Chapter 11:

Interlude II - Hidden in the Mist

Wings of Unity

A hooded man walked down the busy streets in the city of Nishimura, ignoring every passerby as he picked up the pace. He looked around and saw the huge Miyamoto Academy in the near distance.

Taking a right into a long, dark alley, where he could avoid the rest of the city’s populace, he walked with haste. He came to a stop in the dead center of the alley, seeing nothing but passing people and vehicles in the distance.

He looked up, seeing three women above. Two of them took positions on the rafters of the buildings next to the alley while one hovered over them. They dropped below, landing in front of him while the third woman stood atop.

“Busy day out in the city today, huh?” he asked them, a smile on his face.

One of the two women who dropped from the rafters took a step towards the hooded man, and she unsheathed a katana from her waist. She sliced it towards the man’s neck and ceased, holding the blade as close as possible to the man’s neck without it touching him – the man didn’t flinch at all at her attack.

“Fire,” the woman said.

“Ice,” the man replied. “Team Seven, I suppose?”

Firefly sheathed her katana and took a step forward with Striker out from the darkness of the alleyway.

“You would’ve been dead if you didn’t reply correctly,” Firefly said.

“I know,” the man replied. He lifted the left sleeve of the navy-blue blazer he wore up, revealing the number 35 tattooed on his forearm. “Then the Hidden 45 would have turned to the Hidden 44.”

Firefly nodded. “The Director still hasn’t given our signal yet, are you aware of what his plan is?”

The man returned the nod. “I am aware. Reaper has been in contact with us the entire time. She’s given us orders to continue our infiltration, but we’ve come onto… a dire situation…”

“Is that so?”

“Number 22 and I have discovered Danketsu’s exact location, but… it’s apparently found a guardian.”

Striker’s aqua eyes widened. “A guardian?”

“A second-year student. He’s… quite not all there, but he now possesses the majutsu of Danketsu,” the hooded man shook his head. “And to make matters quite worse, there’s now a mentor for him to be able to master his majutsu.”

“This isn’t good…” Firefly said. “If what I’m assuming is true… then the Alliance Space Command’s going to send this new guardian out into the Void. With his majutsu, he’ll be able to conquer the Battlezones even their elite have trouble taking down.”

“That seems to be their plan.”

“Can’t you just… murder him, Number 35?” Striker asked the hooded man.

He shook his head. “Negative. Reaper has given us strict orders to stay under cover. However, I will provide you with intel on where and when he’ll be vulnerable… if all goes according to plan, we’ll be able to eliminate this guardian without compromising our cover for the mission.”

“I see,” Firefly nodded. “Very well, we’ll be in touch.”

Number 35 bowed. “Number 22 and I will let you know when the time is right.”

Firefly returned the bow, then turned towards Striker. “Let’s move out, the day’s about to begin – we have more scouting that needs to be done.”

A bell sounded, coming from the Miyamoto Academy in the distance. Number 35 turned towards the school and began walking away.

Team Seven began to leave the alleyway, emerging themselves into darkness. Firefly batted her gray eyes, and looked towards the Miyamoto Academy before she was fully concealed into darkness.

“Guardian of Danketsu…” Firefly scoffed. “Your head is mine.”

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