Chapter 12:

Our school trip

Teenage life isn't supposed to be like this

Okay, today we were all excited as our school has planned to take us on a school trip the following week.

We were going on a field trip to Kyoto for about 3 days and 2 nights.

"Hey aren't you guys excited about going to Kyoto, there are really beautiful flowers at this time." Miyoko said.

" Hey there are even hot springs there. It will be really relaxing there."

"Hot springs?? Why am I having lewd thought about those things.. Stop thinking about it." I thought to myself.

"Hot spring ehh.. Hmmm it will be really relaxing." Akio said with really sis smile.

"I bet you are thinking something really lewd." I said.

"What I don't think about those things...I am a true gentleman." He said looking all heroic.

"But your face expression doesn't seem to match your words." I said. I could sense a powerful punch coming my way but by the time I could react I had gotten beaten up by Miyu. I wasn't the only one who had gotten beaten up Akio also got hit by Miyu.

"Why me he thought it not me" I said while trying to recover from the punch she gave me.

"What are you guys thinking about women?" Miyu said.

"Ahh calm down Miyu-chan. Surely they aren't the type to think. I think they are true gentleman like Akiyoshi." Miyoko said.