Chapter 22:

Summer High Part 5 (Taiki)

Special Fighting Club

Today our cheering squad won considerable size: almost everyone´s parents and school friends are here, Asuka-san, Etsu-san and a few of the other school team´s captains came too. Even Dai-nii-sama came today, that´s all of the summer high, impressive.
The bicycle clubs captain presents our schools brass band.
Yoshi jumps up and down. “I made something!” He holds a big roll, almost as big as himself.
His mother giggles behind him.
“Dad hold this.” He hands a young man, Chiko´s older brother, a corner then slowly rolls out the banner. It´s blue with a wave drawn on and the words like a wave written on it.
“That´s cool.” Takara tells him.
“Mom helped me. It´s like a wave because Nami means wave and you´re sweeping your opponents away like one.” He explains excitedly.
“You didn´t need to explain.” Chiko says, he´s hiding behind Akito again, presumably form embarrassment.
Yoshi gives his father the banner and gets a bag from his mother. He hands every team member a little flag. They all stare at it.
“I made those too!” Yoshi says.
“Well then we´re fully equipped.” Manami-san says smiling. “Everyone let´s get ready.”

We go inside, Akaryuu isn´t here jet.
A man walks up to us; the announcer explaining how the entry is supposed to go. He smiles whishes us good luck and walks over to the now slowly appearing Akaryuu team.
I take a deep breath.
Takara gets her knee taped even more than yesterday.
Akito and Chiko are doing some breathing exercises.
Leiko has her eyes closed, she´s trying to concentrate.
I look into the crowd. Akaryuu’s cheering squad is slowly starting to get ready; they also have a brass band. They play their first tone and a loud “Shut up!” comes from our side, I can´t really tell who said it because its sounds like multiple people. I laugh, all tension just falling, right no matter what happens today we are qualified for the nationals.
Takara seems to think differently, she wants revenge.

The announcer begins: “Welcome to the finale of the summer high of Kyoto! On your right we have the raining kings of Kyoto: Akaryuu High school with their coach Miwa Ryuu, captain Daikami Izanami (yes that´s her real name), first year and the fighters Akemi Fudo, third year; Haibara Rin, third year; Yamaguchi Ryota, third year and Aido Tsubasa, third year!”
The mentioned people stand up and wave to the crowd and cameras.
The announcer continues: “On your left side we have Kyoto-Nami High school with coach Manami Kiyoshi, captain Fujima Takara, third year and the fighters Fujima Taiki, third year; Kozato Akito, second year; Inoue Leiko, third year and Tousen Chiko, second year! Let´s wish both teams the best of luck and may the better team win!”

The referee announces the fighting order:
“Fight 1: Fujima Taiki vs. Akemi Fudo,
Fight 2: Inoue Leiko vs. Haibara Rin,
Fight 3 Kozato Akito vs. Yamaguchi Ryota,
Fight 4: Tousen Chiko vs. Aido Tsubasa,
Fight 5: Fujima Takara vs. Daikami Izanami.”

I get ready. Takara and Kei put their hands on my shoulder and smile reassuringly.

Akemi immediately turns into a dragon and shoots water instead of fire at me.
Oh right he´s an eastern dragon, I think while dodging.
He charges at me shooting more water. I get hit and then get slashed by his claws.
“Point gain Akaryuu 0-2!”
I go for distance, shooting gems at him.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 5-2!”
This back and forth of water and gems goes until Akemi uses his tail to hold me and slam me on the ground.
“Point gain Akaryuu 11-12!”
I get up, turn into unicorn form and stab his right shoulder with my horn. Whit all of my strength I pick up the dragon and throw him. He barely land inside the ring.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 12-12!”
He charges at me again baring his teeth, I try to doge but get bitten in the shoulder.
“Point gain Akaryuu 12-13!”
I free myself from him and run for distance again. With my horn I shoot more gems at him.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 16-13”
Just when I´m getting ready to get my last two points I´m hit in the face by a stream of water. I shake my head to get the water away so I can see something; Akemi, now in hybrid form, coming at me and body slamming me on the floor. I feel a punch in my face and already injured shoulder.
“Point gain Akaryuu 16-17!”
I turn into my hybrid form too.
In the struggle I manage to punch him once.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 17-17!”
Akemi slashes my foot with his claws.
“Point gain Akaryuu 17-18!”
I get away use my gem finger gun but only manage to hit him once.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 18-18!”
He´s now right in front of me, smiling as if victory was already his.
“Not today!” I yell at him, coating my fist with gems and punch him as hard as I can in the stomach and shoulder.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 20-18! Point win for Fujima Taiki of Kyoto-Nami, 1-0!”

I high five Leiko and sit down. Manami-san tents to my wounds.
I see everyone wave the flags Yoshi gave them.
Our cheering squad starts to overtake Akaryuu´s.

Leiko turns into Naga form and grabs Haibara before she can even react. Leiko uses her nails to cut her hand and uses the blood to make needles. She shoots them at Haibara.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 6-0!”
Haibara frees herself and, in dragon from, flies into the air. Fire ball raining from above.
“Point gain Akaryuu 6-7!”
Haibara dives down slashing Leiko’s arms, that she used to protect her face.
“Point gain Akaryuu 6-8!”
Then the fight ends fast: Leiko gains a few more points with her blood needles. The counts at 15-8 when Haibara slashes Leiko all over her body.
“Point gain Akaryuu 15-15!”
Then Haibara’s tail slams into Leiko’s face, a wing hits her on the head and she´s slashed with Haibara´s claws again.
“Point gain Akaryuu 15-18! Point win for Haibara Rin of Akaryuu, 1-1!”

