Chapter 18:

Heart Connects, Brain Divides

Whispers heard in the dark

Ashura, Reavan and Billie are chit chatting in Maya's backyard. Ashura has finally started getting accustomed to the normal lightings and surrounding. its as if, all he needed to do was to mingle with people, divert his mind a little and enjoy life to its fullest. 

Ashura stares at Reavan's shoes which are glistening and black formal ones, the shiny, smooth surface doesn't actually bother him as he is in his own world of thoughts about people and their psychology etcetera stuff...

"Sometimes the drawback of being logical or being totally alone with nothing but oneself and his mind might make the person smarter and increase the intellect. but he then ends up becoming heart less and very much similar to that of an artificial intelligence device.-

-What binds us all together are the emotions which bind our hearts together. when we all stive towards a particular goal, we tend to attain success. each person influences the other person's nature or activities in some way or the other. "

"If one considers the same with respect to Reavan: he was there for Maya as he had an experience with Ria, his thoughts were kinda similar to that of the prisoner which helps him figure out multiple things." the whisper comments.

 "Because of Reavan's nature I myself could come out of my fear of being hurt by the others. In fact, I could not have even predicted that I might change to become who I am today, if asked few months back. but I am glad that I have changed for good, it feels good for the first time in my life to be with people. It's alright, everyone has their short comings, you might like few characters of one person and might not like something else about the other, all that matters is whether I have people who can help me get out of my shortcomings, I can always go to them when I feel low, its as if my burden is reduced when I share it with people around me." Ashura thinks.

"Fair enough, that's why I am quiet these days. Glad you are able to manage me!" Whispers comment.

Ashura further contemplates,  "Its not difficult to change your nature or your attitude, it all lies in the head. everything starts from here. I recently read in news paper that most of the diseases that are present today is psychosomatic, implying that every disease that manifests begins at the level of the mind.-

-If one clearly understands every incident in our life is temporary and will fade away as time passes, which is true by the way, you also understand that sorrow or joy, will last only for sometime. In fact those two being relative to each other causes more pain as it makes a person to get attached to one thing because of which he feels that the other had a greater impact on him.-

 -That is, when a person is so happy and suddenly he gets a shocking news that makes him immediately swap from his happy mood to the sad one, which results in a feeling of more sorrow and pain, than a person who was already in misery getting more bad news, as in a way, he is prepared to receive any sort of news while the happy one is not.-

-I wouldn't say that one shouldn't enjoy his life, but that he should be ready to accept whatever comes in his life next. Being ready to accept and move ahead and also to maintain level headedness in any kind of situations will take the person to greater heights. The only issue with it is, it's easy to preach but difficult to practice."

"Hmmm, it's difficult, I agree, but its not impossible. Please don't think that way. You can do it, just the way you have started gaining control over me, you can do this too, also, always remember, it has been attained!" the whispers converse. 

"What?!" Ashura is confused. Someone who can think at a level as that of his, exists?

"Yes, There is a person, who is blood related to you and is as smart as you are, and tries to maintain calmness irrespective of his scenario. Unfortunately, he seems to be lost and has strayed out of his track and might require your help to pull him back in." the Whispers give out a strange suggestion. Ashura is confused, the only one he is currently related to with blood is his mother, Maya, but he can tell for certain that its not about her. Then what are the whispers talking about, who could it be? or was it bluffing, or gone out of control with a twisted sense of humor? It cannot be, can it?

No. The whispers does nothing of that sort, all it is, is a manifestation of his own thoughts, he had attained a deeper level of focus that resulted in concluding additional knowledge for which he had no logic. He thus has to use reverse psychology to figure it out, which inevitably becomes like a puzzle to him.

Thus, now his job was to figure out who that person was....


the shiny object moves out of Ashura's sight as Reavan gets up to attend a call. He is stupefied to even react to what he just heard. He stares at empty flooring filled with utter disbelief. Billie gets up from the garden chair placed beside Ashura's, while Ashura just looks up towards the standing Reavan.

Billie shakes Reavan, "What's wrong? what was the call about? Is everything all right?" Lame question, that is, the last one kinda sounds stupid. No! its not all right you buffoon! cant you read the situation?! anyway, as long as he tells us whats going on, any question is fine, Ashura thinks. 

Reavan is out of words, but says, "they found traces of blood in stings of jute which seems to belong to-" 

"-to?!" Billie is in vibe mode to what ever Reavan says. 

