Chapter 2:

Drama 2

My Life as A background Character in a Shojo Drama..

*Yaaawn~~*Bookmark here

I am trying my best not to fall asleep, History class sucks, especially after Lunch. What even is the use of learning something which is supposed to have happened even before your grandfather was born. I bet most of the information was forged making the bad people look good and good people look like rebels.Bookmark here

*Yaaaaaawn~~*Bookmark here

Kazehi is on the verge to fall asleep. He keeps on yawning with his watery eyes and his gloomy face; unnoticed by others, he had his own independence in a classroom full of students.Bookmark here

Until he noticed something... That is with Daiki Abe. (ML)Bookmark here

Why is Abe-San having a bewildered look on his face. It's like he wants to show everyone that he is in trouble. Bookmark here

Teacher look at him. He definitely messed up something, or to be more accurate he forgot his History book.Bookmark here

The teacher kept on reciting a passage. She couldn't care any less about anyone disturbing the class.Bookmark here

Who the hell made her a teacher. I am the back ground character not him. Just having a hot body ain't enough, care about the education of your students.Bookmark here

"What happened Abe-San? Did You forget your history textbook?" Akari murmured, so that she doesn't disturbs anyone.Bookmark here

"Umm... Yes" Daiki answered and avoided eye contact from her, as if he was ashamed of the fact.Bookmark here

So I was right... She sits right beside him and it took her this much time to notice that he was troubled. Why do I feel like I am the one who is more interested in him.Bookmark here

"So even you can be forgetful sometimes, Abe-san"  She smiled. "Here we go"Bookmark here

She joined her desk with his.Bookmark here

"Wait, You don't need to do this" Daiki tried to stop her but she had already joined their desks and kept the book in the center.Bookmark here

"Here, here... you don't need to be shy. Everyone make mistakes" Bookmark here

"If you insist" He shifted his gaze towards the book but his face grew red.Bookmark here

WHHHAT... Who blushes so easily, and too for such a minor reason. Please stop. I want to shift my gaze but this is thing is more interesting than the history class at least.Bookmark here

Looking at his red face. Akari started to blush too but she looked down so that no one notices her face.Bookmark here

And looking at them, Kazehi made a dumb founded face.Bookmark here

What the heck was that,... those fumes coming on top of their heads, and red faces. This is a classroom, you have to focus on the book. Is this some kind of new pickup line thing. It seems to be effective.Bookmark here

Kazehi looked beside towards the girl adjacent to him, and hid his book inside his bagBookmark here

"Kaeyru-San, I forgot my book, can you....."Bookmark here

"UH?" She gave a scary look.Bookmark here

"Nevermind"Bookmark here

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