Chapter 3:

Drama 3

My Life as A background Character in a Shojo Drama..

After an unsuccessful delivery of a new found pick up line, my face saddened. 

In search of something to cheer me up, I looked outside the window. Two birds sat over there and are looking at me. As I zoomed into their faces... I noticed a smug face they made.

WH... What is up with the smug face. I swear I will break your teeth, wait, I mean beak.  Hey! Now don't go whispering something to your mate. If u have something to say, then say it on my face. What... the... Why are you laughing now... What did he whisper? 

When someone is annoyed their brain is overcome by anger and, the actions the person chooses to make in this moment are far from rational.

Teacher still kept on reciting.

Akari and Daiki still wore red blush across their faces while both of them stared at the book awkwardly.  

The faint smell of Nail polish lingered in the air which came from the girl sitting beside him.

Kazehi took the one and only thing on his desk, which was a half used eraser and threw it at the birds. But they left the moment he threw it.

With a soft band, the Eraser, instead of going out of the window, decided to strike the steel frame of the window and change its direction towards the blushing couple sitting there. 

It swing right, then left, then right again...., all while I watched it go in horror, like a missile treading towards a city.

It sped towards Daiki, and just missed his nape... Phew, I gave a sigh of relief... And it struck Akari on her head. 

"Aah~" She fainted.

"Fuji-San? Fuji-San?" What happened to you? Wake up." Daiki tried to wake up Akari who fell on his shoulders.

Everyone's attention shifted towards her, the teacher took a moment of surprise and speed-walked towards her.

"Fuji..." The teacher tried to say something but was interrupted in between by the loud yelling of Daiki.

"Ambulance!!! Ambulance!!! Someone call the Ambulance"  Despite saying that, he took her in his hands and princess carried her outside the class. Probably, to the infirmary. It happened so fast that it took everyone a while to understand what happened.

I am not going to jail for this, Am I? I shrinked.