Chapter 9:

Discord, tell me more

Little green apocalypse

Part.1 – Happy event

Several days have passed since we spoke of the past.

I can walk normally again. My body no longer seems to have strange spasms.

No loss of strength since this morning, I think I’m healed.

It’s late so I went to the terrace. I wanted to see the outside…

No. I just wanted to look at the moon.

The night sky fascinates me.

As much as I know, the sun contributes to our vitality. But there’s something hypnotizing, calming about the moon.

I love looking at this starry sky without having to worry about the rest of the world.

I imagine the fate of every star I see…

It takes me a long time to finish.

Once I stayed too long and fell asleep in the early hours of the morning.

I dreamed that someone would come down to show me fantastic things, new things.

This world is full of things I have only seen in books. Every day is a new discovery.

Especially since the view from here is very wide.

… It would have taken me a while to get through all of this.

Hiko told me that we say city, not village.

He also told me it was a building, not a big house.

He taught me a lot of things during the time we had to stay here.

But it’s time to go.

We wasted enough time because of me.

Tomorrow morning, we are heading for my house.

There should be letters of papers coming from the lab.

This track should be sufficient.

And in case I can’t remember where to go…

Hiko told me he could dig into my recent memories.

I must admit that the development of his power scares me a bit…

But I don’t think I can do anything about that, right now.

Okay, I’ve flirted with the sky enough.

I’m going to rest.

Our legend resumes.


I didn’t sleep enough…

I was too excited.

The urge was too strong.


Move, body.

My clothes…

Maybe I should put less.

Hot days are coming.

And it still hasn’t rained.

… When I get tired when I get up…

I stretch myself! It has the merit of waking up my body.

I hope Hiko is awake.

I will not accept any delay!

… Well, unless he’s really tired.


Soon Hiko will control my thoughts…

… But not in a good way!

Anyway, is there any good choice between the two of them?!

Why talking about him drives me crazy in the morning…

I hope he’s not awake…


Go away, conflicting thoughts!

My physical body is perfectly healthy, but I have the impression that my other body is upset…

This week was filled with a lot of emotions.

Much more than I have had to put up with before.

… It will get better over time.

At least, I hope.


He’s sleeping.

“Wake up.”

… No reaction.

He breathes

If he’s breathing, he’s not dead.


His head is so calm when he sleeps.

It changes from his livid expression, or the playful one.

Or the serious one when he tells me that I must rest…

I’m not sure a man needs more sleep than a woman does.

These days he used to get up before me. I used to go to bed later than him, so I guess there shouldn’t be a difference.

What can I do?

I can let him sleep.

I’ll take his hand.

In the books I read, it seemed to have a calming effect on the sleeping person.

I knew it.

You knew I was going to notice it.

You felt it that day.

I knew something was wrong.

Do you want me to not notice?

Why didn’t you tell me?

You didn’t want me to worry.

I know you noticed it.

That’s why your sleep is that heavy.

You didn’t eliminate my corruption, you just absorbed it…

The counterpart in energy… It was surely to be able to eliminate it.




Let me sleep a bit with you…

Just two minutes…

“Eh! Lyre!”


“Ah… Less loud…”

“What do you want, idiot Hiko?”

“What is that?”


… Eh?


Where did this flower come from?!

“Uh… uh….”

“I… I don’t know…”

Did I create a flower?!

While I was sleeping?!

Ah! I need some soil.

But she’s quite small…

I need a big pot! I don’t know this flower, maybe she doesn’t like closed spaces.

Where can I find this?!

No, time out.

How was this flower born?

It never did that to me while I was asleep.

“Why were you sleeping with me?”

“Eh? Uh, I didn’t want to wake you up…”



“Holding my hand?”



I just wanted you to sleep better!

“I wanted to…”

“… I get it, don’t worry.”

“Ah. Thanks for the thought, but you shouldn’t be doing this.”


“I already noticed, you didn’t…”

“It’s my burden. You don’t have to worry.”

“But there’s a way to purge this corruption! You just have to absorb what it’s affiliated with.”

“The extra energy allows you to make sure that what you take in evaporates, and you won’t have to suffer as a result.”

“But… I meant that…”

“… You know a lot more that you let appear.”



“I know it’s my fault, this power isn’t yours.”

“I transmitted it to you without wanting to…”

Like this ‘reader’ of my thoughts.

“But promise me you won’t let yourself die on purpose!”

“Otherwise, I’ll lock you up in my ivy.”

“… I’ll just have to drain their energy.”

“Yes. It will counteract the negative effect.”

It breaks my heart to see plants die like this, but it if can save him…

“I got it, I got it. It wasn’t my goal anyway.”


“This flower.”


“You created it, right?”

“I think so.”

“This is the first time this has happened…”

Create a plant from nothing.

I didn’t even think it was possible.

This is theoretically… Possible.

But that doesn’t make sense. Not like this.

