Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: The Camera

The Book of Immortality

It was a beautiful spring day, it was also my first day in this new school. I was anxious because it was my first time here and I'm not good with people. I've never had many friends as I was always shy and no one would talk to me because of my background. Bookmark here

As I walked into the classroom everyone sat down in silence as the teacher addressed me and told me to go and introduce myself:Bookmark here

Everyone welcome our new student and your new friend! Come on up now don't be shy.

As he said that with a smile on his face, I went in and stopped in front of the board and took a chalk and wrote my name: Nikko Nozomu. Everyone said hello and they welcomed me properly. Everyone was so nice to me I wasn't used to it. I didn't have anywhere to sit and a girl offered me a spot right next to her and she was really nice towards me.Bookmark here

S: Hey Nozomu, come sit next to me!

As she said that I didn't know how to react to people being nice to me since the only ones who treat me good are grandma, grandpa, and mom. Bookmark here

She introduced herself to me and I shook her hand. Bookmark here

S: Hey, nice to meet you Nozomu, my name is Shinyu Itsumo but you can call me Shinyu. We are going to be really good friends! I just know it!

Her smile was as beautiful as a sunrise, her eyes were nice and pure and she was right, we became really good friends.Bookmark here

Y: Now, students, this concludes our class. Miss Nozomu, can you please go pick an afterschool club.

Said our teacher. As I went in to pick a club, Shinyu grabbed me by my hand:Bookmark here

S: Nozomu, can you please join me in the Photo club? It is going to be so fun! We are going to make so many pictures and have so many good memories!

N: O- o- okay...Bookmark here

I whispered silently because I was too shy to speak up loud.Bookmark here

Teacher, I want to go to the photo club. Is that okay?

He looked at me and said: Bookmark here

Y: Don't be shy and please call me Yuji. And about the club, yes you can go. Just fill this in and you are good to go!

N: T- thank you, Yuji-senpai.Bookmark here

As I filled it in Shinyu hugged me and took my hand and started dragging me:Bookmark here

S: Yay! You joined my club! I can't wait to show you around come, follow me!O- o- okay, I'm happy too...

Since the only feeling I was good at expressing was sadness, it was weird to feel this warm feeling coming from deep down inside. As we ran through the hallways we were holding hands and she held on tight, she had no reason to let go, for a moment I thought it was mommy.Bookmark here

S: We are here! So, how do you like it Nozomu? Sorry, it's a bit dust because we don't have many members. Look Nozomu! My old camera, you can have it since you don't have one. It's really old though it uses polaroids! 

N: I can't accept this its to expensive! Bookmark here

S: Take it, noone is using it! Please!Bookmark here

N: Thank you, but why?Bookmark here

S: Well we are friends now, and you are part of my club so we are going to have so much fun!Bookmark here

As she handed me the camera I hugged it really hard, yet gentle and a tear came down my cheek because for me this was the first time someone other than my mom and grandparents actually expressed something pure and gave me a gift. Bookmark here

N: Call me Nikko, please...

I wiped my tears and looked at her with a smile because then and there I genuinely felt happy. I thought I was in heaven. Bookmark here

S: Okay Nikko, now let me teach you how to use it! Come let's take our first picture and let it be from us!

The sakura trees were in fool bloom and as we took the photo, it was beautiful she thought so too. Me and her hugged together at the school window in my first photo. And I said with a quiet soft voice:Bookmark here

N: It's cool, can I keep it?

It wasn't just cool for me, it was beautiful and amazing I found a friend, a dear friend and I really like her, and I really think she likes me too. She replied in a cute sarcastic voice:Bookmark here

S:Not fair! I want one too! We look amazing here! Well, you look amazing, me not so much Nikko-chan. Let's make a new copy with my camera, I can print it out in better quality for you!

N: I'm sorry, but I can't, I love how this looks and I think it's rude for me to say that it looks bad since you gave it as a gift to me, and we don't have a computer at home so I can't get it like that. This is just perfect.Bookmark here

S: If that is what you decided then so be it Nikko-chan, now let's go out and sit in the park! We can take pictures there too with your camera!Bookmark here

N: Yeah, that's a good idea!Bookmark here

Never have I've been so calm and reassured around people I've met. But she made me feel special and she was right by my side. As she took my hand we went to the nearby park and played there for hours. Bookmark here

I went home, I said goodbye and after she left, the same crippling sadness came over me again. Bookmark here

When I got home I showed mom the camera and she got afraid, she took me to the side and asked me with fear in her voice:Bookmark here

M: Listen my sweet little Nikko, did you steal this, who gave this to you?

I replied with confusion and fear in my voice as well:Bookmark here

N: No mom, a friend gave it to me since I joined the photography club. She is a really good friend and she was really nice to me. I had a great day today at this new school mommy.

As I said those words I saw hope in her eyes and she smiled:Bookmark here

M: Did you know, you can tell me all about her but first hide the camera and don't show it to your father. And keep to yourself about your school life, not that he cares at all at this point. Just be careful honey. I made dinner go and take a bite and then go to sleep.

S: Okay mommy, ill go eat, do my homework and then ill go to sleep.Bookmark here

I sat down and ate as my dad hit my mom again for not buying him the booze he wanted. But he didn't know that mom had no money on her so he kept hitting her, but mom said for me not to get involved so I didn't. I went to bed with the same noises, arguing and crying.Bookmark here

But at least today was a good day.Bookmark here

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