Chapter 28:

Chapter 28: Journey in Harajuku

Becoming A Seiyuu? I'm In!

Takeshita Dori, Harajuku’s iconic main street where located just steps away from Harajuku Station. It was generally full of people especially teens to get inexpensive clothes, accessories, make-ups, and food. Takeshita Dori was basically a paradise to mostly otaku since everyone could see costume players displaying their handwork on the street. No one was going to mock no matter how creative one could be with his or her fashion.Bookmark here

As non-Tokyo folks, Aki and Tori could not really hold their gaping mouth. Mura and Ishi shook head at their atrociousness, as if they have entered a heaven. Honestly, they practically stepped into one, of fashion and cheap stuffs. Large-scales stores such as Daiso or make-up drugstore were spotted everywhere, but the most heart captivating part was the shops lined on both street sides selling diversity of attire and accessories. Bookmark here

“Several notable fashion can be seen here. You can get cute clothes here, beside other fashion like gothic, Lolita, the combination of gothic and Lolita, and punk,” Ishi acted as a tour guide. Mura at his side nodded to Ishi’s description, while the other members of The Seiyuu Club have already stopped by one of the shops. “If you look for more branded stuffs, we will visit Omotesando after this.”Bookmark here

No response by Aki and Tori because they were too engrossed scanning around Takeshita Dori. The street was around 400 meter long, which meant they would require more than one hour to complete the entire route. Nami and Matsu entered Daiso, a 100-yen large store. Meanwhile, Kaji, Shimo and Taku visited Le Ponte, an open-air market. Bookmark here

The first-years could not make up their mind because Takeshita Dori literally a heaven itself, and walking along it was already a blessing conspicuously to Aki and Tori. Therefore, they just strode leisurely and stopped by any stores coming to the view. Bookmark here

“Do you come to Harajuku often, Mura-san?” Tori asked to break the silence engulfing them. A paradoxical silence. Bookmark here

Mura grinned ear to ear. “I seldom come here. I think, around five to seven times in my whole life for now, including today.”Bookmark here

“Eh?” Aki slightly shocked and ogled. “Aren’t you a local at Shibuya?” Bookmark here

“Yeah. But, apparently my parents don’t let me go too often. You see, crowds are everywhere. You could barely escape. My parents always get worried of me being missing or kidnapped,” Mura picked a keychain and squeaked over its cuteness, “Today’s outing is a secret though.”Bookmark here

Ishi was skimming over the shop they were in to find stuff he could invest to when he noticed another customer was looking at them. He was not sure whether the customer was a boy or girl, telling from the way s/he wrapped him/herself in black-and-white striped shirt, three-quarter pants, knee-levelled pair of socks, checked sneakers, and dark-blue mask. Even from his/her hairstyle, Ishi could barely figure out if it was a he or she. Bookmark here

Somehow, Ishi could not ignore this customer though the shop was not his to begin with. It was just that he was fully aware of Mura’s identity, and he was worried if s/he could actually detect who Yumi (Mura) actually was. They have been absconding from the truth since the beginning of their first year as Bushida Academy, hence he would not let such mistake ruin their effort. Bookmark here

“Let’s go to another shop,” Once he spotted the mysterious customer looking away from them, he quickly swept Aki, Tori and Mura out of the current shop they were in. Without notifying them about his/her presence, Ishi dragged them to another clothing shop. Bookmark here

The three guys were clueless but they just comprehended it as Ishi trying to shorten the time so that they could meet up with the seniors at Takeshita exit. Furthermore, they have not come by most shop since they tended to spend a lot of time in one individual shop. The first-years proceed their strolls, with the extra cautious Ishi guarding them from behind. His tallness could aid the inspection so that he could detect the presence of someone suspicious approaching them. Bookmark here

“Let’s go to ALTA!” Mura huffed and pumped his fists in the air. “I want to buy Disney stuffed toys!”Bookmark here

“Are you planning to buy more stuffed toys? The ones you’re having have flooded the entire display room!” Aki grunted. It was not messy since Mura prioritized neatness and meticulous cleaning, but the sight of big round eyes staring at him back was a lot more terrifying than the cuteness. Bookmark here

Mura leant his back against Aki, teasing him badly. “I want to buy one and put in your room so that you will get up early. Each time you open your eyes, the first thing come into your view is the toy!” Bookmark here

Tori and Ishi guffawed at Aki’s fright as they were exposed of it on one Sunday last time. He was fearful of stuffed toys because of the eyes, which verified why he did not keep one at home. Somehow they passed by a souvenir shop and medium-sized stuffed toys were dangling at the entrance. Mura jokingly fetched on of them and shoved its face right at Aki’s nose, frightening the latter to the extent that he stumbled on his own foot. Bookmark here

Eventually, Aki lost his balance and shrieked in panic when his body toppled over. His humiliation elevated after he realized he has fallen by feet of someone unrecognizable. His back of head bumped to that someone’s checked shoes, halting the latter’s strides. Bookmark here

“We’re so sorry!” Tori bowed at the unknown person for an apology. “It was our fault to bother you.”Bookmark here

Mura bowed too, but not Ishi. He froze with his eyes fixated at the person. He knew it! It was the same person watching them during their visit in the previous shop. He assisted Aki to get up and hurriedly rushed everyone to leave the scene, without Aki had the chance to bow for apology as well. Bookmark here

