Chapter 32:

Epilogue: The Great Sin

Azure Sins (Sin Ver.)

The next day...

Aisellia, Miyaura werein front of Leiliana and Shingen. Karna sitting on a bench right beside them inside of a small family eatery. That morning the four of them shared a morning breakfast with the demon hunters at a local place in Orion. What was meant to be a short breakfast quickly transformed into an hour. The four of them interacting over the finely crafted food. Together they laughed and conversed, relieving the tension of the Demon Hunter. This occasion allowed our trio a deeper look into Leiliana and Shingen's personalities.

Leaving from the place of establishment, the small group stopped just in front of the entrance. The women embraced each other before their departure. In reality, it was Miyaura who was the primary enthusiastic huger of the exchange. Wasting little time to cling onto Leiliana after Aisellia and the captain cheerfully embraced. Wrapping her arms around Leiliana's waist, Miyaura pulled her into a hug, holding their bodies tightly together. Leiliana was surprised by the demon girl's quick and tight embrace yet she simply smiled and wrapped her arms around Miyaura. Surprised by the welcome she received, Miyaura held on even tighter, feeling their breasts press against each other sent a pleasant shiver down her spine.

"You're so fucking hot..."

Miyaura involuntarily blurted out, her eyes widening the second she realized she had said it out loud.


Leiliana questioned but Miyaura quickly covered her tracks.

"Oh, it was nothing heh heh. Nothing at all."

Miyaura said. 

"Oh Okay then. Well, the heat is quite strong today. My temperature may indeed be high."

Aisellia chuckled hearing and seeing what went down between Leiliana and Miyaura.

(Leila actually thinks she meant her temperature. Leiliana is beautiful and powerful. It's odd though. Looking as refined as she does with an ass even Karna enjoyed, there has had to be plenty of guys to compliment her. Well, she is straightforward and objective orientated from what I can tell. Maybe she just never paid attention. She did say she doesn't speak often with most of her guilds members even as a Captain. I guess she said it best, she lacks knowledge of social and romantic norms. I guess when your focus is to eliminate demons, romance isn't a concept of concern for her.)

Realizing she was safe, Miyaure continued to hold onto Leiliana passionately as if she didn't want to let go of her. Karna and Shingen exchanged a silent upward nod coupled with their individual smirks. Not requiring words to make their acknowledgment and goodwill for the other on their journey known.

Now they waved goodbye as the hunters departed towards the city gates. Aisellia would lean forward reaching into one of the bags resting by Karna's feet and retrieving a map. While searching through the bag with her left hand, Aisellia subconsciously reached up, placing her right hand onto his leg to make it easier to support herself. While searching, she seemed unable to get something off of her mind. A memory from the battle of days past. Remembering not a memory of her own, but one of Karna's she had seen during the battle.

Mentally, she returned to the exact scene. A gentle breeze gracing against her skin as the sun shined brightly in the sky above. Although not physically, there she stood behind the young Karna, overlooking the village below.

(Considering was his real memory. Yet it felt so real to me. Standing there...I could feel what you felt in those moments. It hurt...what made you different is what set you apart from all of those around you, It hurt didn't it Karna? The pain was familiar, something I must have had buried inside for quite a while. So deep I only remember it existed as I watched you stand there. As I watched you, force the unknowns upon yourself to protect us.)

The scene of Aisellia's vision shifted. Transitioning into memories of her own back in the capital. The Noblewoman was once just a young girl. She stood at the center of a small group of similarly aged kids chattering with each other over a silent Aiseliia. To her, their faces were blank and their words muffled. A teenage Aisellia soon took her place in the center, being of near age to the young Karna she saw before. Each teen now around her having an academic uniform on, their faces blank yet their words became clear as a pair of girls to one side gossiped and pointed at her from the left side. Their words striking her like daggers, openly insulting her endowed physique, having developed them earlier than most girls around her age. These insults were mixed in with announcing to other girls how weird she is. Drawing hate from girls older and younger within the academy. To her right was a small group of male students rambling offensively perverse statements about her body. As if she weren't able to hear them, they continued on, their statements progressively more and more creepy statements came from them with statements of assaulting her for her body, none of them having obviously approached a girl directly before. The teenage Aisellia shifted once more, appearing at her current age and wearing a dress & jewelry combination that represented the wealth of high society. In front of her were men young and old yet all coming from noble families. All kneeling before her, offering their rings in exchange for her hand in marriage. In the face of her offers, Aisellia only looked saddened as she looked away from all of them, peering into the dark abyss that surrounded them. Suddenly something caught her attention deep in the darkness. Her eyes widened as her grim expression began to light up with hope at the Azure Flame she could see burning in the dark distance. In a yearning for the light, Aisellia suddenly reached for the flame desperately, tears coming to her eyes as the collective ghosts of her past began aggressively pulling on her limbs, hair, and clothes, dragging her into the darkness at her feet.

