Chapter 3:

Chuunibyou demo Ikite Itai!

Distorted Light

“Mommy… Mommy.”

A woman dressed in a grey fancy business suit with a pencil skirt of the same colour walks up to me and picks me up out of my wooden cot.

“How’s my cute little one doing?”

She smiles at me, brushing her face on mine.

“Good, Mommy!”

I look up at Mommy’s light brown hair and play with her red ribbon on the left side of her hair.

“Do you want some food?”


Mommy carries me to the kitchen and sits me down on my highchair. She prepares some eggs and draws a smiley face with red sauce on top of it. It looks really yummy, like everything Mommy makes.

“Be sure to eat it all up!”


I grab my fork and start enjoying my food.

“Sayo, grab me a beer, would you?”

A man sitting on a couch in the living room starts to speak while staring at the TV.

“Touya, it’s too early to drink, and don't forget you need to drive your daughter to school later. How many have you had already.”

He looks back at Mommy.

“Do I need to repeat myself?”

Mommy lets out a deep breath. She then walks to the fridge and takes out a can.

“And for your information, I only had one.”

“I’ll be taking Saki today then.”

“No, I’ll take her.”

“You’ll take her? You-”

Just as Mommy pass the can towards the men, he grabs onto her wrist.


“Let go of me.”

He stands up and gazes into Mommy’s eye.

“Let’s not do this in front of our daughter…”


He grabs the can out of Mommy’s hand and walks towards me.

“Sure, just hoped she looks more like me than literally just a smaller version of you.”

He walks away and leaves the living room.

“Ignore him, Saki, daddy’s just… tired…”

She picks up my napkin on my tray table and wipes my face.

“Right Saki, Mommy have to go to work now; listen to daddy, okay?”

“O’wey… Buuwe!”

She kisses me on my face and walks out of the living room.



She looks at me one more time before she leaves for work.

“Alright, I’m off now.”

I wave at my mommy before she leaves. Soon, my father walks back into the living room and looks at me.

“Looks like you’re finished with your food.”

He picks me up from my chair and walks me into the sitting area. After that, he sits me on the sofa and passes me the remote.”

“Here, watch whatever you want; just don’t bother me.”

I take the TV remote and starts hitting random buttons until the channel lands on something interesting.

“Magic! Magic!”

“Heh… Right, I’m gonna go work on the dining table. So, sit here and don’t move.”

He leaves for the table and starts calling on his phone while using his laptop. Soon I was drawn into what the TV is displaying and dance around to their action.

Some hours later, I hear the doorbell rang, and my father opens the door to some adults.

“Great! You’re all here.”

“What’s so urgent that you have to bring up the whole crew?”

“I found a place.”

“Keep talking.”

My father opens the fridge and hands his three friends some ‘beer’. Then he returns to the whiteboard he set up. He points at the photos he printed out.

“There’s a dojo here. It belongs to some rich folks. I’ve heard that they all just left for ummm… I think Russia and doesn’t seem to be coming back anytime soon.”

“Why would you think they would’ve left anything there?”

“They just disappear overnight. That means they must have only taken what they need and left everything else behind.”

“Low security; In an area with no witness. Seems to be a perfect job.”

“Not only that, but it seems their house and workshop are nearby. So, we can hit all three of them.”

“It’s too close to us, don’t you think?”

“We are in the same town, but they’re quite far from everything else.”

“Well, I’m in. It seems to be low risk, high reward.”

“Really depends on how much stuff did they leave, but I’m in as well.”

“To hell with it, why not.”

“Great! Everyone knows their preparation then?”

“It’s always the same, isn’t it? Kyousuke and I will scout it, and Motoharu will be our driver.”

“Then why don’t you get going, Haruki.”


One of the adults walks towards me.

“Hello Saki, are you enjoying yourself?”

“Uncle Kyo… Kyooouu.”

He brushes my hair and looks at the TV.

“Touya, you sure you should let your three-year-old watch that?”

“What? Isn’t she just watching some adventuring-magical-girl show?”

“No, it’s Vikings chopping each other’s heads off.”

“Oh, it’s fine.”

“O… O… Odin… Odin!”

“Oh? Who’s this ‘Odin’?”

“Shuupaahh heeerooo!”

“Hahaha, don’t watch too much of it!”


“Right, we’ll be going then. We’re hitting it one week from now?”

“Yeah. If all goes well.”

“Right, do whatever more planning we need. We’ll see you later.”