While they were getting further from that person, Ishi at times turned to see whether they were followed or not. Ensuring that the person failed to tail them, he breathed in relief and sighed. Aki, Tori and Mura definitely did not grasp the situation due to the obliviousness. Bookmark here

“What happened, Ishi?” Tori asked, half panting and shaking knees. They literally half ran from that person. “It’s like you’re avoiding someone.”Bookmark here

The weekend was supposed to be blithely joyful for them, but the existence of a stalker like that mysterious guy intimidated them. Even if Mura was not a professional, anyone would feel scare over his unnecessary presence. Ishi contemplated on divulging, but the second time he reconsidered, he might be able to avoid that guy in the future thanks to his distinctive fashion. Hence, he just kept it all to himself.Bookmark here

“Well, I just avoid the crowd,” Ishi replied monotonously. “I’m thirsty. Shall we go eat?”Bookmark here

“Yes, we should!” Aki cheered and clapped hands with Mura. “I’m hungry!” he patted his growling stomach. Bookmark here

Fortunately, they have arrived in front of one of the famous restaurant in Harajuku; Wendy. It was not even lunch, but they already wanted heavy meal which pictured how hungry they were. Moreover, Wendy was just across ALTA store, the shopping center Mura wished to go to. Bookmark here

Each of them bought their own lunch set and opted a table set to eat cozily. They were munching appetizingly as Ishi noticed the mysterious person walking pass Wendy. He promptly stiffened himself with his stuffed mouth, intrigued Mura as the one sitting in front of him. Mura trailed the direction of Ishi’s blank stare and perceived nothing or no one, thus he snapped his finger to startle the latter.Bookmark here

“What have gotten into you, Ishi?” Mura raised an eyebrow, denoting his bewilderment. “You’re acting weirdly ever from the shops.”Bookmark here

Aki gulped his chewed portion in his mouth before nodding to Mura’s assumption. “You’re, like, panicking, over something we don’t know. Are you hiding something from us, Ishi?”Bookmark here

It was obvious that Ishi could not hide his anxious after he realized they were followed. Unsure of where the guy appeared from, the only thing mattered to Ishi was to protect Mura from becoming attraction. Mura just wanted to act as normal as he could, and that even drove him to go out without requesting for consent either from the company (Fuyu-san) or his parents. In order to strive that, Ishi and the collaboration of Aki and Tori, should secure Mura at the safest point. Bookmark here

“There’s someone tailing us,” After skimming around Wendy to avoid unwanted presence of third party, Ishi ducked his head. The others followed his deed. “He’s the one Aki accidentally fell over.”Bookmark here

Tori frowned at Ishi’s hypothesis, and was about to decline the opinion when he remembered something. Mura! “That someone tailed us, or Mura-san?Bookmark here

Hearing his name was mentioned out of the blue, Mura flinched. “What’s with me?”Bookmark here

“It is logic if at least one of those reporters discovered our tactical escapism after months of execution,” Ishi bit his burger little by little so that he could talk and munch in synch. “We shouldn’t get separated with the seniors. Our circle was shrinking, thus enabling that guy to detect us much easier.”Bookmark here

“Usually it would be more difficult for predator if preys separated ways, but this is the contrary,” Tori propped his chin, thinking thoroughly, “By moving in small group like we’re doing right now, it’s clearer that he’s following us. If he wanted to get our seniors, he shouldn’t be around.”Bookmark here

Ishi thumbed up at Tori’s deduction. “Exactly. I first saw his staring at you guys, rather intensely. I was intrigued to find out what his purpose was, but I couldn’t let him get near us either. The best way is to run away as far as we can, and meet up with the seniors.”Bookmark here

Aki and Mura gulped. Their weekend was supposed to be cheerful and exciting. They have already anticipated themselves in cute clothes, tasty food, and relaxing calmness, despite the sunny weather. This stalker issue has become a hot topic – much hotter than the summer. They quietly finished their meal and exited Wendy simultaneously with that uncanny person coming out of ALTA. They even collided gazes!Bookmark here

“Run!” Bookmark here

One-word declaration by Ishi lingered across Takeshita Dori, and the four of them sprinted in various direction in split seconds. They did not really know where they should head to. All they thought of was to flee from that guy as fast as their feet could. Unfortunately, the guy sped up straightaway towards Aki’s direction.Bookmark here

“Why is he chasing after me?” Aki raved in mixed dissatisfaction and troubled. Mura did not follow him from behind, so there was nothing to obtain from him. Then why did this psycho dash towards him instead? Bookmark here

The crowd along Takeshita Dori did not help them from slipping through. Aki and the guy stuck in huge traffic, in front of Calbee premise. They even nearly bumped into a kid holding a cup of Jagarico, Calbee’s most popular snack. Somehow, the guy manageably grabbed on Aki’s shirt and tugged him backward, instantly stopping him from running. Bookmark here

Both Aki and the guy rolled on the tarred pedestrian lane, causing ruckus to the crowd as some of them happened to witness such plummet. Aki and the guy panted for fresh air, huffing and puffing in exhaustion. Throbs in his head must mean that he has knocked his head somewhere while rolling on the road.Bookmark here

“Who… are you?” despite the difficulty to breathe, Aki put some of his remaining strength to inquire the guy. “Why did you… follow us?”Bookmark here

The guy was recomposing his own breathing pace. A crowd has encircled them in the middle, and Aki could barely distinguish every voices penetrating through his eardrums. The blinding sunlight curbed his sight, yet he could hear someone among the mass people helping them. Bookmark here

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