Chapter 6:

All hax in the


As not all hax will be shown even thou John acquired every last one of them I'll give a last of as many as possible

Immortality types that John has and can negate

1: Eternal Life,2: Resilient Immortality:3: Immortality via regeneration: 4: Immortality via reincarnation or resurrection:5: Deathless Immortality: 6: Parasitic: 8: Reliant Immortality: 9: Transcendental Immortality: 10:absolute immortality

Regeneration types that John has and can negate

1:Low: 2:mid-low: 3:high-low: 4:low-mid: 5:mid: 6:high-mid: 7:low-high: 8:mid-high: 9:high: 10:low-godly: 11:mid-godly 12:high-godly: 13:absolute regeneration:

John can comprehend and kill nonexistent philosophy beings he also both types

1:Material nonexistence 2: idealistic nonexistence

John has

Absolute power skip , absolute plot manip absolute powers ,metapotence, omnipotence

John is above all possible hax in the verse even absolute transcend or any absolute ability is something miniscule to him to transcend  

All abilities are passive also