Chapter 27:

Chapter 27: Full Fledged, Multi-Talented

Becoming A Seiyuu? I'm In!

"Practice. Practice. Practice. It's the only way to improve your acting and singing skills. By then, you're ready to fully work as a voice actor - the one who can act though it's just verbally and sing at perfect pitch. Are you afraid of changing voices due to puberty? Then find your voice back! Until you get the sternest reason to stop yourself from training, Giving Up isn't existing in your life!" - Ishi.Bookmark here

Four months have unknowingly passed since they agreed to join Fuku-san’s agency. Besides improving acting skills, Aki and the others have also developed in their singing too. Each of them has finally discovered their befitting type of voices and they have figured out what genre they would like to sing. Other than that, their academic performances were astoundingly promising. The semester has not ended yet, but Nami and Matsu have been offered recommendation by their teachers due to their excellence. As for the juniors, they were inspired to follow Nami and Matsu’s footsteps so that they could enrol into Takaishi Vocational School by recommendation too.Bookmark here

Ishi and Tori could breathe in relax. The members of The Seiyuu Club had no problem in dealing with their demands. Even though the schedule was rearranged and compacted, they could still study diligently and strived in their studies, which amazed Tori. As the one living with Aki and Mura, he was fully aware that those two usually studied at night. They have familiarized themselves with the schedule after they found their own pace. Bookmark here

So what if their voice was altered once they hit puberty? They would only need to find their appropriate voices back, and hone it to their fullest. Tori liked seeing Aki and Mura attempted on backing each other up. The willingness in Mura to share his knowledge despite being a professional voice actor, and Aki’s perseverance to continuously learn how to become an established voice actor, were unexpected to Tori, but he still liked their enthusiasm.Bookmark here

Both Aki and Mura were particularly ready to show their talent to the public. Bookmark here

The third-years stood with a microphone and its stand between them in front of everyone to demonstrate their song. They sang the same song, which enabled them to appear together in the video. The juniors sitting on the floor were cheering for them, even Ishi the video recorder and Tori the director. After ensuring the camcorder was located relevantly, Ishi signaled Tori to start the direction. Bookmark here

“If Nami-senpai and Matsu-senpai feel uncomfortable with your masks, or you sense it about to fall, feel free to inform immediately,” Tori reminded them. Bookmark here

Kaji and Shimo took out their respective mobile phones to record them singing too, while Taku settled down cosily on his cushion. Only Taku bought a cushion in advance so that he would not hurt his buttock, which made Kaji and Shimo jealous of his readiness. They, and the first-years, could only cover the floor beneath them with a large cardboard.Bookmark here

“In 3, 2, 1, start!” Simultaneously Ishi pressed a button on the camcorder. Bookmark here

The small screen in it displayed various symbols, and the blinking red dot denoted that the recording has begun. As told by Tori, Nami and Matsu would start singing three seconds after Ishi launched the recording. Tori would play the off-vocal song, hence the three seconds interval was to allow the music to slip in smoothly. Kaji and Shimo squealed in excitement, while Taku, Aki and Mura watched them with wide grins. Bookmark here

Treacherous Sunset by Theatre Brook (Wave and Wood, cover version)Bookmark here

(Nami/Wave) A treacherous sunset,Bookmark here

Mingles sweat into your worries,Bookmark here

Hoping to cut through it,Bookmark here

A machine roars as if it’s singing.Bookmark here

(Matsu/Wood) Blow up louder,Bookmark here

The silent fairy is there,Bookmark here

Blow up louder,Bookmark here

Your atonement is in the fragments of a familiar love.Bookmark here

Nami and Matsu kicked off pretty well. They received silent cheers by the juniors, especially by Kaji and Shimo, the normally high spirited ones. Ishi and Tori exchanged look and thumbed up to each other. Bookmark here

