Chapter 26:

Chapter 26- Erebus, my Perfidious Friend

The Husband and Hero

Finding my way through the dark, I began to stumble into the brightly lit scene in front of me.

The lights from Parksen's Spot shine brightly onto the forest's path. Compared to the rest of the scenery around me, it feels as if it's from another world.

The roads are similar to that of brick but the fixtures that are beaming bright light are shaped like pavement lights on Earth. Standing before it, It's the first time I felt at peace in this world. Warmth overflows me as I take my first step into the city.

Parksen's Spot is a local attraction known for its intense traits. Anything you're looking for can be found here; whether it's legal or not. Even if you've never been here before, you've at least heard the rumors following the location.

Despite those rumors and their credibility, Parksen's Spot is still a popular place for vacations and relaxation.

However, today I am here for anything but.

Glancing around at the tourists, I feel odd in my darken hood.

After my talk with Fern, I feared she's on the lookout for me. Who knows what kind of spies or other guards she has watching me?

As soon as I reach the center of the city, I find him waiting there for me.

Even though he's wanted all around the city, here he is dazzling at the scene.

Now that the air has been lifted of his betrayal, he looks much more relaxed. His silver hair is shining immensely due to the lights nearby and his eyes look paler in this bright place.

Erebus: "So you came."

As soon as he speaks, I feel a rush of emotions flood through me. My mouth quivers and I find myself holding back tears. Ever since meeting Eri, my emotions are getting the better of me.

Devilynn: "Erebus, I-"

Erebus: "We both know I'm not Erebus. Call me by name."

Holding a pause, I find myself startled as I open my mouth to call his name.

Devilynn:" B-birch."

Birch: " There you go. You sound like a school girl."

Devilynn: "Oh shut it!"

With his normal devilish smile, Birch let's out a short chuckle. It makes me happy to realize that he hasn't changed at all. It makes me feel as though part of our friendship was real.

Birch: "Did you get to meet her?"

Devilynn: "Yeah."

Birch: "You know she's been waiting a long time."

Devilynn: "Birch, was the woman you said you were in love wit-"

Birch: "That's not important right now. We have more important things to discuss...and my time is limited."

Mustering down my questions about Eri, I focus on only the essentials.

Birch: "Based on the look on your face, you must have really messed up."

Devilynn: "How did you know?"

Birch: "You're always easy to read."

Unable to contain myself I fester up and let out a groan. Birch has a child-like look of enjoyment on his face.

Devilynn: "Birch, I killed Willowcrus."

Afraid of what comes next, I close my eyes and wait for his embarkment. But to my surprise nothing arrives.

Squinting my eyes open, I find Birch with an expression that can only be defined as intrigued.

Devilynn: "I...I was-no. I can't blame anyone for what I did. I know I can't be forgiven but I'm sorry."

Birch: "In war, death is inevitable. Every time we enter the battlefield, I don't expect all of us to come home. Willowcrus was the same. Am I mad? Of course. But nearly as mad as Shinkyo will be, but still angry. But, you were following orders...what more can a solider do?"

Although mentioning it with a harden face, it's almost as if I can hear his heart crying.

Devilynn: "I'm going to make this right. I've been foolish for a long time, but I know where my heart lies now. And that's with Eri. And with you and Crowriff."

Looking up at me, Birch let's out a pleasant smile. It's a smile I will miss.

Birch: "Then keep your promise. Not just this one, But also the one you made to me and Crowriff. We'll be waiting for you once this is all over."

Holding in the tears to protect my pride, I find my eyes locked onto Birch's.

Devilynn: "I promise I'll keep it."

Birch: "Good."

Changing topics, I hesitantly bring my hands to my face.

Devilynn: "I'm going to try to win back Eri."

Birch: "Oh? And how do you suppose you'll do that?"

Although he seems like he wants to help me, it is clear that there is a hint of jealousy involved.

Devilynn: "I'm going to kill Fern."

Startled by my sudden response, Birch's eyes look intriguingly at me.

Birch: "Go on."

Devilynn: "I know the last battle is ahead of us and at that point I won't be able to help... But, tonight she should be unarmed in her camper. If I attack her tonight, then I'll be able to defeat her. No matter how cocky or egotistical she is, it's no lie that she's the strongest swordsmen in Frostala."

Birch: "Hmm... So say the plan goes wrong then how will you show favor?"

Devilynn: "I..I don't know. But I'm determined to do it."

Birch: "But why?"

The atmosphere around us becomes colder as Birch's voice gets rougher.

Birch: "Wouldn't you think after everything you've done, she'd be happy without you. Why are you so determined to stand beside her?"

Devilynn: "I don't know what she'd want. But, if I didn't try to stand beside her I'd regret it forever; All I've ever wanted was to be with her."

Birch expresses a more disgusted look at me, but then brushes it off.

Devilynn: "I know it may seem insane, But there was a point where she loved me. And now after having that in my life once, that's all I want."

Birch: "She's not one to easily forgive."

Devilynn: "I know that."

Clenching my fist together I hold myself strong and speak loudly.

Devilynn: "I know how you feel Birch! But, she's my wife!"

Bringing unnecessary attention to us, Birch begins to scramble at my sudden screech.

Birch: "God! Don't make this a moment! We don't need the extra attention!"

I let out a short giggle and I reminisce in our times together.

After a short while, Birch and I depart on our ways into different directions.

As I begin to sneak my way back into the my station, I'm happy to know that one of my last and final moments with him were spent smiling.