Chapter 18:

The Devil, The Witch, and The Dried Up Sea (Part 3)

The Devil, The Witch, and The Wicked World of Delirith

Somewhere in the lost world of Delirith, somewhere in the salt plains of the Sea-less Sea, the Sparrowhawk pirates were well on their way to Rockhard Isle after learning that the Skull Clan was heading there as well. Captain Hourai rushed her crew to reach the isle before their enemies.

“Heave Ho me hearties! We must reach Rockhard Isle before those damn skullies!”

Time to Bring Back the Sea!

If what the Seared Admiral, Crania-khan said was true and that deep below the isle there’s a Delirnium ore, then the pirate captain MUST be there first. Not because of the Delirnium’s power, but she theorized that the ore might be the cause of the drainage of the sea.


(Land Ho! Land Ho!)

“Land Ho me mateys! Our barrel-gorilla has spotted the isle up ahead!” Hourai announced after hearing Tenshi’s call from the crow’s nest.

Soon enough, Rockhard Isle was in sight. It was a huge lump of land filled with vegetation and rocky hills. It’s gradually increasing altitude indicated its origin as an island in the middle of the sea. No other ships were seen docking near the place, a good sign for the pirates which meant they had arrived first before the Skull Clan.

The Sparrowhawk ship cruised upwards across the ascending ground before stopping right beside the isle’s beach. Captain Hourai was the first to jump off the ship, followed by the rest of the crew as well as our second protagonist; Fyra the One-horned Devil. Less than a dozen were left to guard the ship as the rest ventured onwards into the island.

Captain Hourai projected a holographic map from her pocket watch, displaying Rockhard Isle’s terrains for everyone to see. A beeping red dot marked the location where they’re supposed to go, thus the pirate captain led the way as everyone followed her from behind.


“Alright mateys! We’re almost there already!” Hourai announced after traversing the isle for hours long. The crew behind her had grown tired from hours of walking, but hearing her announcement raised their spirits back up.

“According to this map, the sea’s drainage should be somewhere inside that cave-” Hourai pointed to the huge, dark, bat-ridden cave in front- “that’s right! Our adventure to bring back the sea is coming to an end! So raise your heads up! We ain’t gonna dilly-dally around any longer!”

Hourai walked ahead excitedly. “Maaaan. To think that we could’ve been here earlier if we didn’t encounter those damn skullies this morning!”

Right as she placed her right peg-leg on the cave’s entrance, a gun’s cocking was heard right behind her. Turning around, she was greeted with a dozen Skull Clan members pointing their guns to her- and a hundred more surrounded her entire crew.

Up above the trees and hiding behind rocks, more and more skullies appeared into the scene with their guns pointed towards the Sparrowhawk pirates. Emerging from the shadows appeared their ‘X’ scarred leader; Crania-Khan, the Seared Admiral.




“But sir, we did see them early on. But you decided that we should surprise them here instead-”


“Wait, you spent all this time waiting for us here instead of going ahead to the Delirnium?” Hourai asked with a confused look on her face.

“She’s right, admiral! Why didn’t we just barge in and harvest the Delirnium’s power instead of wasting our time for our enemies just so we could greet them like this? Which also puts us in risk if they suddenly decide to fight back, and though we have the advantage in numbers, it doesn’t help that we’re the antagonists for this story’s chapter-”


Smoke puffed out from Crania’s comically large blunderbuss as the unnamed skully’s head was blown off to the Shadow Realm. Crania blew off the smoke from his gun before putting it back into its holster.


“-THEN I’M GONNA KILL YA WITH THE CRUELEST KILLS!!” A stupid sinister grin formed on Crania’s ‘X’ scarred skull face.

With that, the Sparrowhawk pirates had no choice but to be escorted at gunpoint throughout their journey inside the cave.

The cave itself was surprisingly huge. It had its own self-contained ecosystem inside it, with hundreds of unnamed bugs and plant species, more than half glowing in neon blue or green, deeming the cave’s darkness virtually non-existent. Descending deeper into the cave, they encountered a network of waterfalls, walking across it on a naturally formed spiral of stairs created from rocks and thick overgrown branches.