(Hiding parts of yourself. Whatever made you special or maybe just a little weird only created bigger gaps between your understanding of others...and so much more, their understanding of you. Even when surrounded by hurts to be alone inside your heart...doesn't it Karna?)

The flame began to burn more intensely, continuously growing in size thus eradicating the darkness and figures that surrounded Aisellia.

Aisellia came back to reality. She found herself raising her head, having already met eyes with Karna without knowing. Finding the map inside the bag she slowly returned to her standing position. She looked at Karna wearing a smile on her face.


"No, but who else is going to carry your things?" Come on, Aisellia's we already know I'd carry more than this for the chance to see you two from behind. Heh, I'll do more just to get closer, but you don't mind as long as I do my part."

He finished saying with a devilish grin. Aisellia extended a hand and patted him on the shoulder a few times.

"Now you get me! Hee-hee! I also think I get you a little better now too. You're quite the lustful guy, but it's not toooo bad. You've done so much for me so, I've been thinking...Miyaura shouldn't have to be all you have to enjoy. After all, you have two beautiful girls so why not enjoy two exclusively right? Now let's see here."

She said before turning her back on him and purposely looking intently at the map in her hands. Karna gazing forward enabled him to see her twirl on her toes, turning her back to him. Aisellia moving closely inside the open space between his knees within the same motion. With his sitting position, his low eye level immediately fixated on her ass. Taking notice of the shirt following the arch of her lower back. Her ass, alluring and round, pressed against the fitted stockings she wore on her lower half. Aisellia surprisingly took her left hand and reached behind her to lift the skirt of her outfit up onto her lower back. Her ass was prominent enough to hold her skirt in position against her lower back.

Karna's eyes focused on the woman's lower clothing currently clinging slightly to her lower body. He could only be impressed by the thin fabric finely outlining her lower figure while she stood so closely between his legs placing her body inches from his face. Dropping the map, Aisellia playfully teased her hair with her fingers, beginning to wiggling her hips for him. All while smiling, she began humming a tune planning to give him a noble show. A smirk appearing on Karna's face from the sight she graciously gave him. He could not help but instinctively indulge himself watching her wiggling motions to her hips sway. Her motion causing her butt to jiggle and sway, displaying how even within the confines of her tight clothing, it moved and bounced freely in its entirety. Although within the fabric of her leggings, her ass proved superior, freely moving within. The leggings forcibly shifting with the mass of her ass revealing that her ass lacked any real firmness for its great rounded size that stretched the fabric of the leggings slightly, tugging it along with every shake of her ass. Even in the tight bottoms she wore, it jiggled very similarly to Miyaura's. A testament to how soft it was entirely as it waved greatly for what little energy Aisellia put into her wiggle. Without looking back, Aisellia spoke.

"Any objections?"

Karna took a second realizing he was spoken to, his eyes still happily watching her booty move. Snapping out of his trance he gazed upward, meeting eyes with Aisellia who had looked back over her shoulder smiling back at him. Karna hung his head low laughing.

"None at all, I'll follow that ass anywhere heh."

"Perfect, Anywhere this booty goes I want you there."

Aisellia replied joyfully looking back at him.

"When you say it like that, If I feel you're around dangerous people who knows just how close I'll get, it looks too good not to taste for myself! Haha!"