“… I see.”

“You were holding my hand, right?”


“… So, let’s say it’s our flower.”

“She’s the one that is the bond between us.”

“… Take good care, I don’t think I can do it myself.”


“… Thank you!”


… I ran away.

Look at the flower

Our bond.

I must cherish her… Protect this bond.

Part.2 – New Life, New Start


As know as ‘the World Tree’.

Certainly, the most famous plant. Both for its significance and his graceful look.

A tree connecting the universes, just that.

How big should such a tree be?

I wish I could have seen it up close…

Unfortunately, I don’t know if it ever existed.

At least, physically.

I wonder if It’s really possible to connect the worlds with a plant.

This could be the subject of my next research…

Morning awake. We left, retracing our steps.

Hiko left a grave behind, made with the means at hand.

But I think Lean will appreciate the feeling.

Next step: My house.

I’ll take the opportunity to change my clothes… Theses ones are way too warm.

No Hypno-plants in sight, our journey is peaceful.

Say Hiko, are you sure of the way?

I don’t remember going through there to come…

“I know the surroundings. And thanks to your memory, I can make a memory map of where you have been… We just have to go back up.”

“This city is big, but it’s not a megalopolis. What might take us a while is getting to your village…”

“If there’s such a big city here, it can’t be that close.”

… This is true.

I had to walk for two to three days to get to town.

Even if it only took us a day for the crossing, it would take us altogether, at least half a week.

Maybe I should have taken more water…

I imagine there must be a river somewhere, if something goes wrong.

“Besides, why did you leave home so covered?”

“… You have to know to prepare for extreme conditions.”

“It’s easier to cool down than to warm up your body.”

“So, I took the second option.”

“Now, if a blizzard occurs, I will not risk anything.”

“… With such heat, I honestly don’t think it will ever happen.”


“Besides, you told me about your brother’s dream, but what was yours?”


“I wanted to become a teacher.”

“Teach others about knowledge, culture and human value.”

“We were in a world that seemed to be struggling to acquire all of them.”

“It’s true that these are complicated concepts, but the easiest to understand is human value.”

“With these one, we could communicate with care with our interlocutor…”

“At least, it’s an idealism… An idealism that I will never realize…”

“Kind of like your dream of immortality.”

“… I don’t want to be immortal.”

“I want a protective plant to be.”

“When I’m gone, she’ll take my place.”

“I want my will to be passed on.”

“No matter how selfish this wish is, I will do everything to make it happen.”

“I don’t want to be a figure for this world, I don’t want my existence held back. I just want to protect the world that made me grow up.”

“… But yeah, that’s an unrealizable wish, right?”

The problems of this world would already be solved if that was possible, right?

… I think.

Time passes.

And the place is still strangely empty.

“Not tired?”

“No, I’m okay. We can continue.”

“But we will still have to think about taking a break, at one point.”

… What are we supposed to discuss at these times?

I don’t know what Hiko likes.

I don’t want to talk to him about things that don’t interest him...

“A subject that interests me?”

Ah… I forgot.

“… Yes.”

“Let’s see…”

“I like history, science and music.”


It’s true that it does exist.

The world is sad without music…

We hear the void, the wind hitting obstacles and pebbles rolling on the ground.

“I have music at home, but I don’t know if you will like it.”

“Everything will please me, as long as it gets out of this soundless cage.”

… So much the better.


“Scientific subjects, like Einstein, black hole and time travel?”

“I’m not sure about the last one… But yes.”

“If time travel really existed, I think we’ll be capable of both the best and the worst.”

“Most importantly, it would disrupt the rules of the universe.”

“Anyway, to be able to realize it’s something else…”

“It’s possible.”

“I’m sure of it.”

“I don’t think it’s possible for a human to physically go back in time, but I’m sure it’s possible to do it another way.”

“A lot has been discovered about the universe, but some things remain unclear.”

“Yes, it’s not that simple.”

“Maybe the universe is not that big, but the perception of emptiness in space is altered.”

“Or even that our perception is not adapted.”

“Well, there were a lot of different theories. Scientists seem to take pleasure in disentangling the truth from the theory.”

“Maybe they’ll just be relics from the old days.”

“If people have really all been transformed…”

“Then humanity will have to start from scratch.”


“Mankind will have to repopulate itself.”

“Yes, it’s true.”

Even though I don’t know how we can do this.



“Why are you looking me like that?”

“You don’t know?”

“No, I don’t know.”


“You’re more naïve than I thought.”

“Why this expression of disdain?!”

“Tell me. I don’t like it when you look at me like that.”

“… I don’t think I could look at your mother straight in the eyes if I told you how.”

“Besides, she didn’t want you to study that stuff, right?”


That stuff?

What did mom forbid me…?

No power used inside a house. Or something else.

No power in front of others.

No research on male humans.

“I know, I got it.”

“If I touch you somewhere specific, you’re going to create a new life.”