Leiko´s helped back to the bench by Kei. She looks dejected. “Sorry.”
“Don´t worry. That was pretty close, so…” Akaya-kun says.
“Ace I´m counting on you.” Leiko tells Akito, who´s already on his feet.
He nods and makes his way to the ring.

His opponent, the male phoenix, flies into the air and shoots fire balls.
“Point gain Akaryuu 0-9!”
It becomes apparent really quickly that Akito gave him those points. He turns into his Raiju form, jumps into the air too and bites Yamaguchi in one of his legs. Akito dives and with all of his might slams Yamagishi I on the ground.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 2-9!”
Yamaguchi doesn´t even get the chance to do anything he´s hit all over his body so fast he can´t react.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 16-9!”
Akito comes to a halt, jumps and with a beautiful flip slams his hind paw in Yamaguchi´s face. A red and orange lightning bolt hits Yamaguchi and the fight is over.
“Point win for Kozato Akito of Kyoto-Nami, 2-1!”

Akito comes back to us.
I stare at him. “That was fast.”
“I like that better.” He says and sits down.
Chiko gets up. “I´ll try my best but don´t expect too much ok?”
“You can do it!” Takara screams.

The fight quickly turns into a brawl; both fighters in hybrid form beat each other until the counts at 15-14. Aido turns into dragon from, he claws at Chiko.
“Point gain Akaryuu 15-15!”
Chiko turns into Griffin form and charges at Aido, his beak cutting Aido on the side.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 16-15!”
Chiko turns and land a nice hit with his lions paw.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 17-15!”
Apparently Aido doesn´t want to give Chiko the last point. He charges at Chiko bites him in the shoulder, slams him onto the floor and knees in his stomach.
“Point gain Akaryuu 17-18!”
Chiko tries to get up but is hit in the face by a wing.
“Point gain Akaryuu 17-19! Point win for Aido Tsubasa of Akaryuu, 2-2!”

Chiko comes limping to us.
Takara jumps up. “Good job.”
“What? I lost!”
Takara smiles an evil smile. “I´m gonna get my revenge!”
“Ok? Your welcome?” Chiko says confused.

Takara and Izanami stand in front of each other.
“Why are you guys even trying? You´re already qualified, are you not?” Izanami asks in her standard condescending voice.
“What about you? You think you look cool winning here too? You don´t, you look desperate.” Takara answers.
“At least we won and qualified the right way.”
“How cute, you think I´m going to let you beat me a second time. Oh, you´re serious. Let me say it for the stupid. I. won´t. let. you. Win. Bitch.” Takara says.
The referee starts the fight.
It´s a cat fight. Insults are thrown around just like fists, both stay in hybrid form.
“You..!” Izanami starts.
Takara runs towards her and punches her, with a gem coated fist, right in the face.
Izanami falls. The countdown begins and end without her getting up.
The referee seems let down too but announces: “Instant win for Fujima Takara of Kyoto-Nami, 3-2! Congratulations to Kyoto-Nami for winning the summer high!”
Akaryuu´s coach helps a startled Izanami up, she´s holding her nose. “I think you broke it.”
“That´s for the knee bitch!” Takara yells and comes running towards us.

She lands in my arms. “I showed that…!”
Kei joins the hug.
Our cheering squad loses it and breaks out in loud cheering.

At the medal presentation most of us are crying tears of joy. Takara´s holing her knee.

I help her walking on our way outside.
Yoshi runs to us. “You won! You were so cool!”
“Congratulations!” The adults say in unison.
“You were ok, I guess. Though Takara your fight was anticlimactic.” Dai-nii-sama says. I want to say something to him but Asuka-san beat me to the punch. She slaps his head.
“Your siblings won so say something nice!”
“They were already qualified! This doesn’t really mean anything!” He says.
“To them it does! “ Asuka-san yells at him.
I smile slyly. “Yeah, Dai-nii-sama, say something nice.”
He blushes. “Good job you earned it.”
I shrug. “Good enough.”
Takara walks up to him. “Onii-sama could you carry me? My knee hurts.” She asks with big puppy eyes.
He looks around. “Why can´t Taiki or your friend carry you?”
She looks at the floor dejected. “Fine.”
The adults glare at him. “Ok fine I´ll carry you. How should I…”
“On your back.” Takara says.
She climbs on his back, he hands me his bag, the octopus plushie Takara gave him on it.
“That´s the first time I´m carrying you.” Dai-nii-sama mumbles.
Chiko´s brother shakes his head and puts a hand on Dai-nii-sama´s shoulder. “That´s kind of sad. Don´t worry I´ll teach you to be a better brother.”

And so we make our way to Haru-tan´s house for a celebration party.
“I´ve carried her way more often, don´t think you can outmatch me.” I say to Dai-nii-sama.
“Why are you getting jealous?”
Takara´s asleep on his back.
“Same goes for me.” Kei says.
“You too? I´m just carrying her! Why are you getting jealous?”
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