The grownups all finish their ‘beer’ and leave the house, leaving just me and my father at home again.

I continue watching battles between ‘Vikings’ and mimic their moves. Soon, what seems to be a short while have become hours as the sun disappears. The door of our home suddenly slams open.


“Oh yeah… I was busy.”


“Hm? What?” Now go cook us some dinner, would you?”


“Don’t raise your voice at me again.”



Even with the loud noises from the TV, I can hear a faint sound of slapping and the sound of glass shattering. Suddenly I see mommy runs up to the bedrooms upstairs.

“…Sorry about that, Saki. I’m going out. Do you want anything to eat?”


Dad leaves home for the convent store. Within the hour, he arrives back and gives me some rice triangles wrapped in seaweed.


* * *

“Hey, Sayo! It’s been a while, how are you?”

“Hey, Azumi. I’m well. Sorry I haven’t been to shrine lately; I have been swamped.”

“Don’t worry about it. You need to take a rest; you’re overworking yourself!”

“If only Touya could do more…”

“Say, how is he?”

“He’s still the same really… But something seems to have changed ever since that day he and his crew went out for a road trip or something. He was saying something about Shadows and Wraiths?”

“The man lost it… But seriously, why don’t you leave him?”

“I don’t know… You can say it’s fear. It could be not wanting to leave Saki without a father, or maybe it’s that I feel bad for him.”

“If one day you ever need to run away with Saki, you can always come to me or the shrine. I’m sure they’ll help.”

“Thanks for the offer. If anything goes bad, you’ll be the first to know. How are your schools going by the way?”

“Nothing much had happened, really. Oh yeah, Saki’s six now, right?”

“Yeah. I want to ask, have you received her application form?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, she’ll have full scholarship from the elementary until she finishes high school.”

“What? No, you can’t do that!”

“Don’t worry about it Sayo, we’re sisters, no? Besides, aren’t I Saki’s godmother?”

“At least let me pay. Or-”

“Sayo Momioka! You’re thinking too much into this.”

“I can’t refuse it, can I.”


“… Thank you so much, Azumi.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“Hey, Saki! Come here!”

I turn around and walk towards my mother from the sandpit.

“Yes, mom?”

“You remember Principal Sawada, don’t you?”

I look at the woman who’s sitting next to Mom. She’s dressed in smart casual, wearing a blouse and dress pants. She has shoulder-length aqua blue hair with two long strands in the front. She’s wearing a yellow headband and a necklace with a kitsune over a mitsudomoe symbol.

“I do! Greetings, Principal Sawada!”

“You’ve just got accepted into her school! What should you say?”

“Thank you! I’ll study very hard and achieve the grades.”

I smile at Principal Sawada.

“Oh, Saki, I want to ask. What happened to your eye? Are you injured?”

I reach for the eyepatch on my left eye and takes it off. The eyepatch is black in colour with a yellow marking of a cross in a diamond.

“No, my eye is alright. It’s just… I like having it on!”

“The symbol, it’s Gungnir, isn’t it?

“You know it?”

“Yeah, I know a bit about Norse Mythology. However, I don’t really interact with them much. Can I look at it?”


I hand over the eyepatch to Principal Sawada. She examines it briefly and hands it back to me.

“It looks good! Did you make it yourself?”


“You have great protentional Saki, looking forward to seeing you in my classrooms!”

Suddenly, Principal Sawada’s phone starts to ring. She gets up from the bench and begins to move behind the tree.

“Sorry, I need to take this.”

My mother smile at Principal Sawada as she leaves. Then she looks at me.

“You’re having fun so far?”


“It’s sad to see that they’re changing this park after so long…”


“They’re adding more to the park! Like a giant dome you can play hide and seek or climb on!”

“Yay! More fun with mommy!”


Shortly later, Principal Sawada returns from her call.

“Hey, sorry I have to go. There was a sudden board meeting.”

“I’ll talk to you soon, have fun!”

“Oh, I will.”

Principal Sawada leaves after waving goodbye.

“I don’t want to go home yet… Oh Saki, do you want to walk around town before going home?”

“Yes! Can we stop at the toy store?”

“Of course!”

After sitting on the bench some time longer, we left for the part of town where most of the shops and restaurants are. We visit many of the shops looking at toys and books while we also have our dinner outside. We only start going back home when I finally begin to feel tired. We soon arrive home only to see my father at the door.