Strangely enough, both pirates and skullies noticed that everything started to become more and more “purplish” as they descended further into the cave. Plants, bugs, mushrooms, bat-like creatures and even the cave’s waters glowed in purplish colour. It would’ve been a majestic trip for the Sparrowhawks witnessing all of this had it not been for the fact that gun barrels were pointed nearly a foot from their faces.

Finally, they arrived at the place believed to be the source of the great drainage of the sea. Walking through a waterfall, both pirates and skullies were greeted with an astonishing sight:

It was a short mound in the middle of a completely empty area. However, at the center of the mound stood a glowing, pulsing, 10-feet tall six-feet wide Delirnium ore stuck to the ground.

Yep, a real and legitimate Delirnium ore- as opposed to the fake one from chapter 7: The Devil, The witch, and The Auction of Things (Part 2).

“Finally… After all these years…” Crania whispered to himself, entranced by the sight of the ore.

“Well, congratulations admiral! Your lifelong dream is now fulfilled,” Hourai interrupted out of nowhere. “Though I don’t see how you’re planning on harvesting its powers. Last I heard, you need a special machine to do that, cuz eating it won’t exactly cut it.”

“Heh, you’re right there pirate. You do need a special kind of machine to absorb this accursed mineral’s powers; one that is fueled by said mineral itself mind you.”

Crania took off his sailor jacket, revealing his iron skeletal body glowing violently in purple colour. Small shards of Delirnium was seen attached randomly to his spine.

“LUCKILY FOR ME, I AM THAT SPECIAL MACHINE!! NOW WITNESS MY ASCENSION PIRATE!!!” Crania turned and charged straight towards the Delirnium ore.

Out of nowhere, a small cylindrical pipe landed in front of Crania and exploded instantly. The Skull Clan admiral and everyone else was caught off guard by it, and though unharmed, Crania was pretty pissed off by the sudden intrusion. Turning around, his sight was greeted by a group of blue navy coated men marching into the scene from another entrance to the room.

More and more groups of navy men marched into the scene from all corners, surrounding both skullies and pirates until finally, the man himself emerged from the crowd-

Went Against His Superiors’ Orders, to Save His Beloved Pirate.

Captain Jones smiled smugly to the infuriated skully admiral. Seconds later, Mako appeared right behind his leg, now wearing a new, wooden prosthetic.

“Heyo Fyra! What’s up!” Mako waved to Fyra.

“All good man! Thanks for the backup!” Fyra waved back.


“You’ve greatly underestimated us, admiral,” Captain Jones replied. “Though our fleet isn't as plentiful as yours, there’s a reason why us Diamondbacks are the dominant faction of the Sea-less Sea! There are several routes that only some of us knew that others do not-”

“-and no, I’m not gonna give away those routes.” Jones turned his face to Hourai who giggled at his blatant yet truthful accusation.

“Now, I believe we don’t need any further explanation for our presence-” Jones drew out his plasma cutlass and gatling pistol- “WE SETTLE THIS BY BLOOD!!”

“HURRAAAH!!!” His navy men cheered and immediately, they engaged in battle against the Skull Clan army.

Chaos ensued as both sides drew out their weapons, blades clashing and guns blazing against each other’s faces in an epic two-way clash. The navy men’s initial attack gave space for the Sparrowhawk pirates to free themselves and drew out their weapons, immediately jumping into battle right after.

Captain Hourai, whose back head was pointed by a gun all this time, instantly ducked and kicked her threatener’s groin and headbutted him out of his consciousness. She heard one of her crewmates calling her out amidst the battle.

Hourai turned and witnessed her helmsman carrying a cloth-wrapped sword. The helmsman threw the sword to her and she caught it midair, unveiling the sword to be her signature chainsaw-cutlass.

With sword in hand, Captain Hourai sprung into battle and charged straight towards Crania, currently dueling against a determined Captain Jones.

“I’M COMING!! HUAAAAAA!!!” Hourai jumped and delivered a powerful downward swing, but the Seared Admiral dodged it quickly and immediately counter attacked the pirate.

*Clang!* *Bzzz!*

“A bit careless there, don’t you think, Cap?” Jones intercepted and blocked Crania’s attack with his plasma blade, smiling smugly at Hourai who finds it rather amusing.

