Chapter 6:

Chapter 5 - Run for your life!

PowerPlay! ~ The odd tale about awesome powers, quirky personalities and why they make for an awful mix.

And I was definitely enjoying it.

The creature hissed, crouching in the smoke that was hiding her features.
"Why must you get in my way... WHY MUST YOU ALL GET IN MY WAY! If it weren't for you, I... would be with him now..." There was a hint of sadness in the girl's last sentence, as well as a feeling of nostalgia I couldn't describe.

The paladin lowered his blade and a hint of irritation, as well as empathy, furrowed his brow.
"My thoughts exactly. This is foolish, he could be arriving any minute now and..."
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I kept staring at them in a dream like stupor.
Gone was the need for safety and gone was the fear.
In my daze, I had stumbled a few steps ahead trying to make sense of the complicated feeling I had in my heart.

The scene felt poignant, sure.
But to be honest, it felt much more nostalgic.

Now that was unexpected.

I’d never seen a scene like this in my life, and still…

There was a memory in the back of my skull, knocking politely, almost inaudibly, at the door of my conscience. I tried desperately to find the door she was waiting behind, but my mind felt like a maze made out of all the mundane little things I had seen and felt throughout my existence.

Mundane.  I felt that was the key…
The memory was not of heroes and powers unknown.
It was, rather…Bookmark here

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A fuzzy feeling crept softly into my heart.Bookmark here

The face of a roundish kid…
The voice of a small brat…
The smoke, the fire and and the goat mi…Bookmark here

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Stop this stupid fight, right now!”Bookmark here

The train of my feverish thoughts had been interrupted by a resolute voice.Bookmark here

Appearing right between me and the two combatants, a lone figure was now standing with her silhouette painted across the moon. Brown hair fluttering in the wind, arms resting on her waist like a mother scolding a child.Bookmark here

“First you scare away the patrons, now you damage our property. I sure hope you have the money to repay the damage!”Bookmark here

She shouted.
The two fighters trailed their gaze to face her figure, eyes glistening of a scary hue in the dreary night.Bookmark here

Enrietta puffed staunchly.
“What? You looking for a fight?” She said.Bookmark here

The eyes of the two superhuman warriors twitched.Bookmark here

I ran with the speed of sound.Bookmark here

In a minute I was upon the idiot that had just challenged the two monsters to a fight.
Grabbing her by her mouth, I profusely apologized and tried desperately to retreat.
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Or at least that was what I had planned to do.Bookmark here

Enrietta, sensing my approach, quickly grappled me.
Lifting me easily off the ground, she slammed my body on the grassy meadow in front of her.
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“Dust! W-what are you doing attacking me from behind like that!”
I grunted, massaging my rather unfortunate backside.Bookmark here

“I wasn’t trying to attack you from behind… I was trying to save your life! What do you mean ‘you looking for a fight’?!”
Enrietta looked confused, then quickly shifted to pure rage, then finally settled onto simple frustration.Bookmark here

“Make up your mind! First you tell me we don’t know how to keep a tavern, now that I try to ask for compensation when some bad apples cause trouble, you won’t let me!?”Bookmark here

“Did you see those two fight!? No matter how strong you and your father are, they’re practically monste-“Bookmark here

“D… ust…”
Wait. Did the demon-girl just whisper something familiar?Bookmark here

The demon girl, still shrouded in the shifting smoke of her attack had began staring at me with scary eyes.Bookmark here

“Yes, that’s his name. Dust Luminas! He works at my Inn. Want to beat him up too?!!”
Don’t give them ideas, you idiot!Bookmark here

Oh gods, the demon’s looking at me.
She’s looking like I’m some kind of juicy little morsel…
Did she hear me call them monsters?
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Oh damn, she got pretty scary when the paladin called her a demon-child.
What do I do? What do I do!??Bookmark here

The demon-girl screamed, pouncing towards us with the speed of a wild animal.Bookmark here

My muscles reacted faster than my brain.
I didn’t even let her finish pronouncing my name.Bookmark here

Sorry, Enrietta. I’m too scared to think about what I’m doing right now.Bookmark here

She emitted a sort of rattling gurgle of either embarrassment or utter resentment, as I lifted her in my arms, princess style.
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Then my legs were ordered to run. And they did without fail.Bookmark here

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I ran frantically, pathetically screaming for my life.
Enrietta hadn’t even fully processed what had happened and her eyes were circling like a broken clock.Bookmark here

I would have liked to describe my flight as dashing, but for any onlooker that must not have been one of my best moments. Face red from exertion, a steady stream of tears flowing from the corners of my eyes, I screamed at the top of my lungs while trying desperately to reach the open entrance of the Crossroads.Bookmark here

The beast, no, the huntress, was catching up to me.
I could almost feel her breath upon my neck. I would not make it in time.Bookmark here

In a sudden moment of clarity, I turned to look for the only hope for my survival.
The holy paladin, staunch defender of the weak, was sure to have reached the raging beast by now, he’ll surely save my lif-Bookmark here

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I’m done.
I’m done for good.
This is my last day on earth.
Panting and screaming like a sissy, running for my life from a scary knight and a demon girl.Bookmark here

Why am I falling?
Oh, I have tripped.Bookmark here

If I think about it, asking my untrained lazy body to pull this kind of manouver was a bit much.Bookmark here

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And now I’m going to die.Bookmark here

These are probably my last thoughts.Bookmark here

What did I expect?
I’m just a normal guy, after all…Bookmark here

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*THUD*Bookmark here

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