He said, showing her his devilish smirk. His tongue slowly brushing across his lips as his eyes once again looked down to her butt. Aisellia's smile did not fall, however growing even larger with a gleam of happiness in her eyes. When Karna finished speaking he looked up into her eyes just in time to catch her matching confident smirk.

"If I'm in such a dangerous place, I expect you to be so close I don't care if you're on it. I won't say you can touch me as freely as Miyaura but...You do deserve the reward. Appreciate my nobility and kindness to allow you to protect and feel my booty any time!"

She said, appearing flustered while detailing her reward for him. Aisellia's face blushed red yet she still angrily announced his privilege. Karna's widened eyes and open mouth revealed his surprise at Aisellia's response.

(D-did she just accept that? I kinda expected more resistance. Even I know some of the stuff I say can be overwhelming. I more or less intended to just enjoy riling her up a bit with that.)

Karna had thought to himself. Revealing he knew just how strongly his honest opinion and comments were, it being the reactions Aisellia had towards his teasing that he enjoyed. Now surprised by her almost complete turnaround now. On the side, Miyaura watched joyously as it all occurred in front of her. The demon female of their trio repositioned her hands to cover her mouth in an attempt to remain silent to ensure she didn't interrupt all three of their enjoyment with what was happening on this empty street. Miyaura's eyes remained wide, continuing to watch the current event play out. Being simultaneously entertained, excited, and barely able to contain herself the further things went along between her two friends.

"Oh is that so? Then you wouldn't mind if I..."

Karna said prior to reaching out. His hands taking the initiative before she could properly respond. Promptly lightly grabbing on Aisellia's outer legs gently squeezing them. His hands slid upward along her soft supple thighs, eventually reaching and fondling her ass. She looked forward, holding both hands clutched to her bosom. She could feel his hand travel around her lower body, sliding up and gripping onto her ass from under allowing him to fill his hands with the plentiful flesh of her rear. Scooping it up with his hands prompting a chuckle of excitement from Karna as he could feel and see her plump round ass lifted into his hands, his fingers stretching out to grip as much as possible yet there was still some of her left uncovered by his hands.

Aisellia's face turned a deep blush while her eyes quickly looked around to notice, ensuring no one but them were around, much more do ensuring no one was in the area at all, prompting Aisellia to calmly close her eyes and take a deep breath. Karna groped Aisellia happily, squeezing her warm soft flesh between his finger and in the palms of his hands. While he enjoyed so, Miyaura silently watched. In between intense sensations that flowed through her body arrived in stimulating waves. Aisellia endured standing, although her body couldn't help but fidget a little with what was happening. Feeling his hands explore and knead her flesh, she began lewdly biting onto one of her fingers, attempting to contain herself, her eyes opening just halfway allowing Miyaura to see Aisellia's eyes were rolling back from her enjoyment of what Karna was putting her through. Being very familiar with such a touch, she could tell Aisellia could feel the numbing tingle coursing through her. Evident by the look on Aisellia's face that Miyaura knew was one she often made whenever under the scope of Karna's lustful attention.

(Aisellia you naughty girl, you're so hot and awesome. It's really you this is a reward for, to get used to enjoying it, isn't it? You have to get what you want girl! Hee-hee!)

Karna gripped onto each glute with a hand, slowly pressing his face into it from a slightly under angle. Unknowingly to the girls while they drew their enjoyments from the situation Karna himself began to extend his tongue out. With his face already pressed against her, Karna squeezed her ass together soon rubbing his cheek against her butt. It was then he lifted her luscious ass once again, opening a view for his new target, now moving in from slightly underneath her. Using his hands to separate Aisellia's glutes allowed him the opportunity to secure his face between them by nustling his lips against her flesh between them. A sudden feeling of his tongue pressing onto her lower area was instantly noticeable to Aisellia. From the feeling alone she could visualize what he was doing. Even being able to tell it was his lips clearly at work. Aisellia felt as the man's face nustled its way between her lower cheeks, initially shocked enough to run away she was immediately rendered immobile by the feeling of Karna's face pressing against her, his lips gently embracing what lied between with a gentle kiss to one of her sensitive areas. Another moan escaped her, leading her to quickly cover her mouth in an attempt to contain the sounds she made that embarrassed her. She could not fight the weakening of her legs or the pleasuring sensation shooting to her toes nor did she honestly want to escape such treatment. The demon male curled his tongue upward while, pressing onto her sacred space before being slid forward, his tongue now reaching her nether region. Through her leggings, his tongue proves superior to the thin fabric for his tongue followed the contours of her body all the same with just a little push. Sliding from behind, his tongue found her, slithering forward along her precious flesh. The tongue slid between the woman's lower lips, pressing with enough force to part them around his tongue as it moved forward covering more and more ground until the lips of her vagina parted on the sides of his tongue. Pointing the tip of his oral appendage up, it was then he began caressing her passionately. Aisellia being able to feel his nose push against her other sacred area as he enjoyed her so thoroughly to give her double the stimulation on his own.