“Heh, sorry kapitan. Guess all that walking made my judgement sloppy,” Hourai replied, dashing past Jones' side to attack Crania from a different angle.

Seeing this, the cyborg admiral stepped back and parried Hourai’s attack, before stepping back once more to parry Jones’ attack, and stepping back again to parry Hourai’s, and then Jones’, and then Hourai, and then Jones…

“AH WELL F*** YOU BOTH!!” Crania cursed as he struggled to parry both captain’s attacks with his giant butcher blade and hook prosthetic hand.

All of a sudden, Crania started to glow violently, similar to the time predating his punch that destroyed one of the Diamondback’s galleons in a single strike. Seeing this, both Hourai and Jones ceased their attacks. They dodged just in time as Crania suddenly blasted out a powerful laser beam from his eyes, cutting through the rocky walls and disintegrating any one that got caught by it.


Everyone ducked and took cover from Crania’s optic blast. Noticing this, the Seared Admiral seized the space he had created for himself and charged straight towards the Delirnium ore. Hourai, Jones, and pretty much everyone else were too far away from stopping the cyborg skeleton.

“THE POWER OF THE SEA IS MINE!!” Crania lunged forward to the ore. He stretched his non-hook hand arm out, reaching closer and closer to the ore. As milliseconds passed, Crania’s desire for power was about to be fulfilled-



Crania’s hand was suddenly crushed by a silver hoverbike appearing out of nowhere, pushing him back to the ground below.

“See Fyra! Told ya I could do something even when Boomthorn’s jammed,” Mako commented after digistructing his Silverbolt right above Crania’s hand.

Enraged, Crania flung Silverbolt away with his crushed arm. He turned back to the ore and right as he was about to touch it, a chainsaw blade stabbed right through his neck from behind.

“Ain’t gonna let you get away this time-” Hourai pushed her blade deeper, - “I learned now when dealing with cyborg’s like ya, you gotta aim for the head! I can easily chop your head off in this position!”

“HAH! SHOULD’VE DONE THAT THEN! INSTEAD, YA JUST HELPED ME WITH IT!” Crania pointed to Hourai’s blade in front of his neck. Looking at it, Hourai noticed that her blade’s tip had pierced into the Delirnium ore.

“ONE ORE TO ANOTHER! METAL TO METAL! I ABSORB THE POWER OF THE SEEEAAAAAA!!!” Crania placed both hands on the ore and immediately, both his body and the ore started to glow violently.

The huge Delirnium ore pulsed faster and faster as strobes of purple lightning began zapping out here and there. The whole room quaked greatly, stalactites and loose rocks fell from the ceiling forcing everyone to take cover.

Crania-khan was in complete ecstasy. His eyeballs and any gaps on his cyborg body shone bright violet light as the admiral was lifted to the air, along with Hourai who still held firmly to her sword’s handle. Captain Jones, the navy, and the Sparrowhawk pirates were left helpless witnessing their enemy’s ascension in power.

Finally, the absorption was over, and Crania and Hourai collapsed to the ground below. Small zaps of purple electricity surged all over his weakened body. Crania did not feel any improvement at all to his physique. Something must have gone wrong.

“H-how… I thought I’ve absorbed it-”

“Hey look!” Mako pointed to a figure beside Crania-khan.

Everybody turned their attention to said figure, and what caught their sight, caught them by surprise. It was Captain Hourai, except her remaining right eye was glowing in white, purple shards sprouted all across both her arms, and her face tattooed with glowing war paint.

“Dang! This looks wayyy more badass than any metal arms I’ve seen before!”


Hourai looked over her monstrous clawed hands with much amusement, “Hah! I’m getting used to this form already!”


“You’d think I know? I just held on to my sword stuck on your neck this whole time,” Hourai replied. “Guess flesh + Delirnium conducts better than metal + Delirnium.”

“You- You had Delirnium inside your body this whole time!?” Jones asked, shouting from afar.

“Aye! How else did I look this young this whole time? Also served as a good lesson to not assume any suspicious powder on your father’s workplace to be sugar.”

Hourai waved her hand to Crania. Her sword stuck on his neck suddenly ripped out and flew back to its owner’s hand, leaving the admiral nearly decapitated and groaning in pain.

