Chapter 15:

Interlude: Frozen Wasteland

Reverie's End: Blades of Malice

Date: 6/11/991; Time: 21st hourBookmark here

The weather was quite cold on this particular day. Snow was falling all around and the wind was harsh. A lone man and his giant ice bird can be seen trekking through these lands; their destination was unknown.Bookmark here

"I hate this. Just wait till I get back up there!" remarked the man, as he stumbled through the snow. His bird could only fly by his side in support. The two had been traveling for months in this frozen landscape. It was a miracle that they were still alive.Bookmark here

"Just wait for me, I'll get what I want now! These new powers should be more than enough. I don't need the Blades of Malice anymore!" he continued to speak of his future grand endeavors for quite some time, mumbling to himself. "I will ascend!" he yelled. The ice bird let out a shriek in agreement.Bookmark here

He took out both arms and conjured magic, fire in the right, and ice in the left. The fire illuminated his silver hair and amber eyes, and the rest of his mangled body. His left eye was scarred, and his right leg was made of ice, created by his own magic.Bookmark here

His injuries were great, but he kept moving forward, fueled by rage.Bookmark here

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