Chapter 25:

Legend of the Grand Heroes

11 Kingdoms

Report: Legend of the Grand Heroes

Accessing Personal Logs: Fawn Midin

Before anyone can move Kylie blasts a shot through the crowd. Blasting one of the puppets causing them to drop, but quickly others fill the ranks of their fallen comrade. "Don't just stand there we need to take action!" Min responds yanking me from the doorway. My body is frozen in action from seeing the face of Tul, among the horde. “Malok you and Riex, get to clearing the crowd of forces. Doctor take the dead weight and see if you can snap her out of it."

Jilland, grasps my arm taking me from the forceful throws of Min. “Fawn, what is it? What did you see?”

“It’s Tul, he is in there with them. She claimed him as a puppet.” I choke out the words while I stand on the verge of vomiting from the shear thrust of stress. From having seen the man who just a week ago had claimed my heart, now walking arm and arm with the hacker’s elite forces of controlled humans. “We have to save him. He is still alive he is just controlled. If we stop the hacker then all will be all right.” Perhaps it’s out of true concern or pain within, Jilland’s face goes blank.

While the two of us are distracted, Malok charges in with his spear pushing the puppets back while Min and Riex slash at the stragglers. In the openings of the group's attacks, Kylie shoots through the movements of her allies to do damage to yet another puppet. Cassandra casts a defensive shield to block the further movement beyond the door of the cabin. With Gavin and Melissa standing ready to aid if the shield fails. Leaving just Jill, and I, to regret the actions going on. Feeling pain for the lives falling at our hands. “They are killing actual people! Do they not see it! How can they go on?” I feel tears roll down my cheek. “Human lives that only sin was to fall prey to the virus.” Jill grabs my face and I see his eyes appear glaring me down.

"Fawn, it can't be helped there is no known way to cure these people. It would take months to even years even to understand fully how the virus may be attacking them. Even longer for a cure. They are trapped between worlds. Not alive in either. Only unwilling cannon fodder for the hacker controlling them.” He drops his gaze and stares at the floor. “You know you’re a pretty easy person to read.” My tears stop briefly as I try to reconnect the gaze with him. “I could tell the moment you met him you had a warm feeling for Tul. Now we discover he is very much alive only infected. You ran off when you discovered the truth about your team leader, once again you stand with this pain that so crushed you before. What will you do Fawn? You declared to the world you wouldn't back down from the hacker. What about now?"

I stand at a loss of words but see the bodies of Riex and Min pushing back. "Damn the close fighting is making things too difficult to face them on better terms!" Riex shouts.

Jill Grabs my head and turns me to lock eyes with him. "None of us are taking, the great risk you are Fawn. If you want to run, then run." I turn to look at Melissa who lunges at a puppet breaking past the barrier.

“We still have a little ways to go before the train docks in Marion.” Cries Melissa. “When we hit the station we can blow the train and make our way to the docks.”

“That may be a wee bit difficult lass. I am getting reports coming in that the UN has demanded a full army of players and game staff of Marion, Ruire, Emrass, Topeal, and Citurn, to gather. Prepared to take Fawn from us when we arrive.” Gavin replies.

“Great so our escape plan is lost to us. And we have a train of brainless zombies to deal with.” Riex says as he through several whacks with the hilt of his sword at the puppet working on his way past him.

“Fawn?” Jill asks trying to pry my answer out of him.

I do not respond instead I inhale deeply and focus strongly on the floor of the train. Slowly I release the breath still never opening my eyes till the very last bit of air has been expelled. As the light of the train returns to my eyes the train begins to break away and time has come to a complete halt. I get up from my position in the cabin with Jill and walk through the mangled mess of bodies and into the now expanding door. To the collective horde of puppets.

Inside I see Malok thrusting his spear through two puppets while consecutively pushing one away with his free hand, and another with his left foot. I watch as the walls of the cabin warp and fade away to open the train to the elements of the travel. The metal of the train rips and tears forming jagged tendrils that latch and pull away from the puppets from the group. I turn and look over each face that is before me.

