Chapter 15:



While heading to unity 7’s building, Masuyo checked to see if Hisoka had answered him several times. But they were all to no avail. “What is he doing over there?”

“Good morning, Masuyo.”

“He’s still talking to ‘Sasaki-chan’?”


“Maybe I should let Yoko know about this…”

“Hey, Masuyo-kun! Stop spacing out!”

“Huh?” Masuyo turned around to see Yoko looking at him.

“Good morning, Masuyo-kun.”

“Oh, good morning Yoko.” Masuyo replied, “Looks like you woke up late today.”

“Yeah…” Yoko sighed, “Believe it or not, but Hisoka is the one who wakes first. He's the one to wake me.”

“Hmm, I’d imagine you’re the one who kicks him out of the bed.”

“Haha, it’s quite the opposite.” Yoko smiled, “He even woke me up today, I was just talking to him on the phone.”

“I see.”

“He filled me in on everything that happened. You know, since you and Sute-chan didn’t mind telling me yesterday!” she pouted. “But he also told me to say to you that ‘he knows nothing about it’ whatever that may mean.”

“Hmm… okay. Thanks, Yoko.” Masuyo looked at her, “And I’m sorry for yesterday.”

“It’s okay.” Yoko looked around her, “Where is she, by the way?”

“Sute? How would I know?” Masuyo shrugged his shoulders, “She should be in her apartment or at the building, it’s the only two places I can think of.”

“Well, you do live right next to each other. It wouldn’t hurt to come together.”

“Maybe that’s for close people like you and Hisoka.”

“Hmm… but don’t she feed you as well?” Yoko held her chin and nodded, “This type of thing is for close people.”

“The way you’re talking makes it seem like I’m a dog.”

“Oh! I’m sorry about that.” Yoko smiled and patted Masuyo’s head, “Shall we go to HQ together now? Even though we’re not that close?”

“It’s fine by me.”

“Good boy!”

Several minutes after Yoko and Masuyo arrived at the small building, Sute appeared: 

“Good morning, Masuyo, Oomori-san.” she bowed to both of them.

“Good morning.” Masuyo replied.

“Good morning, Sute-chan! Did you sleep in today?” Yoko looked at the girl.

“No…” Sute scratched her head, “I was just talking to my mom.”

“I see…” Yoko smiled. She clapped once and said: “So, now that you’re both here I have something to tell you: Hisoka said he didn’t find anything yesterday, but he’ll talk to the boy today and let us know right after.”

“He’s going to talk to Hikaru-san?” Sute tilted her head, “It didn’t seem like the boy wanted to chat.”

“Hisoka told me it's fine! He wants to prove to that Kazashi girl that we are serious here!” Yoko put her hands on her waist, “It’s not every day that we find a Diver candidate in one of our cases.” she then glanced at the other two: “Let’s go to the Diving room now? He wants you to be sure of what you’re doing.”

“Okay.” Sute started to make her way to the Diving Room.

Sute and Masuyo were once again in that weird world. They were walking through it while talking:

“Hmm… so the grass here is because of the park, right?” Masuyo asked while rubbing his chest, as always, that place made him feel uneasy.

“That’s very likely, yes.”

“What about when it gets laminated?” he observed the ground change from grass to a laminated floor, “Is it because of the boy’s bedroom?”

“Well, the Sasaki house has this type of floor everywhere, so my bet would be that it’s more like their house.”

“Hmm…” Masuyo kept staring at the changing ground while following the girl towards the Meka fight.

“So, why don’t you tell me all the things here that we found outside?”

“Huh? Do I really have to do that?”

“You still have a lot of months left… so it’d be better if you got good at this.”

“Aargh.” Masuyo sighed. “Okay, let me think…” he looked at the vastness of sometimes green and other times beige, a place that only had the debris of a now recognizable blue swing, and two huge “Robots” fighting with each other. It was such an empty place... even the fight seemed superficial now, “But maybe it’s just because I’ve seen it a bunch of times?” Masuyo looked at Sute, “Although Sute always looks amazed by it.”


“Hmm… we have the grass and swing from the park, the floor from their house… the robot and the anime is because the boy likes it.”

“You’re almost there. Just forgot about the other Mekroxx. It probably represents his grandfather’s accident in some way.”

“Hmm…?” Masuyo looked at the Mekroxx covered by wheels and glass.

“Isn’t it obvious? We’re seeing a fight between his grandfather…” she pointed at the rusty Mekroxx, “...and the reason he was killed.” and then indicated the other Meka.

“Oh… I guess that makes sense… But isn’t it weird that his grandfather wins the battle here?”

“Yes… I’m not one hundred percent sure about this, but Hisoka’s information should make us figure it out.”

“Okay… and when we figure it out what do we do?”

