Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: The first meeting

They are weird

So like my dad divorced and like.
He was really lonely he couldn’t. I could feel his pain even though I’m just 15.So like I told him to look for a girlfriend. “Hey dad I understand of being lonely I know that you loved her a lot but like you should move on”, “you’re right I should not be so sad for a slut” said my dad, “eheh, right” I said.

So like he met this women she was pretty beautiful I was really happy for him. So like it was a Sunday and my dad said that she was perfect for him, “but dad you just dated her like for a week” I asked

“oh my god love doesn’t need time” said my dad with a scrawny face.

“so ummmn what are you gonna do” I asked him seriously

“propose her of course” said my dad with a bright smile.

I didn’t want to say anything because that was the first time he smiled like that in front of me after 3 years.

“well, its your relationship you do what you want” I let it off smoothly

“I don’t want your opinion anyways,” said my dad.

“then why did u ask me”

**after 10 mins**



“DON’T ASK JUST GET READY IM GONNA PROPOSE HER TODAY” my dad said it as he was bouncing like a very happy bunny.

So like if my dad gets married it means she will be my mom, my “STEP-MOM”, hmmmn and he also said that she has a daughter, so like if they get married she will become my “step-sister”, hehehehehehe like if she is my step-sister………………….NO NO NO THIS IS REAL LIFE LIKE WHAT THE FUCK AM I THINKING, man I’m watching too much porn.

“hey your not even ready” said my dad with a angry/excited face.

The bell ringed, “I THINK THEY ARE HERE” said my dad as if they are gold. Well I’ve never seen him so excited.

“ummmn are you Mr. Fukumoto, u have a mail” said the mail man.

“No” said my dad with a really angry face as if it was a lion who had a stone thrown at it when it was sleeping. “HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING, hey I’m sorry yes he is Mr.Fukumoto , he is just having a bad time.”

It’s been over 30 mins and they haven’t come

My dad is looking very tensed so I tried to cool him down, “hey I guess they are stuck in a traffic.” “YEAH, YOU’RE RIGHT.” Said my dad.

After 20 mins my dad received a call, he was looking very sad

“oh no its ok I am sorry for not thinking about you.” Said my dad.

“why is he sounding like a simp?” I thought.

“hey dad is everything ok?” I asked, “NO ITS NOT” said my dad while sobbing his life out, “OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED IS AYA OK?” I was actually really worried. “OF COURSE, THEY ARE,” said my dad

“then why are crying?” “they couldn’t come they had something to do” said my dad sobbing while I was patting him on the head.

“oh no that is really sad” me acting like that I care; WAIT I do care.

“well, its ok we are going to meet at a restaurant the next Sunday.” Said my dad glowing with hope. “yeah, that’s nice” I said.

Then I went to sleep because I was tired by doing nothing.

“hey, Reiji can I tell you something” said my dad “yeah sure”

“I really love her and I’m gonna marry her ok” said my dad with a really serious face. “as I said its ok go on marry her” I said.

Damn I couldn’t even kiss a girl in my life and my dad is remarrying after dating for a week.

The next morning, I woke up brushed my teeth, had my breakfast and then left for school. “so, class we have a new student here” said the teacher, “pls introduce yourself.”, “hello everyone my name is Sakuma Harumi” “do you have any hobbies?” “my hobby is to read manga”.

“woah, hey this is the first time hearing a girl’s hobby is reading manga, I know right” the whole class whispered about it. I mean like is it not normal for a girl to read manga as hobby.

The girl looked at me with me a smile, I mean like this is my first time for a girl to smile at me, she was pretty cute. She had reddish brown hair and she had normal racks, her eyes were brown, her smile was cute

She had short hair and bangs she was a cute high schooler. Oh no I sound like I have a crush on her, well like yeah she smiled at me and she was cute, “OI-HARUMI-CHAN HERE SIT HERE”, but then I realized she wasn’t smiling at me, OH MY GOD I’M SUCH AN IDIOT WHY DID I THINK SHE WAS SMILING AT ME OH MY GOD IM CRINGING MY LIFE OUT WHY DID I SMILE AT HER SHE WOULD PROBABLY THINK I’M A CREEP WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME OF COURSE SHE WAS—”

“ummmn, hello can you move?” said harumi, “huh”

“oi reiji move she’s been calling you for like 5 mins” said my classmate

“wait wha—oh im sorry I” “its ok” and she went to her seat.
After that we just went on with the class.

Joe Gold

They are weird