn’t request any of that! I demanded answers about his son’s monstrous behavior, Ricci’s parents, and all he granted me was this!”Bookmark here

I turn around, untying my uniform and pulling down the top half of my dress just enough for her to see his insignia burnt into my skin.Bookmark here

She gasps, then tries to compose herself once again.Bookmark here

“Have you seen this before?”
Bookmark here

She shakes her head ‘no’.Bookmark here

“They say we are incapable of experiencing pain the way mammalians do. Even though we share the same nervous system, neurochemicals, and receptors, we’re somehow different than them? We’re less than them? If we don’t experience pain the same way as they do, what they did to me I – I’d never want to experience in a mammalian body.”Bookmark here

“Well, according to the grimace scale, if you didn’t narrow your eyes or strain your chewing muscles when they… did that to you, it could not have been that bad.”Bookmark here

“Me screaming and blacking out wasn’t enough of an indication? And they called it ‘branding me’ it was like solidifying his… ownership of me. He said I would be relocated to his manor, but I didn’t think it’d be so soon.”Bookmark here

“I think this’ll be good for you Chinatsu. They are a lot of perks to working on the manor like more protection and cleaner living spaces.”Bookmark here

“Don’t forget being dragged away from my coop mates and all our patients who are still in the triage and haven’t received any medical attention yet. And now when they finally can get help it’ll be from an apprentice on her first day? They deserve better than that! Besides, how would you know what’ll be good for me? It isn’t like you work on the manor. The humans that do are almost completely segregated from us.”Bookmark here

“Just trust that I do. You need to go along with this Chinatsu, no matter how hard it may be. And please, have faith in Fujita, I can’t properly train her with a clear mind if I’m still busy being worried about you.”Bookmark here

“Well, looks like you won’t have to be worried much longer.”Bookmark here

I grab my kit and head for the door without giving her a second glimpse.Bookmark here

“Chinatsu! It doesn’t have to be this way!” Those are the last words I hear as I exit the med barn for the very last time. That’s when the voice of that female from my memory fades into my mind.Bookmark here

This is just the way things are.Bookmark here

First Tomo, now Panacea. I have no one left except for… Rio. We haven’t spoken since that day in the cellar. We need to pick up where we left off if that is even possible at this point.Bookmark here

I look around to see if I’m being watched, then I make a break for the abandoned building. I walk swiftly constantly using my peripheral vision to see left, right, left, right, left-Bookmark here

And I’m there at the doors. I open them, leap into the darkness, then close them behind me as I did last time. This time, however, I am prepared and careful not to be knocked unconscious by a bunch of rebels.Bookmark here

I step forward slowly and shout, “Is anyone in here?!”Bookmark here

My voice echoes throughout the hollow basement walls, making the room feel emptier than it is. Bookmark here

“Hello?!” I shout again when finally, a shadow appears from around one of the separate rooms. It’s the brownred who defended Rio the last time. He should know where she is. They seem close.Bookmark here

“Hi, I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name.”Bookmark here

“Koshi.”Bookmark here

“Yes, that’s it! I need to talk to Rio, I might not get another chance after this. Is she here?”Bookmark here

“No.”Bookmark here

“Well do you know where she is?”Bookmark here

“No, and why would I tell you even if I did?”Bookmark here

“Because she’s my best friend, or, was at least.”Bookmark here

“She’s never mentioned you.”Bookmark here

She hasn’t?! After all we’ve been through together?!Bookmark here

“Rio’s never been one to open up.”
“Well, she has opened up to me… many times.”Bookmark here

He steps into the light, closer where I can see his full face. I notice for the first time his ears are cropped. Ear cropping is a common practice for brownreds to prevent injury when they are sent to fight. Sometimes they die not too long after due to post-surgical infections. If they survive, they are left with permanent scarring and pain that never truly goes away.Bookmark here

I’m starting to feel uncomfortable.Bookmark here

“If you aren’t willing to help me, then I better-“Bookmark here

“What did you mean you might not get another chance to tell her after this? Planning your escape?”Bookmark here