Suddenly Aisellia's body jolted and slightly left off the ground, an overwhelming new sensation riddling her body's nerves with overwhelming pleasure. Unable to fight against it she immediately resigned herself to him, the sensation keeping her on her toes once her feet touched the ground once again. Instinctively she began pushing herself more against him, assisted by gravity, her weight held down onto him face under her while on her toes. Suddenly extremely audible, submissive moans rapidly and repeatedly escaped from her lips. Rather quickly she drifted into a euphoric daze, feeling his tongue slide back and forth along her body, entranced by the rapidly multiplying pleasure coursing through her from his tongue sliding back and forth between her vaginal lips, caressing the flesh in between.

Even though she was on her toes, she allowed her body to be held up by the man's head completely, gravity pushing her down allowing for more heavy pressure to force their bodies together. Aisellia smile behind her hands, noting how her weight pushing down on him enabled his tongue and lips to push the limits of the fabric and her underwear. The sliding of his tongue failed to allow her vaginal lips to come together, his tongue wriggling against her flesh. The effect of gravity allowed his tongue to firmly caress her flesh between them and grow more enthusiastic with every motion. She reached back, gripping on the man's hair and hesitantly pulling his head away from her, allowing her to remove Karna from her body through sheer willpower alone yet she knew everything in her will wanted more of whatever this was. By the time her heels touched the ground once more, Aisellia could only stagger forward several steps clear away from him before hunching over and resting her hands on her knees. Miyaura quickly made her way over and kneeled next to the noble yet before she could speak, Aisellia put a hand out to stop her from doing so. The noblewoman taking a break and heavily breathing...or so it would appear. Miyaura being so close could hear Aisellia's intense breathing. Each of her inhales and exhales being a sensual whimper or moan, making it more difficult for her to catch her actual breath. Looking down Miyaura could see that her knees quivered greatly as well as her quivering body with every inhale and exhale sending sensational waves through her body still. A slight chuckle from Aisellia caught her friend's attention, seeing the noble girl turn her head to speak to Miyaura.

"It's fine, that was my fault. I pretty much asked for that putting temptation in front of him like that."I tested the waters...and I got very wet. hee-hee!"

Aisellia said giggling to her own joke, her face hot, and sweat coming down her face, displaying just how intense it was for her even with how short the contact was.

"Keep this a secret Miyaura but...shit that felt wonderful. What a use your lips or your tongue like that...It's unprecedented! "

Aisellia said in a whining manner, looking rather sad. Feeling rather ashamed of how much she enjoyed it. Miyaura giggled and patted her friend on the back.

"Oh, I know it does sweetie! Don't feel bad, some girls like us like his degeneracy! Hee-hee!"

"Hmph, he's a degenerate for sure."

Aisellia responded, pushing off of her knees and standing straight up once more. She turned to face Karna once more, seeing the great smile on his face.

"Hmph degenerate!'re my degenerate. As long as you can keep that in your perverted heart...let's go."

Aisellia said to him, folding her arms and turning her nose up as she walked away.

Karna rose to his feet, slowly interlocking his fingers before motioning into a stretch. Looking back, Aisellia blushed. Seeing the man standing so close and looking into her eye.