“Well then, let’s finish this once and for all!!”


The pirates and navies went back to fighting, their ferocity grew with their newly raised spirits. Captain Hourai, with her newfound powers, teleported instantly in front of Crania and swung her sword downwards with all her might. Crania blocked just in time but the force of her strike was so immense, a small crater was made right below their feet as the cyborg admiral was pushed downwards.

Hourai went on with an endless barrage of slashes, each swing unseeable by the human eye. For each swing a sonic boom was created that thundered the whole area. Admiral Crania, who blocked and parried all of it, felt as if he’s trying to guard himself from literal cannonfire or heavy artillery from each blow. Yet despite that, he still managed to block all of it anyways for the Seared Admiral’s pride and rage burns brighter than any flame there is.

All of a sudden, the slashing stopped as Hourai teleported away, disappearing from sight. Crania turned around, suspecting her appearance to be from behind, but instead, the admiral received a backstab right as he turned his body- not by Hourai but rather, a plasma cutlass greeted his sight.

“CAPTAIN JONES!!!” Crania turned again, and once more got backstabbed upon doing so- this time, a chainsaw blade.

“Aw man. None of us aimed for the head,” Hourai smugly remarked.

“Guess you and I like to toy with our enemies if given the chance,” Jones replied with a smile.

“AAAAARGGH!! F*** OFF!!!” Crania raised his blade angrily- eyes all red as he set his sight to chop the shit out of Jones.

Crania swung his sword down with all his might, body all glowing with immense power. Captain Jones did not flinch however, for right at this moment, Hourai teleported between the two and caught the admiral’s butcher blade with her bare crystallic hand.

In one vice grip, Hourai snapped Crania’s ogunite blade easily- a feat deemed impossible by anyone and anything before. In desperation and fear, Crania threw a left hook punch to Hourai with his left hook-hand, and as expected, was caught easily by the empowered pirate.

“It’s been fun admiral, but I’m ending our little game now.” Hourai grabbed Crania’s other arm and leaned her head way back. With all her might, she pulled the skully admiral to her while pushing herself forwards-


-and headbutted Crania-khan with the force of a dozen sea storms!

“HRUAAAAAH-” Crania flew back hundreds of meter across the whole place. Surge of purple electric charged through his veins, shattering his iron body from inside out. The Seared Admiral was no more. All that’s left was an iron skeletal husk devoid of life, conscious and glow.

The rest of the skullies witnessed their leader’s death in despair. With no one to rally and lead them to victory, the skullies fled from the scene, retreating back to their ships with shattered pride but intact lives. Soon enough, they’ll retreat from the Sea-less Sea entirely.

Seeing this, both navy and pirates cheered. Their temporary informal alliance managed to drive away a common enemy, and their sovereignty over the Sea-less Sea remained. Jones and Hourai watched happily as their crew celebrated their victory together. It was then however, something reminded Captain Jones of their current situation.

“Wait, if you’ve absorbed the Delirnium’s power, which supposedly to be the reason for the sea’s drainage 15 years ago, doesn’t that mean-” his speech was cut off when the room suddenly quaked far more violently before.

Both Hourai and Jones turned around and witnessed the towering Delirnium ore. To their dismay, they noticed cracks after cracks beginning to form on the ore’s surface. More tremors ensued followed by more cracks on the ore.

It didn’t take a genius to put two and two together, hence Hourai immediately ordered everyone to retreat.


Just as she ordered, everyone fled from the scene in panic. Captain Jones was about to join his men in the retreat, but then noticed Hourai heading the opposite direction against all of them- straight to the Delirnium ore itself.

“Where are you going!?” Jones grabbed Hourai’s hand.

"Stalling the explosion! We can't escape in time! This place's gonna blow in seconds!"

"If you do that then you won't make it out alive!"

"And? That makes one less pirate for you navies to worry about-" Hourai gave Jones an assuring smile. “Now go! Your men needs ya!"

“N-no! I- I can’t let yo-”

Without warning, Hourai gave Jones a kiss to his mouth. The navy captain was caught completely off guard, a surprised and disbelieved look still written on his face once the kiss was over.


“Wait what?”