(Nami and Matsu/Wave and Wood) Ah, the morning sun rises,Bookmark here

Between the buildings,Bookmark here

You can change if you believeBookmark here

The future isn’t meaningless.Bookmark here

Ah, the morning sun rises,Bookmark here

Piercing through the darkness,Bookmark here

You can see it if you feel,Bookmark here

Your dream isn’t meaningless.Bookmark here

They kept on singing until the end of the song. Both possessed baritone, which luckily enabled them to sing most songs Ishi and Tori have picked. Their previous covers on Utube received amazing response by people internationally. They were given positive comments and they already had their own fans despite the mysterious appearance Ishi has arranged to let them stay hidden. Treacherous Sunset was their third cover. Bookmark here

Nami and Matsu finished their singing gloriously. They headed out from the platform to give space for Kaji, Shimo and Taku to present their performance too. The eagerness on Mura’s facial intrigued Matsu. Bookmark here

“Why do you look so excited?” Matsu asked with his hand picking up Taku’s cushion. Bookmark here

“The song they’re going to sing is my favorite!” Mura stated, almost shrieking. “It’s originally sang by my favorite Japanese band!”Bookmark here

Flower by Orange Range (Tashikani, cover version)Bookmark here

(Kaji/Ka) Amidst us scattering like flower petals,Bookmark here

It was a dream-like miracle that I met you,Bookmark here

(Tashikani/Taku, Shimo, Kaji) We love each other, we fight,Bookmark here

We climb over all sorts of walls together,Bookmark here

If I’m reborn, I’ll be a flower by your side.Bookmark here

(Shimo/Shi) Will this sun be above us forever?Bookmark here

Will I be able to protect you forever?Bookmark here

Your expressions of you cry, laugh, and angry,Bookmark here

If everything is going to fade one day,Bookmark here

We should appreciate each other more,Bookmark here

That time, that place, when that miracle occurred,Bookmark here

It will bring about another miracle.Bookmark here

(Taku/Ta) Becoming stronger by loving one,Bookmark here

Overcoming things by believing in one,Bookmark here

The things you left are still in my heart,Bookmark here

See, without ever losing its shine,Bookmark here

I feel blessed for meeting you,Bookmark here

For bringing back my smile,Bookmark here

I continue to walk holding close to this emotion of “Thank you”.Bookmark here

Aki and Mura sang along without letting out their voice. Nami and Matsu flung their arms along the song. They enjoyed Tashikani’s performance till the end, and they immediately applauded once Ishi announced the stopped recording. They fist bumped with Nami and Matsu and settled down to watch Aki and Mura’s turn. Bookmark here

“Suddenly I feel nauseous,” Aki whined, pressing his stomach to hold in the sensation. Bookmark here

“Said the one who has the most views among us all,” Mura nudged at Aki jokingly. “Your voice is magnificent, that’s why you could grow your own fans!”Bookmark here

“Said the actual professional one among us all,” Aki whispered audibly to Mura. Mura warned him to stop mentioning that, or the others might know his identity.Bookmark here

Tori wrote something in his notebook, while Ishi was setting up a recorder. For Aki and Mura, he would not record their faces because it would trigger curiosity of the mass media which chased after Mura and his personal life. At the same time, he could avoid Aki from being exposed to his parents. To fix that, Ishi would just put still pictures for Aki and Mura’s song covers.Bookmark here

Aki and Mura were not a group like Tashikani or a duo like Wave and Wood. They were individual utaite, but agreed for a collaboration. Ishi could not guess how Mura’s schedule would be in the future, therefore combining his singing with Aki was to speed up the process. Bookmark here

Harehare Ya by Flower (cover version by Luruh and Yumi)Bookmark here

(Mura/Yumi) As I get lost in the city at night,Bookmark here

I take an impure and random stroll,Bookmark here

Where did you come from? How shabby,Bookmark here

Hey, come over here and I’ll warm you up.Bookmark here

Up until now, we’ve kept at it, right?Bookmark here

Why don’t we take a break around here?Bookmark here

Why don’t we have a nice, slow chat?Bookmark here

(Aki/Luruh) For now, this night gives me peace of mind,Bookmark here

The snow erased our footprints,Bookmark here

And my voice was terribly pained,Bookmark here

It’s dry and parched.Bookmark here

In the distance, a fox cries out,Bookmark here

Seeming as if it were searching for us,Bookmark here

I softly held my breath,Bookmark here

Let’s keep on going, just like this.Bookmark here

Once Aki and Mura have finished their song, the seniors applauded in excitement. As usual, their supportiveness relieved Aki and Mura because both of them retrieved more views on Utube compared to Tashikani or Wave and Wood. Ishi and Tori discussed at one corner, meanwhile the other took a break and dispersed to their own destination – Toilets, vending machines, classrooms, etc. Bookmark here