Grabbing the straps of the bags and slinging them over his shoulder, Karna began laughing and followed the girls who made their way towards the city gates.

"Okay. Going by this map we are in the north area of the southern country Deserio. Which means we're almost done with sand and all this heat. Our meet-up point for your contact is in the Northern region. Leiliana says due to the danger, obsolete paths, and natural topography changes we won't be able to get to my home Freya by cutting through the center. Officially suggested longer routes pass through a part of the eastern region. The shorter path to the border is dangerous but if there are any demons you can do that cool fire thing."


Miyaura interjected.

"Hm? Yes?"

Miyaura leaned in closely to Aisellia ear and began whispering something into her ear.


"WHAT?! Gone?!"

Ten minutes later...

They now stood just outside the city gates, conversing in a circle before they were on their way.

"Okay, so that made no sense. So I'm going to put it like this for mercy's sake of my sanity. Essentially using so much demonic power somehow removed your crazy abilities and turned you into your human mode."

"I'd like to make note my speed or stamina haven't suffered. Believe it or not, I'm still very efficient without them."

"Oh, I hope so...for your rewards sake. So don't let me regret it okay?"

Aisellia said, looking shyly into his eyes as she spoke. Her words perking him up, erecting a grin on his face.

"No worries. I got ya princess!"

Miyaura stepped in the circle, closer to both of them. Having a smile on her face, she playfully leaned against Karna's chest.


She asked in a teasing tone of voice. Surprisingly Aisellia took a step closer to him as well, leaving both girls looking into his eyes. The girls meeting glances for a second prompted them to giggle since they knew what thought entered both of their minds. Immediately they stepped closer again, breasts pressed against his chest and each other as they hung onto him, clutching at his clothes. Together they playfully squished their breasts against him. Standing so close together left their breasts docking and squishing against each other as well.

"Is that a promise?"

Aisellia questioned simultaneously alongside Miyaura.

Karna's eyes shifted back and forth between both girls, looking into their eyes...then down to their breasts. Staring quite lovingly before his eyes met their eyes again. Given the look in their eyes, it was apparent neither was bothered by his degeneracy and was patiently waiting for his answer. Each girl fully knowing how he enjoys every given opportunity anyways. The girls miraculously causing his face to blush slightly of which did not go unnoticed. The girls even looked at each other to confirm if what they were seeing was real. Looking at one another they broke out into laughter. Gazing happily back at him simultaneously with smiles on their face. He looked slightly embarrassed for a moment yet a grin and a word broke through.


He confirmed happily. Just as the words left his mouth he was caught off guard. Both girls had moved quickly to each side of his face. Before he knew it, both placed a gentle prolonged kiss on his cheeks. Playfully stepping back with their faces blushed, displaying their own embarrassment for their shared boldness. Seeing his smile the girls giggled and turned away from him, facing forward out to the horizon beyond. Setting on their journey, facing whatever fate had in store for the young adventurers.

A short distance away, Leiliana stood atop a dune of sand. Her position giving her a clear view of the city gates and more specifically Aisellia and her friends. A short laugh escaped her, seeing what had transpired between the trio. Smiling she watched as they set out on their adventure. As if drawn to him, her eyes focused on Karna, seeing the same breeze that caused her cloak to wave in the wind, cause his hair to wave as well. Looking at his face, a memory forced itself to the front of her mind. A young Leiliana in training uniform, surrounded by various sectioned combat classes being instructed but her attention was held elsewhere. She gazes upward, looking into the distance to see a young long black haired boy standing at the edge of the only cliff overlooking the village. Her vision focusing on the young man's face as he stood next to an elder male looking over the village. Snapping back to reality, her eyes widened as they remained focused on Karna's face currently.


Shingen's voice interrupted. Surprised by his voice she quickly turned to see him.

"We should...are you alright captain? You look like you've just seen a specter."


She questioned, taking one more look at Karna in the distance walking closely behind his companions.

"Oh...I'm fine. Let's get back to base and report. The guild master must know of what happened as quickly as possible."

She commanded, taking lead and turning away from the city of Orion.

"Okay but captain, next time we have a dangerous mission please don't go into battle with no rest for three days again."