Chapter 0:

Another way under

Earth of Realms

Alisa, where are we? shhh, They will hear us, Hannah, Alisa whispered in a quiet worried voice I think they are gone now. Hannah, we can come out now Alisa exclaimed with a sigh of relief

 As Alisa and Hannah climbed out of the sewer Man this sucks how long does, we have to keep stealing bread just to survive those nobles almost caught us.

 I don't think next time we will be even lucky to get a crumb Alisa exclaimed in frustration. Well, we can always go back to the orphanage Hannah spoke in a normal tone, Hannah! You know we cannot go back there they will sell us off did you forget that they would this is the only way we can survive right now I am just worried if we go back who knows what will happen Alisa spoke in a soft worried voice to Hannah.

 I know but I am just tired of living like this I don't want to steal bread anymore look at our clothes they're in rags they are torn into pieces look at our hair it's covered in old dirt and mud from working those stables yet the wage was not even enough for us to get an inn to get a proper bath even my light brown hair is no longer light brown yet it's into the color of green grass patches Hannah exclaimed in a sad voice. 

I understand that I hear you sister, but please can you just hear me? we have the promise to keep remembering I will get us a better life for both of us I know it will take some time but with effort and some hard work, it will pay off for sure! Alisa eagerly spoke to Hannah. let us go back to the barn we are working at, we can try to sleep there I am pretty sure the farmer wouldn't mind it is getting dark out not long before the midnight sky hits what do you say, Hannah? Alright, I guess you got a point Hannah replied.

Hannah and I started to walk toward the barn as the night sky started to set as it got chilly, we climbed inside of haystacks for warmth Hannah laid on her own and so did I and we gently fell asleep to the rusty old cracked caved-in the barn with the gentle cold breeze coming through the haystacks putting me and Hannah straight to sleep.

Only one can fix Only one mistake that has been done fix it a deep dark mysterious sounding voice from afar whispered in echoes calling to Alisa 

who are you? tell me why you keep showing up in my dreams leave me alone I don't understand what you want from me go away! let me have peace exclaimed Alisa go away!

Alisa wake up I am not going to go away, Alisa! Hannah shouted. Huh? Where am I what a strange dream

 Suddenly I don't remember what I was dreaming about just a voice a strange voice, what a strange voice! You look sick Alisa Hannah replied with worry 

 I am okay I think I just had a nightmare is all, Thanks for worrying about me Alisa replied to Hannah how could I not worry we are family Hannah spoke with a smile. Let's go see if we need to do any work today Alisa suggested 

Alright, Hannah agreed as they walked out of the barn. Hannah, do you want some bread? sure but we are almost there at the farmer's house Alisa it's okay we still can eat in time before we get their Alisa replied with a smile. 

Wait where did you get the bread, Alisa, Hannah questioned with a concerned look on her face. It's just bread we had left over that I stole from last time for us we are good I figured to save some of it Alisa happily replied as they both ate the bread walking towards the farmer's house.

 Hey, look Hannah nobles what are they doing here in front of the farmer's house Alisa questioned with a very concerned look on her face with her stomach filled with worry. Get down Hannah hide I am going to go check it out okay you stay here Hannah Alisa demanded. Alright, Hannah agreed and proceeded to hide behind a bush. Alisa started to walk towards the farmer with a weird feeling in her stomach farmer mason what is going on why are nobles here farmer mason?

shut it you filth!!! he shouted as he pushed Alisa down to the ground that's where you belong just a match for the dirty filth you are I wouldn't be supersized if the ground didn't even want you Farmer Mason Snarkley exclaimed loudly. What did you just say? Alisa shouted.

Here is your payment for reporting the thief we can't have such low-class dirty orphans stealing our food one of the nobles spoke in disgust looking down at Alisa. Hannah runs! Alisa yelled out. Catch that one before she escapes one of the nobles demanded their guards

Hannah started running fast as she could jumping over rocks and the river that was ahead of her to reach a dead-end of two massive, large buildings in the way of her path.

 You have nowhere to run now as the guard shouted and tackled Hannah and put her in the cage along with Alisa. Let my sister go she didn't take anything I am at fault she is not Alisa Pleaded. It's no use Alisa said to Hannah with a sad expression on her face as her eyebrows turned downward.

 I can't believe that farmer Mason sold us out like that for money while he already has a lot of money, to begin with on top of that we wouldn't need to steal if he gave us a proper wage, we have been there for almost six months what a prick Alisa exclaimed in angrily tone.

 shut up back their one of the guards shouted from the front of the carriage yelled out in a demanding voice. 

We are going do you know Alisa? No, I am sorry sister I don't know Alisa and Hannah whispered in a soft tone.  We are here you filthy orphans grab them and throw them into the void, No No you are not throwing my sister down there Alisa yelled out in an angry tone as one of the guards first tried to grab Hannah Alisa bit the guard's arm, and then almost proceeded to kick the guard to make an escape the guard stopped Alisa and knocked her out with his sword leaving her unconscious state. Throw the stubborn one in first instead she is unconscious let's throw her in before she wakes up having to deal with noisy commoners is such a drag the guard commented with disgust on his face.

Alisa wake up Alisa !! Hannah called out, Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! I don't want to die Ahhhh!!! Alisa screamed out Hannah give me your hand Alisa screamed out as they started to fall close to the ground. What Alisa, I can't hear you Hannah yelled out loudly.