To call them zombies would be very wrong. Their faces while coated in blood show no desire for hunger or bloodthirst. Instead, all that is on their face is pain and regret. Many have clear streaks from the blood where tears have washed away the grime. Some even stand in a state of vocally cringing or screaming. The movements as I walk about the crowd which I can easily make up as a group of close to fifty puppets in all. Causes each step I make to be a little bit harder. But no face could hurt me more than when I come to his. Tul, his arm torn to shreds from the dragon's attack, is more human than the last encounter I had with a puppet on the ship from Strone. I brush my hand across his cheek and feel the cold touch. Jill was right about them being trapped in both worlds. Somehow I made it through fully but Tul and the others aren't so fortunate. They only made it part of the way and now their bodies rot in one world while their minds fight to seek salvation in another. But what kind of world would it be like, could others like myself truly be made, or was I a fluke accident of circumstances? I can't tell but I lean my head on the massive chest of Tul once again and close my eyes as the world once again catches up with me.

Malok is the first to take notice of the change as the puppets he was fighting have suddenly vanished from his range. Soon the rest of the team comes to discover the action I have taken in restraining the squad of attackers. Min and Kylie quickly raise their weapons prepared to kill off the defenseless soldiers. I don’t speak up to stop them but I don’t need to. As Malok changes his target instead towards Min, knocking his sword from his hands. “Stand down you two. They have been halted.”

“For now! But we can’t leave them this way.” Min shouts as he goes to gather his fallen blade only to find Riex’s foot preventing him from its retrieval.

“I am sure that Fawn has a good reason for doing this Min, you should listen to it. Put your gun away Kylie.” The two stand down as Riex requests and all faces turn to mine buried in Tul’s chest. “You do have a plan don’t you Fawn?”

“Why did she do this to you?” I cry deep in the chest not expecting an answer from Tul, but soon my ears hear one anyway.

"I am your knight, princess, I must protect you with my life." Tul grunts in pain.

"Well look at that they can talk!" Riex replies.

"There is nothing we can do for them, Fawn!" Cassandra states as she begins to heal some of the wounds Malok has suffered. "They are trapped."

"Then I will free them. I have the power after all. I will just use the Genesis power and free them of this world and send them back to their bodies." I cry.

“The human body can take instructions implanted to them but there is no telling what may happen if you do that. You more than likely will kill them. Fawn, they are lost." Jill quietly retorts.

"NO, I won't accept this. I have the power of a god in this world. If I can't send them home then I will bring them here. And you and Cassandra can treat them." The looks on the group's faces drop at this suggestion escaping my lips and even my heart trembles at this thought. Did I just agree to rip these people from their lives, and pull them into this world where I have struggled to survive all this time? To curse them to a life of running from fear and fighting off monsters, all with a hope of maybe one day being able to escape the world. I look up at the pain-filled face of Tul the man who has never shown me anything but kindness since the day we met each other. And now he is struggling and the only act of kindness we can offer is to kill him or for me to trap him in this world.

“Fawn, you can't mean to bring these people here to this world can you?” Melissa speaks with an honest sense of puzzlement at my words.

"It's your call Fawn!" Riex adds.

"No, it's not my call." I look away from Tul. "Is the feed active now?" I look to Gavin who nods in agreement. "Good. Then listen up world I am doing this not because I want to, I am offering this because I have to. If the hacker wants to gamble with the lives of people then I will remove the chips from the table so long as they wish it. I will release any trapped puppet of hers into this world. While it’s not the best way to live it’s at least a shot at life. But only if you ask me?”

“There is no guarantee that your plan will free them or even work.” Shouts Min. “It’s better to free them of their suffering right now! End their pain.”

“No there is no guarantee any of you will be free or safe. But this is our world to build. I will do what I can to ease your lives as long as they last here. Even if it is a matter of seconds.” I look about and see some nodding and agreeing to the terms while others think it over.

“She can’t seriously think that this will work.” Min snaps back as he makes his way to a seat in the private cabin.

