Chapter 11:

Akio is also going to work in Miyoko's restaurant.

Teenage life isn't supposed to be like this

After a long day at school we were on our way to home.Bookmark here

"You sure had it rough today." Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"Hmm, Yua-senseiis so mean she made me to write that I am sorry for not doing my homework 500 times straight. And also threatened that if I didn't finish it by an hour she will me extra homework. Thanks for waiting for me guys." I said.Bookmark here

"Yeah we are friends after all, right Akio??" Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"Yeah, we will help you and be with you anytime you need us." Akio said.Bookmark here

"Thanks guys. You are the best." Bookmark here

"Crap, I need to go to Miyoko's restaurant in half an hour."Bookmark here

"Wait, why is that ??" Akio asked in shock.Bookmark here

"Could it be that you called her out for a date and she also accepted it." Akio asked while shaking me around.Bookmark here

"No no he works there part time." Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"Wait, you work there as a part time. Unfair, you get to speak to Miyoko alone while I am not there." Akio said. The shaking intensifies.Bookmark here

"Hey I just work there and nothing else. And besides we barely even talk to each other."Bookmark here

"But still you get to be with her a little longer. I am going to kill you for this." Akio said while shaking my body very fast.Bookmark here

"I thought you were my friend and you said that you will help me not kill me." I said. A little dissy after he shakes me.Bookmark here

"I will help you in anything but helping you and Miyoko getting to each other. LOVE IS WAR. Be prepared something you didn't expect will happen in a hour." He said while trying to laugh in villain voice but got interrupted by a cough.Bookmark here

"What are you going work part time in Miyoko's restaurant as well." I said.Bookmark here

"You got that right. I am going to hurry."Bookmark here

"There are no jobs there everything is already occupied." I said.Bookmark here

"Oi oi you don't have to worry about that."Bookmark here

"I going now bye-bye." He said and went running.Bookmark here

"Okay I will be going now too. Bye-bye."Bookmark here

"Bye."Bookmark here

"Crap, I almost forgot that I was going to be late to work."Bookmark here

I ran to my house got refreshed as quickly as possible and was on my way to Miyoko's restaurant.Bookmark here

"Good evening, Miyoko."Bookmark here

"Good evening, Itsuki-kun."Bookmark here

"Hey did anybody come here to ask for work or something??"Bookmark here

"Yes, how did you know? Akio-kun wanted to join here. But since we didn't need any waiters we let him do washing the dishes and let him cleaning the floors."Bookmark here

"So he did come anyway." I thought.Bookmark here

"Itsuki-kun, you should change to the uniform now."Bookmark here

"Yeah you are right I will now."Bookmark here

I went inside the kitchen that's were the dressing room is and saw Akio washing the dishes. He saw me coming in. With a brimming smile he saidBookmark here

"I will be the on to marry Miyoko-chan."Bookmark here

"Let's see about that. I am not letting you have her."Bookmark here

"We will see about that."Bookmark here

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