“AYE AYE CAP!” Mako and Fyra shouted at the same time, riding into the scene on their silver hoverbike.

Without a second to waste, Hourai shoved Captain Jones onto the Silverbolt and was instantly held down by Fyra. Mako immediately floored the bike, leaving the pirate captain behind with Fyra and Jones sitting behind him. Fyra had to hold down Jones throughout their ride out as the navy captain struggled hysterically- helplessly reaching out his hand for the pirate.

Captain Hourai waved goodbye to the three, before turning her attention back to the Delirnium ore.

“So, looks like you're the devil that drained the sea that day-” Hourai raised both her hands up high, glowing brightly with surging purple electric- “about time you repay your debt-"


Hourai smashed the Delirnium ore with all her power and might. Blinding lights shone across the whole cave, obscuring the pirate captain's fate.

Meanwhile, on the shores of Rockhard Isle, hundreds of navy men and pirates flocked to the closest ship there; the Sparrowhawk. The ship's barrelman; Sharpeye Tenshi, noticed the mob of hundreds running towards them and alerted all those below. Hourai's second mate took a closer look at the crowd with his own telescope and immediately ordered his crew to drop the ropes.

"Ride on board mateys! Navy or pirate doesn't matter! Save yerselves first then we'll fight later!" Hourai's second mate announced as he and the rest of the pirate crew helped pull everyone up on board.

"OOH! AAH!" Sharpeye Tenshi alerted the second mate once more. Pulling out his telescope again, he saw the hoverbike riding trio heading towards them fast.

"Put down the gangplank now!" The second mate ordered, and just as he told, a wooden plank was placed inclined to the ground from the ship.

Mako accelerated Silverbolt onwards until finally, arrived inside the ship riding across the gangplank. He successfully brought Fyra, Captain Jones and himself to safety- though their landing was a bit 'crash-ey' in nature.

"Captain! Sir! Are you alright, captain sir!" one of the navy men assisted Jones to get up.

"I- I'm fine," Jones groaned painfully, before recalling something, "Hourai! She's still in there!"

His claim surprised the Sparrowhawk pirates.

"What!? Our captain's still-"

"Yes you heard me right! We need to go back and-"


The hills on Rockhard Isle exploded out of nowhere, creating a shockwave enough to push the hovering Sparrowhawk a few feet away from it's docking spot. Like an erupted volcano, something spat out from the exploded hills, but instead of magma and debris-

-it was the waters of the sea.

"ALL HANDS HOAY!!" the second mate shouted as everyone immediately braced themselves. The huge wave charged straight towards them fast.

Seconds later, the wave crashed onto the Sparrowhawk, pushing the whole 1000 ton ship hundreds of meters back.


Somewhere in the lost world of Delirith, somewhere on the Sea-less Sea- renamed back to its original name, the ‘Seafull Sea’ now that the waters had returned.

Three days had passed since the incident at Rockhard Isle. The Skull Clan retreated after news of their commanding admiral's death reached the rest of the fleet. Demoralized, the skullies either fled from the sea or were bombarded by surprise from the Diamondback Navy fleet.

Sailors and island dwellers regained their livelihoods as the sea not only returned its waters, but so too all the fish once buried beneath the salty plains- emerging from their burrows to return to their deep blue home once more.

Needless to say, all's well that ends well for the sailors of the now Seaful Sea, save for the Sparrowhawk pirates and Captain Jones' fleet.

A funeral was held on the Sparrowhawk in memoriam of the great Captain Hourai. All those who were involved in the battle at Rockhard Isle attended the funeral, including Mako and Fyra.

All heads laid low as they lowered an empty coffin built for Hourai's steed into the sea below. Prayers prayed and last words spoken, Captain Jones was invited in front by the Sparrowhawk's second mate to give a final eulogy.

"Captain Hourai, though her name was infamously hated as an enemy for the navy- personally I had no grudge against her myself. There were times where she did get into my nerve, tease me right under my skin, or just straight up made our work harder by looting our hard earned supplies. But compared to the rest that my men and I had dealt throughout our career, there's no better enemy to set sail with than the Lady of the Sparrowhawk…"

In the middle of his speech, sounds of footsteps were suddenly heard by everyone except for Jones.