“That’s what makes her the top player and you second Min. She is willing to put it all on the line with all her heart. This is the true stuff of heroes, and why if any of us deserve the title Grand Hero, it’s Fawn.” States Kylie who cracks a very uncharacteristic smile for her stoic face.

I turn to look at Tul. “Well will you let me try and bring you here to this world, and live with me?” hopeful tears fill my eyes but soon change as he speaks.

“I am sorry my princess, but I have lived my life and it was a great one. The best of it was in meeting you and standing at your side. But if you do succeed then I will only be a burden on you to hold back. I have made my peace and am prepared to meet my true god in the end.” The tears fill my eyes pouring across my face. “I only ask you not let this fallen form weigh you down on your journey, because your love for me will be carrying me to heaven.” I turn to look and several others that have not yet decided, agree with Tul’s decision to die. I turn and look at Riex.

“Don’t worry Fawn, I will deal with the mess for you. Help the ones that want to try at freedom.” Riex says as his eyes are locked on Tul. “You have done well serving the princess, warrior. I will see to it you are honored when all this is done.

“I would like that. Take care of her she is a strong soul but her heart is weak from the scars of this journey.” I don’t watch as Riex takes his sword and stabs the chest of Tul. But my fist clinches tight the moment the dull thud hits the body.

"We must carry on Fawn, Tul was a great friend and his wish is for you to move on!" Jill says as he moves into my side to help render aid to the first person I come too willing to take on the risk.

But suddenly Melissa steps in to halt me from the beginning. "While I think your plan is a good one we have to think this through. You can do one person at a time or all the ones willing to risk but if you exhaust yourself before we hit the station we will be in real trouble. We need a plan to escape.”

Malok looks at Riex, and Kylie. "I have a plan but I need these two, can the dwarf and Min finish things here. I nod in agreement and the three make their way to the front of the train.”

Moments later the last of the people unwilling to continue is gone. Leaving only the ones willing to take the risk. I ask the team to leave the two cars so I don't pull them in as well. When all is clear I sit quietly focusing my mind and effort on the lives of the people before me. Focusing on pulling them forth into the world of the game, I clench my teeth and focus hard on bringing them all to the world and freeing them of their bonds of corruption. Cracking my eyes I see the world slow as light envelopes each player and then they fade from the world. I have failed to save them. My heart sinks even more now I discover the truth in Tul’s wish for death. He wanted peace on his terms and not a false prayer of hope. I truly am not powerful. I sigh as the world returns to normal and the others begin to walk in. I stare Jilland and Melissa in the eyes. “I failed them, I gave them hope and still I failed.”

Melissa cracks a smile and hugs me. "No, you just had them recreated. Moses just informed us the same character symbols just appeared in Noiox beginner's zone, newly formed. Time will tell but it looks like you gave these people a second chance at life."

"I succeeded!" I asked with a stunned look on my face.

“You are a great person Fawn you shouldn’t be quick to doubt yourself!" Jill responds. "You did good, today. You gave those people something that is sought through many lands and by many people only to die for in our world. You returned their freedom to them. You have given them something to live on for even if their lives are short in this world. By giving them a second chance at life they can live on and do their great things."

I look at Melissa whose smile is fading. "We still have a long way to go and I doubt that will be the last puppets that traverse our path."

"Then we will be prepared to offer them their freedom from the hacker's grasp!" I state with a renewed sense of will to continue. "But first we have another threat waiting when we arrive."

Suddenly a loudspeaker on the frame of the doors turns on with the voice of, Riex. "Ladies and Gentlemen in a few minutes we will be passing the Marion Station. At this time we would like to request all those planning to stay on the train to properly secure their vital items."

I look at Melissa. “Vital items?”

Melissa laughs and grabs the door frame. “Seriously that’s the part you worry about and not the fact that Marion is the final stop for this train.”