“Let’s hang out this weekend!” Bookmark here

Everyone eyed Ishi in disbelief. Ever since they have begun the schedule Ishi and Tori have arranged for them, they could barely enjoy themselves like other students. Neither Ishi nor Tori hindered them to play and such, but they have set their mind to focus and be firm of this schedule. Therefore, they would have some fun during practice instead.Bookmark here

However, Ishi’s invitation was splendid though rare.Bookmark here

“It’s shocking because you’re the one suggesting it!” Mura exclaimed whilst frantically pointed at Ishi. “Why, out of the blue?”Bookmark here

Ishi sneered. “Isn’t it good? We can release stress from continuous practices and studying. Besides, I heard there are non-Tokyo among us. So what if we go sightseeing and show them around?”Bookmark here

Tashikani and Wave and Wood cheered in unison as an agreement. Tori and Aki exchanged glances and burst to laughter. They were contented because even in between compactness, Ishi thought of them. He was right – Never ever once they set foot on the city from their first day in Shibuya. Bookmark here

It was summer, and the scorching sun literally burned their skin. Aki and Tori were well-prepared with their caps and foldable umbrellas in their backpack. They also had mineral water, portable hand fans, and bottles of sunblock as if they were going to stay overnight somewhere away. The Seiyuu Club dressed lightly for better ventilation, plus they have planned a trip around Harajuku for the entire day. Bookmark here

“I’ve informed my parents, and they permitted me. How strange.”Bookmark here

Those two friends were waiting for the other club members. In the meantime, they tried reading the train map on the wall. Frowns and furrows decorated their expression. Both of them were unable to decipher the map appropriately. Because of their routine of pretending as Mura, they did the same whenever they went out, therefore Mura was not there with them.Bookmark here

“Maybe they’re understanding you, Aki.”Bookmark here

Aki had the urge to pinch in the physical map on the wall. He has mistaken it as a touchable screen to zoom the image or such. Tori chirped in disbelief. “For real, Aki? That’s clearly a map, and you were trying to zoom it in?”Bookmark here

“I can’t help it! The smallest detail may help us!” Aki lamented. Bookmark here

“Then, you can just rely on us.”Bookmark here

The remaining members of The Seiyuu Club have finally arrived safe and sound, even Mura and Ishi. Mura dressed up normally on that day, much different compared to the way he was during their first encounter. Ishi preferred simple T-shirt and jeans, the same as Nami, Matsu, Kaji, Shimo and Taku. It was surprising that they arrived at the same time. Bookmark here

“Let’s go!”Bookmark here

They boarded the train on Yamanote Line towards Harajuku Station on the northern. Harajuku, an area which was the centre of teenage cultures and fashion styles. Harajuku was located in between Shibuya and Shinjuku, but they could estimate the time consumed just by strolling around there, hence Shinjuku would be visited in their next trip. Several tourist spots would be their destination there, and Yoyogi Park was one in the bucket list. Even from the train station, they could see a vast greenish oasis, and the building of Meiji Jingu came to sight. Bookmark here

“We’ll visit these places later,” Ishi told them while the train has stopped at Harajuku Station. “We’ll stroll along Takeshita Dori and if we have plentiful time, we will go to Omotesando too. Along the sightseeing, we will buy food or any relatable stuff for picnic, and we will rest at Yoyogi Park.”Bookmark here

The whole group cheered in excitement, including Aki, Tori and Mura. Ishi was believably reliable when it came to deliberate planning. They walked together like a flock of birds, happily chit chatting and entered the area named Takeshita Dori.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Without them noticing, another character of this novel was tailing them from behind.Bookmark here

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