Reavan realizing he was about to spill the tea to Billie shuts up about his suspicions of whose it might be, (most probably that of Jaish's), but Billie doesn't know all this as Ashura asked him not to. Hence he managed, "don't know, lets just wait for the result"

Billie's intestines seem to be twisting, she suddenly feels uncomfortable, she doesn't want to listen to the answer what she is gonna ask next, which obviously is, "Where did they find that though?" Ashura wonders, as if he is playing Among Us, Billie sus!

"The Abandoned street!" Reavan, says and leaves it at that to look for her expression, its not that he doesn't trust her, but he has more faith in Ashura than her. 

To his surprise, her eyes widen in fear, her fingers start shivering, she stares randomly here and there. Then trying to alter her extreme reaction, she tries to portray extreme happiness as if she could now investigate deeper into the the lanes of Abandoned streets. Too late dear! Reavan caught on Ashura thinks.

All that runs in Reavan's mind is, you betrayed me? why would you do that? God! I hope what I just saw in her face was an illusion, I hope she isn't involved. Please lord, cut me some slack

Billie's voice becomes serious, "So, whom do you think it is, how did they trace back to Abandoned streets and what else did they find?" This! was her genuine doubt. 

Ashura gave Reavan his approval to say it to Billie via eye gesture. Reavan says, "I asked my colleagues to use hounds-"

"-hmm, interesting!" Billie replies cutting him in the middle. She is slowly loosing the sensations in her body starting from her limbs towards her trunk. Her heart is pounding so hard that it might even be audible outside to the person standing close to her, she perspires a lot too.

Reavan ignores her statement purposefully and continues, "I have my speculations on whom it might be, but let me just wait for a report. Also, they had found blond hair elsewhere in the same bar." 

"Ok, so what are you trying to tell me?" she asks annoyed for some reason, feeling as if he was pin-pointing her, as if there is no other blonde in this world. She feels weak as if she might trip in sometime.

Reavan snaps at her saying, "nothing, just answering your questions don't you think?"

That's it, she cannot bear her own weight anymore, she faints.... She is carried into Ashura's home and is taken care of by Maya.


After three days of eagerly waiting, the results of the DNA analysis of both the hair strand and the blood with a bit of tissue is gained. The strand belongs to Billie, and the victim was Jaish and Sharon.

Why Billie, isn't it supposed to be Jane's? no. Jane had black hair, though every other feature of her was the same as Billie. In simple terms, Jane is a forged personality to keep Billie's identity safe. So that she can interact and have a close watch at the cops and thus do a better job at maintaining the records of the cobras clean.

Little did she know that Reavan, her friend didn't trust her and sneaked behind her back. But now she knew, she kept shouting at Reavan as he chained her to the wall in her cell. He taunted her as to speak up about who was behind all of this. All she does is curse at him and triggering him with questions like," do you really think I will tell you? you betraying Rat!"

Reavan knowing clearly well, says, "hmmm, I see, so you work for him now? no no no. sorry, you work with him now?" 

She gives out a sociopath-like smile, don't know what that can be called as, but it can creep anyone out. "YOU-WILL-NEVER-EVER-FIND-HIM" 

Reavan triggered, "Oh really?! we will see about that..."


Reavan sits at a coffee shop, waiting for a girl who enters ten minutes afterwards. She is completely covered from head to toe with a hat, mask, full hand shirt that's too big for her, but somehow seems to suit her, then pink gloves and jeans which leaves out no part of her body exposed but her eyes, which again is covered with sunglasses. 

As the conversation goes on, Reavan comments, "nice! a whistle-blower in their side" 

Not exactly so, the girl tells him, all that she, Eliana wants is her safety and protection, getting to know what Billie who was Jane (the truth spread like wildfire that everyone in the cobra gang as well as detectives of Pitch Black knew) could do, she was scared for the safety of her life. After all, she has been warned by Aron, so was Jaish, even then, Jane saw it fit that they be killed, what if she was next?

Now, Eliana's situation was such that, if she stays quiet and a good servant of Aron, Jane might kill her, even if she blows the whistle over Jane, Aron might kill her. Either way, she was going to get killed, she thus decided to be completely honest to the cop so that she can be protected from those vicious cobras and thus stay away from death.

She hence told Reavan everything she knew about the Cobra gang, which wasn't much to account for. But could mean a lot if Reavan chatted over tea with Ashura.


the whispers tell Ashura, "Thus, heart connects and brain divides thus one needs to use both is different scenarios to stay safe. Heart trusts which failed Reavan in figuring out Billie, there he needed the brain. But to be supported by people who are really trust worthy, heart is needed...." Sleepy head Ashura says, "please, let me sleep! I'm tired, lets discuss tomorrow." Whispers say, "Yes, bos-" 

He slept....