"Final stop, but he just said we will." I stop myself as my eyes widen and quickly move to the wall, bash a hole in it, and grasp it so tight the combined shattered sheetrock and metal frame, cuts at my hand. Quickly the rest of the team except for Kylie dash back to join us each taking an action to secure themselves to the train's frame, and suddenly a massive explosion blows at the front as the train bursts through a wall and goes crashing across the streets of Lazuron, the capital of Marion. I watch as Kylie’s wings spread flying as the train pulls her by a steel cable. Those stupid fools, Malok must have devised a plan to have Riex's strongest explosives be shot from Kylie's gun. To blast the wall and track sending the train to run off the tracks and wild on the streets. At first, I feel sorry for the faces of the collection of people on the streets when I recall who they are. The UN forces unleashed in the game set on deleting me for the crimes of the hacker. "Well this plan certainly got us past the armies at the station, but how do we escape when the train stops." A shot rings out and I look up and see Kylie breaking the cable from her to glide off just moments before the chaotic control of the train blasts through a building and the speed begins to slow.

"Didn't think that far Princess, best this will disperse the forces and we can have a better chance at getting you out. Kylie is going to scout for a way for us till then. We are going to have a long battle so I hope you all are fully rested." Malok shouts back and as the train slows to a slow enough pace he summons forth his pet, mounts it, and leaps off. I look and see Melissa do the same and soon Riex, Cassandra, Min, and Jilland, follow. Only Gavin and I remain.

"Git going, girl. I will catch up I have a plan." Gavin smiles and fades before my eyes indicating him signing off the game. Did he abandon me? How could he? In such a time of need. The train slows to the point where guards begin to leap on. Quickly I act casting the spell to unleash the magic wings as I take off in the sky to team up with Kylie. Part of me is once again regretting not having the advantages of the screen in front of me with the party chat. As once I take to the sky I soon find it’s far from clear of people as several Seriph characters take flight along with some scientist class and mage classes that have their means of flight as well. The only advantage I have is that the chaos has people looking all over for me and only a handful caught my actual exit from the train for now. Shots ring from below. Guns and bows help in further breaking apart the troops all trying to claim victory in my destruction. Still, I have more pursuers than I care to stop and count at the moment and act quickly to fly down into the streets in hopes to lose some through the low-hanging signs and objects dispersed through the city. As I do an arrow grazes my side. Just as I hit low enough I throw my full force into a punch and smash the side of a building causing rubble and shrapnel to shoot out both below and behind. I can shake off a good handful with this move. As I weave about the buildings I see Malok and Melissa leading the land forces of our team clearing a path to the town square. But a quick glimpse I can see that they are headed straight towards a trap. A row of cannons is built up, along each main road primed and prepped for action just as soon as the team clears the way. While the cannons won't hurt them or any of the UN forces it very likely will drop them from play, sending them to their last spawn point. Which given the high pace of our actions is miles away. The plan of the UN is clear to wipe out my supporters here leaving me open to face an army alone. My stomach begins to hurt at the dreadful thought of my earlier declaration of war with the UN and myself being a bad choice. As I soon will stand against a world, single-handily that wants me dead. I try screaming out but the combination of the winds of my movements and the cries of the war below makes any warnings I have for them fall on deaf ears. No, I have only one choice and that's to face the cannons myself.

I take a quick turn to try and cut the group off and deal with the cannons but as soon as I complete the turn the cannons ring out. I am too late. Then again the cannons let out this time however I notice that it's a set of cannons set in different directions on the streets than the last volley. I try to look at who they are fighting. To my surprise, on my other side, the group is still fighting their way through. If it's not the team then who are they shooting at?

File Source End

Accessing Linked File

Agent Estaban, Department issued Canary Drone

The camera focuses out on a massive warehouse building surrounded by a collection of fences. The sign reading Black Clover City Restoration Center appears in view.

“You sure you want to go in unarmed Sir.” Asks the hefty Agent Ballmer to Agent Estaban. The three FBI agents stand in a parking lot near a large fenced-in building in the ruins of downtown San Francisco.

"We aren't going to need weapons here. The only weapon we need is covered through my little friend here. But if you two feel safer I won't stop you." Estaban looks across the horizon as a group of military-looking men point at the trio and one man in fatigues walks forth to meet them.