"I've regretted a lot of things in my life, but perhaps my biggest regret was not confessing to her sooner…"

Everyone turned their heads to the source of the footsteps, completely ignoring Jones' eulogy.

"She spent her whole life doing what she loved, and thus she did not pass away in regret…"

Everyone was astonished by what they're seeing in front. A mix of delight and confusion- but mostly delight beamed from their faces. The footsteps grew closer and closer as it approached the navy captain.

"Even now, I could hear her saying 'Ahoy kapitan!' with that stupid but beautiful voice of hers…"

"Ahoy kapitan!" Hourai greeted.

"Yes, just like that. It was as if she's still by my side this whole time…"




Jones turned to his side and was greeted by Hourai, no longer glowing or crystallized unlike their last meeting.

"Oh hey Hourai. Anyways, moving on with my eulofodjjsosk-" Jones turned back to Hourai, finally noticing her presence which greatly baffled the navy captain- "Wha- HOW!? I thought you-"

"Yeah, I was gone for a while. Actually, I just got stuck at that island for three days," Hourai explained. "None of y'all came back for me but no hard feelings, I anticipated all of ya to flee while I did my sacrificial move."

"Hourai… you…"

"Oh believe me, I thought I was dead too. But my Delirnium powerup made me stronger than I thought!"


"In the end, the only things I lost were all the powerups I had and my sword. Guess I'll stop by some black market eh to get some good quality replacement~" Hourai winked and nudged Jones' shoulder.


"Okay, you've mentioned my name three times now. What do you want-" before she could even finish her sentence, Hourai was pulled closer by Captain Jones as he immediately went in for a kiss. Both sides' crew cheered and hollered for their captains, and once they're done, Hourai was left in a blushing mess.

"Y-you i-idiot! W-we could've done that in private-!"

"Nah, I'm done keeping my feelings for you in secret. Let the whole sea know of Captain Jones' love towards the Lady of the Sparrowhawk!" Jones announced proudly. "Except for my admirals, cuz they'll probably gonna hang me for this if they find out."

"Heh, guess we'll just stick with being rivals in love then~" Hourai replied. "But no worries! If they decide to hang ya, then I'll be sure to swap in and claim you as mine! But until that day comes-"

The two shared a kiss once more (this is the last one, I promise) as the crowd celebrated the pirate captain's return and their newfound relationship between the two.


"Land ho! Land ho!" a barrelman announced from the crow's nest above.

"Well kids, looks like we've arrived at your destination," Captain Jones remarked as the Diamondback galleon docked near the shores of Mount Mortis.

"Guess this is where we say goodbye then. It's been quite a ride," Mako replied. "Or should I say 'sail'. Heh, get it- since we sailed across this whole- you know what f***! I've screwed up the punchline."

The Diamondback crew helped lower the gangplank for Mako and Fyra to descend. The duo got off the ship and waved goodbye to the crew, captain, and all, as the Diamondback ship sailed away immediately after.

"Maaaan... Even though we experienced the sea for only like- the last two days, sailing across it is pretty fun," Fyra remarked.

"Yep! And since the water's back, we can come back and venture it again!" Mako replied.

"Assuming we made it out alive after this though. Can't believe we've reached this place after all these months…"

"Yeah… Looks like our journey's coming to an end huh," Mako spoke in a rather serious tone. "Welp, no reason to wait around any longer! The sooner we get this done, the better!" Mako's cheerful tone returned as he digustructed his Silverbolt in front.

And so, the Devil and the Witch both got onto the bike and rode off into the mountains, ending up at who-knows-where doing who-knows-what, until the next chapter for The Devil, The Witch, and The Wicked World of Delirith!

(Meanwhile at the Sparrowhawk ship)

"Say cap', I think you forgot something when we passed those two kids to Captain Jones," the second mate spoke.

"I forgot something? Pretty sure I had already-" Hourai touched her eyepatch covering her left eye, realizing now what she had forgotten- "OH THOSE RAPSCALLION LITTLE F***S! THEY STILL HAVE MY FREAKING LEFT EYE!"

True to her words, Mako and Fyra rode on into Mount Mortis unaware of the robotic eye kept neatly inside the witch's backpack.