“Escape? Where is there to escape to? Another mammalian’s ranch?”Bookmark here

“You say it as if it were the most insane idea you’ve ever heard. Plenty of humans have tried, and succeeded.”Bookmark here

“Is that what you and Rio’s little group of thugs are planning?”Bookmark here

“If Rio was truly your best friend like you say she is, wouldn’t she have told you what we were planning?”Bookmark here

It’s true. Who does he think he is?!Bookmark here

“I got you there, didn’t I?”Bookmark here

“You didn’t get me, and don’t think you ever will.”Bookmark here

“You and Rio couldn’t be more different.”

Bookmark here

“How long have you two known each other?”Bookmark here

“Three months.”Bookmark here

“And yet you feel as if you know her so well.”Bookmark here

“It isn’t about the amount of time you spend with someone, but what you go through together during that time.”Bookmark here

“What have you two been through?”Bookmark here

“A lot…”Bookmark here

Suddenly, he winces. His hand instinctively reaches to rub his right ear in an attempt to soothe it. I’ve seen this often in the med barn. Although, it’s hard to believe a man of his height, stature, and built, so strong, can still experience the same pain as the rest of them. Bookmark here

Fully developed brownreds with come in complaining of aches and ringing in their ears, even if they had their ears cropped as a humanlet.Bookmark here

Even if they didn’t suffer from a fatal infection shortly after the procedure, they will still suffer constant ear infections as adults being that the outer covering of the ear that is clipped is what humans need to protect debris from entering their canal. Bookmark here

Finally, he removes his hand and opens his eyes once more.Bookmark here

“Are you okay?” I askBookmark here

“Yeah, I’m fine.”Bookmark here

We stand in silence for a couple of moments before the cellar doors creak open allowing a ray of light inside the basement. Bookmark here

I squint my eyes and Koshi grabs a nearby blade in case it isn’t who he was expecting.Bookmark here

It’s Rio!Bookmark here

“I told you not to come back here Chinatsu.”Bookmark here

“I know, but I might not get another chance to speak with you after today.”Bookmark here

“Koshi, here, more provisions for the scouts.”Bookmark here

She tosses him a duffel bag that looks extremely heavy, yet he catches it with ease; ignoring me in the process.Bookmark here

“I need to tell you what I witnessed the other night. If you would just listen for two seconds-“Bookmark here

“One, two. There, I listened.”Bookmark here

“Please I’m begging you to just hear me out!”Bookmark here

She sighs, but she gives in.Bookmark here

“This better not be a waste of the time I don’t have.”Bookmark here

“The General’s son, Aiguo, is ill. He’s… monstrously ill.”Bookmark here

Rio’s eyes widen with interest as she and Koshi look at each other with the same facial expression.Bookmark here

“Okay, you have my attention,” she says, “go on.”Bookmark here

“The reason Koshi wasn’t able to receive treatment the other day was because he shut down the entire vicinity so every vet on duty was dedicated to treating his son.”Bookmark here

“That selfish bastard exaggerates every situation.” Koshi mutters.Bookmark here

“That’s the thing, he wasn’t exaggerating. I saw the piglet do horrific things, well I didn’t actually see him, but I know what he did. When no one was watching him, he completely consumed two breeding technicians.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean ‘consumed’?” Rio asks.Bookmark here

“I mean, he – he tore them apart and ate everything that was leftover. I have no idea as to how or why, but I know it was a bloodbath. It was as if he was taken over… by a demon.”Bookmark here

“The demonic male complex.”Bookmark here

“What the hell is that?”Bookmark here

“Some say the mammalians learned it from our ancestors, some say it was the other way around. Either way, it’s… it’s horrific, unimaginable violence.”Bookmark here

“The way those Boards executed all those vets using bolt stun guns isn’t horrific enough?”Bookmark here

“Genocide? That was only part of it. It was way worse. It was against other mammalians, even their own kind.”Bookmark here

“How is an act against your own species worse than that same act against another?”Bookmark here