"Excuse me sir but you can't be here this is a restricted area." Proclaims the soldier. Estaban wastes no time and has his badge already out. Long before the soldier is even close enough to see what he has pulled out, which causes the soldier to hesitate in case it happened to be a weapon.

“Like I said Ballmer, our weapons won’t help us here. At ease soldier, I'm agent Estaban and this is my team, Agents Ballmer and Agent Richards. We are to be led to see the Pangai server for Black Clover’s game 11 Kingdoms.” The soldier moves in closer and looks over the badges.

"That's all good and everything sir but, it's martial law here still so the federal government still has no say here." Replies the soldier.

“Martial Law, Funny so then you’re what, National Guard?" Estaban squints and uses his badge to shade his eyes from the bright sunlight as the soldier shakes his head in a reply of no. "Didn't think so the uniform looks more like something you would see the Marines wear. But that can't be. Agent Richards tell me why this man can't be a Marine soldier guarding a public facility at this time and location?"

The fresh-faced Agent struggles at first to find his words. "Wasn't the state of emergency lifted last year for San Francisco?"

Agent Estaban nods. "Good, man. And seeing I have yet to hear of a military coup that has laid claim to parts of California, and seize control over a private corporation’s operations here in the city. I think you’re the one out of place here soldier.”

The soldier once again shakes his head no. "Sorry, sir your half right, me, and the boys use to be Marines. Hell, we wear the uniforms just like our old ones out of respect. We all are private security for Black Clover and I am not to allow anyone is not even if the president of the United States himself were to stop by." The soldier displays the patches sewn on the uniform displaying Black Clover logos in place of Military ones.

“Funny thing about that, you see Gail Jeirade sent us here. You may have heard about her, she is the current head of P.R. for the company soon to rise to take a position as a company president, to fill some empty or soon to be empty seats. Never too sure of course I don't care to follow politics in our country let alone in big companies. I am sure if you get her on the horn you will hear what I say is true." Estaban watches as the soldiers scramble and the one that came to greet them looks back. Minutes pass before the soldier so much as moves.

“You think they are going to let us in now sir?" Ballmer asks.

“They will, we just got to run things through the proper channels!" Estaban responds, just as a small white hover cart pulls up to the gate and sitting inside is a very well-suited man who says something to the guards.

"Okay, sir you and your team are clear to come in. Mr. Gielo will meet with you." The soldier walks the group along and brings them to meet the short in stature yet strong in willed clean-shaven Carlos Gielo, head of Black Clover Gaming.

"Well looks like Gail is overstepping her authority. This will have to be noted at the next meeting of the board. Tell me, Agent, what brings you to our rebuilding site." The slick man wipes his mouth of sweat gathered along with his pencil-thin mustache.

“We have been directed that the Pangai servers are at this location, and we are here to investigate them for traces of the hacker. All signals point to the hacker using the IP address of your offices here." Estaban cracks a friendly smile to greet the man into a game of wits.

“If you think I am dumb enough, to tell you anything about what goes on inside while you have your canary recording think again. Turn it off and we can talk.” Gielo smiles and with a glint in his eye feels competent at having one that round.

"Sorry, sir did you think this thing is recording. Oh no, sir. Not at all!" Estaban says drawing the drone in closer to himself. "You see I figured you wouldn't let us in to see us no. But my drone here is not recording, no. It's sending a feed. You see I have a few other teammates with a bit of technical know-how and well they stated just getting the feed to show this place and say someone as high up on the company's payroll hanging around. Would prove to us that this site is vital for quite a lot more than just harboring building equipment and materials for the rebuilding effort. And of course, should that official just happen to be Carlos Gielo the current Black Clover Gaming President. Then that just says to us and all that are watching that Black Clover is doing just as the UN accuses and hiding the true threat. But it's not Jamie Eve or her alter ego Fawn Midin. No, it's a Black Clover member right here perhaps even someone with power. Someone like yourself, Mr. Gielo, so tell me did you have anything against Ms. Eve?" Estaban lets out a large smile to show that Gielo has misjudged the actions of the agent. Gielo, begins to question if that the position that Gail is shooting for just happens to be his own.

