Chapter 5:

Chapter 5


Akame,Josh, and Samantha started heading off north as they where going josh was putting out clones. So they could go up ahead but as they were walking Samantha asked Akame what all of her abilities were Akame started said, she had a skill called buff, which increased speed and power of her comrades.

She also has the ability called red light which allows her to stop someone in their track.

She also possessed the ability to erasure someone as if they were a character in a story. Which was extremely useful, but she could only remove things that were beneath her at the moment, as if she were looking at them in a story, which would improve greatly as she continued to use the ability, despite the fact that it had a few limitations, such as only being able to use it on someone weaker than herself. She also has healing powers, allowing her to heal any injury except death.

When they discovered the pig, everyone came to a halt. To attack the pig, Josh employed his ability to create unlimited replication, but it felt nothing but an itch. When the pig became enraged, he let out a shriek. For a brief moment, everyone went deaf. Samantha then utilized one of her skills on the pig. That power was combustion, and it wasn't just any ability; it was a rare skill that caused the pig's life to progressively deplete, and the longer they fought, the slower the pig became. The contest was almost entirely dependent on nutrition. While Josh was diverting their attention. Samatha was utilizing one of her other powers called criting, which depleted a target's health by 20% for every 100 hits, for every 1000 hits It would be a one-shot kill, and it would also negate any regeneration or immortality. (This was due to Samantha's weapon, which would not leave the user unless the user was knocked out.)

Josh continued to strike, despite the fact that he wasn't inflicting much damage, and Samantha finally used crit, allowing Akame to continue buffing everyone. Though it appeared that the pig was about to die, he used a power called regeneration to restore his health to 100. As a result, Samantha's only option was to reach the 1000 hit. This was aggravating for Samantha, but it was amusing for her. Realizing that pigs have some of the best abilities. Samantha arrived at the 999, but the pig had blindsided her and knocked her out. Josh was enraged by this since he recognized how close they were. Josh instructed one of his clones to take up the weapon and dispatch the beast. The ultimate blow had been delivered by the clone. 

After the attack Samantha had finally woken up she asked if everyone was alright josh was really happy Samantha was alright but he told her to look at her skills.

Samantha had finally awoken after the attack and inquired if everyone was okay. Josh was relieved Samantha was okay, but he advised her to assess her abilities.

(Passive)Pocket demension is where your true self resides; if you die, you will simply return to the pocket and be resurrected.

Josh stated that everyone gained a new ability as a result of the collaborative effort.

Josh had acquired more, and for each kill he received, he received an extra bonus.

Akame had said she had gotten a upgrade to her skill buff.

Skill:buff (passive) level 2 energy stipulations are no longer needed. 

Everyone started to head back.

The spirit was thought to be hiding in Yui, according to John and Beatrice's assessment.

When John and Beatrice finally arrived at the tower, it was quite creepy, but they did come discover a weapon cache that had been abandoned.

They discovered a weapon capable of injuring nonexistent entities. John went to get it, but something strange happened, and when it merged with his senses, he knew what it was: an ego weapon. When John checked his stats, he saw that he had ego level 1 sleep, which allowed any weapon he used to kill nonexistent people.

When John asked if she had found anything interesting, Samantha replied, "I found a ring and with no specifics on it, I might be able to enchant it later." They continued to look around the town until they came across a ghost. It was a horrifying woman who appeared to be angry at the world, and she had been haunting this town for as long as she could remember. She turned to face John and pursued him. John looked at her stats and tried to find her name to see if he could calm things down, but he couldn't because she didn't have one either. John then began to back peddle.

Beatrice used one of her few abilities that was called ice. It put a barrier of ice all around the area John had to think of something quick but then John remember that he had just gotten the ego sword which he ended up combing his abilities. Making cloning to infinite levels as he had more control over this ability than his friends. 

The ghost had eventually made it through the ice but later grow a resistance to the ice almost instaneous after it had broken through. John realized just how overbearing the ghost was it almost had the same ability as John and that was to evolve while fighting almost instaneously. John was scared but he couldn't let beatrice see. John kept attacking, the health of the ghost was falling slowly. This dragged out for a while John was getting pretty annoyed because of this. John used his skill to buff himself he didn't think it would come to this but their was no other option.

Beatrice was still holding off the ghost, but she was nearing the end of her endurance. John had finally spotted an opening and seized it. The ghost that had never existed had finally passed away. When John inquired about Beatrice's health, she looked exhausted and replied, "I'm tired, let's go back," as they were leaving. John was tired as well, but after his regeneration, he was able to return to his regular self, so he laid Beatrice on his back. They were almost home when Samantha awoke. She checked her ability and noticed she had a new one. 


Rarity, legendary

Skill set can get a skill randomly during combat.

Passive ability.

John also considered his abilities, which he found to be quite impressive.


Rarity unique

You can change into anyone you've defeated with this skill.

The ability needs to be activated.

As they finally saw their abilities and what they had gotten, they returned home and asked each other if they were finally ready to move up to the next floor. They weren't sure, so they flipped a coin to see if heads would be a yes or tails would be a no. The coin landed on heads when Beatrice caught it in her hand. They were almost done, but Beatrice said she needed to ask Akame for some gold before she left. Since they were all family at this point, Akame didn't mind and gave Beatrice 6,000 gold.

Beatrice returned to the shopkeeper she had met at the start of their quest, but she had never inquired about his name.

My name is Daki, he said.

Beatrice inquired as to whether he had anything fresh that may be suitable for the following floor level. Daki had a look around and discovered that he had a number of Cloaks that would conceal their existence as well as all of their skills, but they weren't cheap. Beatrice inquired about the price of a piece of 1,500 gold. Beatrice considered them to be pricey, but she was ready to pay for them. She purchased five of them. 

When she looked over their class, she noticed that they were all unique.

Invisibility clock for dragons

Ability to raise all of your stats by thousands of times while also hiding your skills and existence.

Beatrice paid the shopkeeper, whom she now considered a friend, a fair wage.

Daki said his goodbyes to Beatrice, knowing he'd never see her again, but it made him smile on the inside knowing she was such a sweet person.

When Beatrice returned, everyone was curious as to what she had done. Beatrice handed each of them a cloak. She'd eventually said,  let's go to the next floor."

The cloaks were donned by all.

They looked at their screens and decided to proceed to the next floor by clicking yes.

As they progressed to the next floor, their abilities grew.

Level 2 conceptual attainment ( You are also completely external/ conceptually above the last floor)

                                                                                With a map, you can see where your comrades are no matter how far away they are.

Floor 2 is a complete void of emptiness.

Philosophy is a non-existent skill that was acquired (can comprehend anything nonexistent to the utmost degree)

                                                                                    A addition skill is attained.

House:Can build a house wherever you go in . (It will always be filled with food and drinks)

John skill aura also evolved to a passive skill.with no repercussion

(This floor is the equivalent of a Reinhardt Cardinal )