“Sayo Momioka! Where have you been taking our daughter? I told you, Saki has to be home before sunset!”

“Before sunset? Are you crazy? What life do you want her to have?”

“One that doesn’t get killed by the Shadows and Wraiths!”

“What are you talking about? Have you lost your mind?

“There was someone, Something! It’s in the dojo… The dojo in town!”

“There’s no dojo in this town, Touya! You’ve really lost it, haven’t you?”

Before Mom continues with my father, she asks me to go to my room and shut the door. When I return to my room, I hide in the little Viking tent I made with my mother. Whilst curling on the floor, I can hear the clattering of furniture and the smashing of glass.

The living room turns quiet as a sudden fast-paced footstep runs towards my room.

“Saki, pack your things; we’re going tonight.”

“Mom, there’s some Ketchup on your face; let me get it for you.”

I reach for the tissue box within my tent and grab one for my mother.

“It’s ok Saki, I’ll clean myself up in the bathroom later. Start packing your things quietly.”

Mom takes out her phone, taps on it and leaves to the bathroom to wash her face. I walk around the room during this time, fitting whatever I need into my bag and returning to the tent. When my mother is done, she sits next to me inside my tent. I lean my head on her lap and slowly falls asleep.

“Saki… Saki… Wake up. It’s time to go.”

I open my eyes to my mother standing outside of my tent, calling at me.

“He’s asleep. It’s our chance now.”

We quietly make our way down to the living room. Passing my father, who’s asleep on the couch in front of the loud TV. My mother unhooks all the locks and steadily open the front door.

When all seems to be going smoothly, the opening door triggered a trap set by my father and woke him up.

“Huh? Saki? Oh, Sayo.”

“No… Saki, run!”

We run out towards the streets, hoping to find someone for help, but our efforts are in vain. All there is, are storms of wind blowing at us, trying to knock us to our feet.

“Saki, here. We’re heading to the shrine first!”

My mother holds me in her arms and we run at full speed, but it’s no match to my father’s car as it races towards us. When it approaches next to us, the window rolls down.







My father found a spot where he could park his car; he hops off onto the pavement and chases after us.

“Mom, I could see the shrine! We’re almost there!”



“We’re almost there, Saki. We’re almost there…”

Mom picks up the pace and sprints towards the shrine as fast as she can.



Just as my mother runs past a corner of a street, a white truck appears out of nowhere. My father reaches out for us as fast as he could, but he seems to stop right before grabbing Mom.


I reach my hands towards my father, hoping he could pull both my mom and I back to safety. But instead, within this timeless moment, I could hear muttering over the squealing of the truck’s tires.

“Is this… Even the gods agree that she must go… Why not use this chance.”

“Father… Help us...”

“Even the gods don’t have your back, dying in front of a shrine... How… Laughable.

My father then grabs hold of my hand and yank me towards him.

“Sayo… nara.”

Mom tries to grab onto us but fails and instead accidentally pull me down with her. As I start to fall onto the floor, I take one last look at my mother’s face. When she caught my eyes, her terrified look turns into a sorrowful smile, saying one last goodbye to me.

― Mom?

When time appears to resume as normal, I pummel onto the floor as my mother vanishes in front of me, followed by debris flying everywhere.


Pieces of debris kicked up by the sliding truck fly towards me and hit me in the head and onto my face, knocking me onto the ground again.


I couldn’t respond; I could barely open my eyes. The last thing I remember is my father calling on his phone, asking for help.

* * *


I try to open my eyes, but the weight of my eyelids are keeping it down. When I eventually open it, I look around to see only a man sitting next to me.


“Huh? Kid? You’re up! Doctor! Doctor! I need help in here!”

A man in a white coat walks into the room and stands close to me.

“Welcome back! How are you feeling?”

“My head hurts…”


The doctor holds out a pen and asks me to follow it. After that, he also asks how many fingers he is holding up. I answered all of them without any problem until he asked me a rather difficult question.

“Can you tell me what’s your name?”

“… Uchida!”

“Very good. Now, what is your first name?”

I think hard, but nothing comes to mind…


“… Momioka… Momioka Uchida.”

My father answers for me while the doctor looks at him. He then asks him to talk outside of the room.

― Momioka… I like the name… It gives me a warm feeling when I say it… Why?

I look at the mirror in the bathroom and lift my left hand on top of the newly discovered scar I have under my left eye.

“My name is Momioka Uchida; I’ll borrow the wisdom of Odin to find the missing information!”