"We have nothing to hide Agent. Nor is anyone at this location involved." Gielo replies as his hands fumble about the pockets of his jacket.

"Prove it. Show me and my men the Pangai server and we can run a trace from there for the Hacker." Estaban's smile turns to a grim snarl.

Gielo pulls out a small device and presses the screen to activate. Suddenly a hiss hits as the signal of the camera disrupts.

"Ah, a signal disruptor looks like you have something to hide after all. Well, there we have it, Mr. Geilo. Although you should now FBI issued the Canaries are built with defenses against devices like that to aid in capturing fugitives." The smile returns to Estban's face as Gielo throws the device to the ground and it smashes to pieces.

“Fine, I will take you to it. But when you find what I am saying to be true I will use my contacts in the bureau to have you knocked all the way down to the lunch lady in the training facility in the worst hell hole I can find.” A very enraged Gielo jumps into his hover cart.

He brings the trio to a plain-looking door on the side of the building. Gielo walks up and places his hand on the door frame which beeps and then opens. Inside is a room with coat pegs and several heavy coats. "Put those on. Or don't and deal with Hyperthermia. Either way, you want to see the Pangai Server it's going to get very cold very fast for you." Snaps Gielo, who walks over to a stylish coat with his name on it and puts it on. The trio follows in his actions. "I knew damn well that girl would be a pain in my side. Now you people come here and harass me to show you and the world the secret to the game. So fine! Guess it can’t harm us too much no competitor can even come close to catching up now that the game is active.”

“So you’re not a fan of Gail?” Agent Richards proclaims.

“No, but that’s not the witch I was referring to.” Gielo snipes back.

"You have a problem with Jamie then after all. This is news. We passed the higher-ups like you over as suspects since losing her harms your game sales." Estaban claims

"Just the opposite, while most the in-game ideas are Masaru or were the ideas of Thick before he passed away in the quake. It was my idea to sell the feeds of elite characters like Fawn with it we could advertise as we played out the events and lives they lived in the game. Since the accident, more people have been locked on the damn feeds than ever. The advertising brings in more money than game sales do. Mind you the big money is still in the rental of rooms in the Towers but after expenses, the only profitable area of the game is the advertising. So I couldn't ask for a better grace to make the dullest of characters Masaru chose to stand out. Of course, she had to ruin things a few weeks ago with that damn stunt to hide from the feed. But man, when she appeared to fight the dragon that is ratings, gold, I tell you." A large grin breaks the red temper mounted to the face of Gielo who walks over to the wall and presses a button.

“So you profited from her accident. Sounds more like you wanted this to happen to her.” Agent Ballmer speaks up as she struggles to get a glove on her hand.

"Wanted no. Prayed something would happen to that girl yeah. But now she is causing new issues. It's bad enough you all are here but for the last few hours, we have been getting calls from formally supportive countries threatening to pull out if she is not deleted from the game. I have given the program code to the UN to delete her if she doesn't cooperate in destroying the virus. But then it turns out my copy of her code is preventing that." Gielo looks down at the floor as a metal door opens up and four metal beams slide out from the ground. "Stand clear the lift will be here soon."

"An underground system? I would think after the quake the buildings were going to be made to support severe quake damage.” Agent Richards states as the metal platform rises to stop at the floor height.

"We did. The building is a sectional tower similar to the other ones only instead of rising above it rises below. In between each section is a lining of Carbon Nano tubing about two feet thick. It prevents the sections of the building from colliding in on itself and at the same time absorbs the violent shaking of the earth. This is the first of many buildings planned for the Bay Area. The future of architecture is not to the stars but the heart of the earth. Natural Geothermal vents can be adapted for heat and reliable reusable and clean energy. Closer to water sources at their purest forms lets us use only clean sources for drinking and plants while the waste product can be disposed of in lower levels. Away from the water sources where they can do little to no damage at all. It also leaves greater space up above for agricultural growth for food supplies." Gielo's smile has become a full-fledge smug smile as he describes the marvel of the 12th tower. The group joins him as they all step on the platform and it begins to lower deep into the ground.