“There was also infanticide, males forcing themselves upon intragroup and extragroup females, many believed these people were possessed by demons. Some females believed it was just an excuse males would use because they struggled with rehabilitation and behavioral change.”Bookmark here

“Maybe it was.”Bookmark here

“But both male and female mammalians share a prefrontal cortex. Many ancient scientists believed this was the link between these… coalitional killings, perverse behaviors, and the mammalian brain.”Bookmark here

“But don’t we humans have a prefrontal cortex also? We don’t act this way.”Bookmark here

“I’m sure if the scientists back then figured it out, we wouldn’t be slaves to these swine right now.”Bookmark here

“Or maybe they did figure it out,” Koshi starts, “but it was too late.”Bookmark here

Silence fills the room. Bookmark here

Voices near the cellar door, I see Koshi ready his blade once more. I see Rio grabs a long, rusty pitchfork hanging from the wall. The conversation persists muffled on the higher ground. We wait, motionless in anticipation; until after a few minutes, they continue to become distant in the opposite direction.Bookmark here

I remember to take a breath.Bookmark here

“So you’re telling me General Romano’s son is quite possibly possessed by a demon?”Bookmark here

“You have any better explanations?”Bookmark here

I don’t.Bookmark here

“How would a veterinarian, someone immersed in science and facts prove to a tyrannical baconer, that his son is possessed?”Bookmark here

“Maybe you don’t tell him.”Bookmark here

“Why?”Bookmark here

“You wanted me to explain what was going on here, right? You wanted to be a part of this and now I think you could be of use to this operation.”Bookmark here

I’m finally getting the answers I wanted.Bookmark here

“You have some extremely sensitive intel that would disrupt the order of every ranch in existence. If word gets out about this, Romano becomes an easy target.” Rio explains further.Bookmark here

“All these people here, Chinatsu, are a part of Koshi and I’s mission to dismantle this dictatorship and every other ranch abusing humans for their own selfish needs.”Bookmark here

“Maybe telling her so soon isn’t a good idea Ri.” Koshi interrupts.Bookmark here

She contemplates this for a second.

Bookmark here

Then, she walks over to me.Bookmark here

“We could trust her Koshi. I promise. Don’t make me have to break my promise to him, okay Chinatsu?”Bookmark here

Her voice is a mixture of threateningly and pleading.Bookmark here

“I won’t.” I assure her.Bookmark here

“Good, now tell me everything that happened and don’t leave out a single detail, you got me?”Bookmark here

I go on in graphic descriptions of the sights I saw, how Panacea witnessed it too, and how I had confirmation from the General himself that his son was responsible for the deaths of Ricci’s parents.Bookmark here

“Poor Ricci.” Rio says.Bookmark here

“I know,” I reply, “Tomo and I haven’t seen him the past two days, so we aren’t sure if he even knows or not yet. And Romano spoke about them as if they were just specks of dust.”Bookmark here

“Well, he won’t for much longer.”Bookmark here

“How exactly do you plan on releasing this information in order to manufacture this feud between the enemy ranches and Romano?”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry about that, we have contacts in every other surround ranch, and they have their own as well.”Bookmark here

“How long have you been planning this elaborate scheme?”Bookmark here

“Honestly… ever since my mother was put down.”Bookmark here

I begin to feel guilty all over again. Rio loses her mother and has to sear in the fields double the amount of time until she is out of debt, which’ll be never. I lose my mother, and I’m offered an opportunity to become an apprentice. Now I’m being offered, no, forced into becoming a right-hand to a fascist swine. Would I be better off in the luxurious, air-conditioned manor with a demonic piglet than down here; delusional, thinking I can bring down centuries of a solid, mammalian hierarchy with an injured brownred and a few extra bandits?Bookmark here

I need to find out for myself.Bookmark here

“I need to go.”Bookmark here

“There’s nothing else you can recall that may be important to our cause? Anything detail, no matter how minor.”Bookmark here

“Nope, that’s about all I know so far. If I see or hear anything else through the med barn vineyard, I’ll advise you.”Bookmark here