Sute stopped and turned to Masuyo: “We blow everything up.”

BOOM!” a loud sound came from above them.

When Masuyo looked up, the world was red and falling onto him. “Watch out!” Sute exclaimed as she saved Masuyo by pulling him away from de falling pieces of sky.

“Aaargh!” Masuyo held his ears, not only the sound of dozens of explosions could be heard, but also an excruciating shrill noise. “What is going on??!” he yelled.

Sute, who was beside him, didn’t answer, she only picked something from her pocket: it looked like a metallic canteen. While the world was falling around then, the girl pressed what was supposed to be the lid, and the thing rotated until it turned into glass. Sute looked at Masuyo and quickly broke the glass in his head.

“WHAT?” Masuyo suddenly woke up and jumped out of his Akozy.

“Ohoho… Masuyo…” Yoko talked to him while staring at her computer with a serious expression. She was ferociously typing on it as well, “It’s… good that you’re... back.”

“Yoko? What is going on? Sute went crazy and hit me with something weird.”

“WHAT?! Sute hit you with it? What is she thinking?!” Yoko stopped for a moment and looked at Masuyo. “Shit! Now I have to get her out of there!”

“Huh?” Masuyo looked to his side, there, Sute was still sleeping on her Akozi. The boy didn’t understand exactly what was going on, but he was sure it wasn’t good. He stopped before Sute, intending to pull her out of the Akozi, but hesitated.

“NO! Don’t pull her or you can make things worse!” Yoko yelled at him, “There’s nothing you can do now, I’m working on it!” she kept typing on her computer ferociously. Yoko cursed some more and then murmured: “At least that boy’s world is simple.” while punching one of her screens as if pressing a button.

“Argh!” Sute instantly woke up.

“Sute! You know he has his own G.C!” Yoko stood up and reprimanded the girl, “Why would you do something so reckless?! Ugh, whatever! Mijiyuu is attacking us again, so I have to go!” she bolted out of the room.

“Mijiyuu?” Masuyo observed as Yoko left the room.

“Yes, they were... trying to... invade our dive.” Sute explained. She was panting and holding her right arm, “We probably... won’t be diving more… today.”

“Hmm… Hey, are you okay?”

“Yes… but since we’ll take the day off… I have something to do...” the girl trudged to the door and stopped, “I can... explain what happened later…” Sute bowed and then left the Diving Room as well.

Masuyo looked around him. He didn’t know what had happened and why Sute was acting weird, having saved him twice for no reason now, “But I have nothing to complain about. Now I have the rest of the day to investigate what happened to him and prove that he isn’t dead.”

The boy darted out of the place, passing through the entrance hall, where Yoko was yelling something like “Shit! If my teacher was here everything would be much easier!” and taking the shortest route to his apartment, where he would just prepare himself to leave the facility.

“Huh?” Masuyo tried to unlock his door once, but it didn’t work. He tried twice, three times, until it opened on the fourth attempt, “That’s weird.”

“Oh! I’m sorry Masuyo Hirano!” a female voice suddenly apologized when he entered the room, startling the boy.

“What?! Who’s there??!” Masuyo searched the place with his eyes, looking for the invader.

“It’s just me! Juria-chan!” the voice came from the wall, “At your service, Masuyo-sama!”

“Juria-chan?” Masuyo cautiously walked towards the wall, the sound seemed to be coming from the apartment’s Utablet.

“Precisely! I’m your A.I. servant for all situations! Just don’t ask for anything naughty!” she exclaimed with a cheerful voice and then whispered: “Although if you insist I can come up with something!”

Masuyo frowned and approached the Utablet attached to the wall. He stopped before it and looked at a little girl with short blue hair, wearing a maid uniform and smiling at him. “Hmm?”

“Hey! Why are you staring at me like that?! Is this visual not suitable for you?” the girl looked to her maid uniform, “I’m afraid my other visuals are still downloading… even the nude one, sir.”

“Wasn’t you supposed to be locked or something?”

“Yes! But it looks like I was activated to help defend against the attacks! Or the attackers freed me… hmm...” she started to ponder.

“Hmm… okay. I don’t have time for this.” Masuyo stopped looking at Juria-chan and headed to his room.

“Oh! Wait Masuyo-sama!” Juria-chan shook her hands, “I’ll help you!”

“Well, if you could help me find the coat I left here…” Masuyo started to rummage his closet.

“As you wish, Masuyo-sama!” Juria-chan exclaimed but Masuyo ignored her and kept rummaging his closet until something flew onto his head.


“Coat delivered, Masuyo-sama!”

“Oh.” Masuyo took the coat out of his head, “Thanks... I guess.” he checked with he had everything he needed and bolted from the apartment. His destination was the FuturingTech Building.

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