“But if it has the heating and such why do we need the coats?” Asks Ballmer.

"Because of my dear, the Pit that houses the server is kept at a cool 34 degrees thanks to the piping system. Pumping seawater through the walls of the room. Why under this much earth the system of servers, are well protected from any EMP weapon used on the city above or sun activity that may disrupt the servers." The group looks on as the lift opens up to a plastic-coated tube displaying a massive room of perfectly lined computers side by side with lights flashing about as the lift comes to a halt.

"This is larger than the servers in the Onyx Tower." Estaban comments.

"Well, that's cause it is!" Gielo states smugly. "Each tower has its server. Their total storage space is about sixty Yotta. Here you have ten thousand Yotta, of course, the same is said for the central location which I hope you have kept that a secret." Gielo watches as Estaban nods, then continues. "Good because we can’t have all our secrets out for any person to mess with. I take it that while you’re here you also want to gain Fawn’s data.”

Estaban's eyes widen. "Wait Fawn's info is here?"

"I guess from that reaction you figured that she was in the Onyx tower system or central. Yes, the systems alerted us soon after the discovery was made that Ms. Eve's memories and personality ended up in the game. She takes up a Yotta herself. Given all the small details in our life have to be stored in some way in our bodies." Gielo walks over to a monitor and taps away at the screen. "Of course we have kept that hidden for Ms. Eve's protection should someone try to delete her from the game."

“Until you handed the key over to the UN to do just that, you put the girl’s life in danger.” Estban glares at Gielo.

"One girl for the ongoing peace of the world is a small price to pay!" Gielo states with a toothy smile. "11 Kingdoms has the potential to end the wars and settle them with no cost of lives."

“Aren’t your military drones already doing that?” Agent Ballmer speaks up.

Gielo starts to speak but Estaban interrupts. "No, the drones go to the highest bidder. Like all dirty deals! But now Black Clover honestly has found a way to give the world peace. A sense of world peace that lines their pockets, this makes the world dependent on the company far greater than any government."

"My dear sir the world has always been dependent on things. We just happen to be the only market where peace and prosperity can be gained. And the world is more than willing to drink from that glass." The monitor beeps and Gielo begins to walk back to the lift. "You can find Fawn's information on the fourth server to the left and two deep. You're welcome to investigate all you like from here when you want out press that button at the cage and the lift will come down for you. Good luck on your hunt."

"Thanks but I have some questions left for you Mr. Gielo." Estaban turns to shout at the man near the lift.

“Go ahead ask away.” Gielo replies

"First why are you being so open since we entered the building? Second, do you know who the Hacker is?" Estaban questions.

“I am being open because while you have the drone, it cannot send its info from within this building without being linked to our servers. Thus your feed has been down for some time. But I am sure it switched to record mode so should this info get out I would like to be seen as willing to cooperate in the investigation. As for the hacker no I have no clue on who they may be or how they have used the Pangai server as an access door to the game." Estaban's eyes widen but Gielo continues. “I can tell by your reaction that you didn’t think I knew that the hacker was using the server as a doorway. How else do you explain Ms. Eve’s memories and consciousness ending up here agent? She was attacked in the Nook on Pangai after all.”

"One Final question!" Estaban shouts as Gielo steps back on the platform. Gielo stops and shakes his head yes. "My hacker traced the one we are after to Black Clover's old servers so if you're going to hide your servers why use the old locations and numbers?"

"We aren't. The old servers were lost in the quake. Buried deep under the city ruins, if you're getting that info then I think the hacker is using that as a way to access the game systems here, thus it could be anyone out in the world.”

"But only if the old servers are still intact and functional." Estaban states.

"Why yes. Oh my, you mean?" Gielo's face goes pale.

"The hacker is in the San Francisco tower, just not this tower. Ballmer, you stay here and gather the info and work with Rutashi, back at base to link and build the info we need. Also, contact the governor I need swat and the national guard here stat. Agent Richards, we need to trade our coats in for some climbing gear we have to go digging for our Hacker." Estaban proclaims.

Report end

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