I start towards the cellar doors, anxiously hoping to get caught.Bookmark here

“Hey Chinatsu,”Bookmark here

Rio says right as I press my hands against the doors to push.Bookmark here

“You understand, you’re one of us now. You’re one of us again.”Bookmark here

How I wish I wished to be one of them when in reality, I didn’t. But there was no going back now. Helping Rio with this ill-fated crusade was the only way back to her friendship and her trust again.Bookmark here

Although, me omitting the part about being branded by the General and replaced as Panacea’s apprentice isn’t a good place to be in when it comes to trust.Bookmark here

“Good.” Bookmark here

“But also understand this; Tomo isn’t. You can’t reveal any of this to him, especially about us.Bookmark here

I pause for a moment before responding, not knowing what to make of her final statements.Bookmark here

“Understood.” I reply as I open the doors and pull myself up outside.Bookmark here

I hop onto the surface of the Earth’s crust and mud splats up all over my uniform.Bookmark here

“Ugh!” I shout.Bookmark here

I stomp through the dead grass and mud, frustrated and lost in my thoughts. I continue staring down at my ruined outfit as I walk in the direction of the coop where I can change into a new one when-Bookmark here

Oof!Bookmark here

I bump into a familiar body and nearly trip. I gain my composure and look up to see the crystal blue eyes I know all too well, but can’t ever look into the way I did before; Tomo…Bookmark here

“Where are you going in such a rush Chi?”Bookmark here

“Nowhere, I mean-“Bookmark here

“Perfect, so you’re not busy. I have something I would like to show you.”Bookmark here

I’ve already seen enough, I think to myself.Bookmark here

He takes my hand and pulls me in the direction of the hill leading up to the manor. We stroll and he doesn’t let my hand go once during the stroll. Before, I would have thought of this as romantic, but now, I feel as if he is only trying to control me.Bookmark here

Time passes like watching sand in an hourglass without either of us speaking, until she stops in his tracks, his shoes making a mark in the dirt and as halts.Bookmark here

“This isn’t like you Chinatsu. You’ve been quiet for the entire walk. What’s the matter?”

Bookmark here

“Nothing.” I say with a fake, over-exaggerated smile.

Bookmark here

“I thought you would have learned by now that I can see through you better than anyone else, haha.” He squints his eyes as he smiles, but it’s a genuine smile. “If you don’t feel to talk, that’s okay though. With everything you’ve been through, I can’t expect you to be strong all the time. That’s why you have to let other people do the heavy lifting and make the decisions for you sometimes. You know what I mean?”Bookmark here

I don’t know what he means by that, and I’m scared to find out.Bookmark here

Finally, we arrive at the manor and he lets go of my hand.Bookmark here

I stare at all the prim and proper, well-dressed mammalians socializing and ‘working’ in different windows of the manor. Bookmark here

“I can’t go into the General’s manor a mess like this. Let me go back to the coop so I could-“ I tell Tomo in a distressed manner.Bookmark here

“No worries, you won’t be needing that dingy uniform for much longer.”Bookmark here

I never noticed how dull and dirty my uniform was until now; even without the mud splatters. What does he mean I won’t need it anymore? This has been my same uniform for five years and I cannot just give it up like that.Bookmark here

We approach the frosted glass window double doors guarded by two Tamsworth. I’m ready to be met with the same hostility as my last encounter was with this particular swine, until-Bookmark here

“Mr. Kobayashi, the General’s been expecting you.” One says as he opens the doors for our entry.Bookmark here


They pay me no mind as Tomo escorts me inside.Bookmark here

“Calm down Chinatsu, the more they see you the more they’ll warm up to you.”Bookmark here

“Why did they refer to you by last name? Humans aren’t assigned surnames! And how do you know they’ll be seeing more of me?”Bookmark here

“Because Mr. Kobayashi is the one who referred you to me to be the Romano family veterinarian of course.”Bookmark here

I hesitate to turn my head away from Tomo to see who the voice belongs to, but I don’t need to. It’s the General, and he’s been expecting us.Bookmark here

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