That’s why you were so panicked when I was in your bed.


What is that expression of disgust?!

“Why do you seem to be in so much pain?!”

“I said something stupid, is that it?! All right, I’m sorry. Let’s keep walking.”

Fool, idiot, next to nothing, corrupt…


I hate myself.

“Excuse me for that.”


“Other girls clearly wouldn’t have apologized if they were you, haha.”

“People usually have oversized egos. But you, you put yourself down and end up telling yourself it’s your own fault.”

“Now it wasn’t, I should apologize.”

“But… Talking about that… It’s quite embarrassing.”

… Embarrassing?

I’m intrigued…

What’s embarrassing…?

… Is it related to that?

Should I be racking my brains as much about this?

… Yes! It will necessarily be useful for my creations.

I mean, my plants.

There’s a way I can get information from him…

Let’s try by starting over with historical subjects.

… But how am I supposed to do it?!

Ah… Mom, I curse you!

“Uh… Nice weather, isn’t it?”


It doesn’t work!

“Do you mind that much?”


“… What a serious face all of sudden.”

“The same face you wear before I jumped…”


“I don’t think it’s my job to teach you… I can give you a hint though. This is the kind of thing that’s more for people in love.”

“And we’re not a loving couple, are we?”

“When the time will come, you’ll know.”

… That doesn’t answer my question.

I will have the answer soon enough anyway.

“Flowered! Sister of a thousand moons and shore of a time. Contemplate your Mother Earth across the oceans.”

… Oh!

She’s much taller than usual!

My power progressed.

We spent the day walking with Hiko. The sun has now set.

So, I begin my ritual of plant sacralization.

I hope that doesn’t sound like the rite of a strange cult.

I just want…

I just want to see them grow up.

See them evolve.

This evolution is accompanied by grace and beauty.

I love my plants.

“… Start by loving yourself.”

“Why do you say that?”

“… I’m sorry for… your hole?”

“My hole?”

“Yes, the one that was done when your chest was pierced.”

“I saw it when I brought you back.”

“But strangely, I say that because you are quite a suicidal person.”

Look who’s talking.

“… I didn’t sacrifice myself to save someone.”

“I thank you for saving me, but miracles don’t happen twice.”

“There were twenty floors, Lyre. That’s the equivalent of over sixty meters.”

“Fortunately, today we didn’t have to face any enemies.”

… The streets were deserted and lifeless. It was pretty scary.

“But I’m sure you’d have to try some crazy things again. I don’t know the extent of your power, but I can see that growing this flower took a lot of your energy.”


“… All your energy?”

“… Well…”

“I have to give my all to change their growth sequence… So that takes a lot of my energy.”

“Do you have to do this?”


“… I’m not sure that’s the correct answer.”

“But listen, this is one way to develop my power and, watch! Don’t you feel intimidated by his greatness?!”

“… No.”

“You lie!”

“You’re not the one reading my thoughts!”


“It’s not negotiable, I will continue to do this every night.”

I’ll just have to find other flowers to replace them.

*Sigh*… Do as you like, but avoid putting us in unnecessary danger.”

“You have to sleep to regain your power, right?”

“I believe.”

“How can someone so powerful be so uncertain…”

“I’m not powerful…”

“I’m normal.”

“I’m an ordinary person, I don’t have the power to transform the world back to how it was before, now. But my plan is to make it happens. Don’t see me as an overpowered person. I’m weak… And I know it. Even so, I’m trying to get strong.”

“You don’t have to chain yourself to this. You have to become strong too. You have the power. You can restore this world to its former glory.”


“You never really lived in our world, did you, Lyre?”

“The world… The society in which we live… At least lived…”

“It was just a harbinger of impending disaster.”

“We chased a semblance of equality. Our world was on the brink of precipice.”

“It was a fight against time. Every second was precious to discover the miracle solution for mankind…”

“Ultimately, those hopes were dashed.”


“People make mistakes.”

“It’s okay to make mistakes… Everyone does, even animals.”

“The hard part is learning from these mistakes.”

“Learn from those mistakes. Lift the head and move on.”

“Everyone has a dream.”

“It’s this dream that gives birth to hope. And it’s this hope that feeds our envy every day.”

“I would never have met you if I hadn’t made up my mind to save the world.”

“… It might have been better like this.”

“If this disaster hadn’t happened, I would never have to met you.”

“And maybe my life would have continued, locked between those walls.”

“Life is filled with surprises. Destinies intertwine without ever stopping.”

“But I’m glad to have met you.”


“If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have understood what danger I was heading towards.”

“But thanks to you, reality caught me up just in time.”

“I will be eternally grateful to you.”

“… Me too.”

“Without you, I would most certainly be dead today.”

“I don’t think I would have had the mental strength to accept the death of my whole family.”


“Glad there’s a common goal in this case.”

“Rest well, I won’t be holding your hand this time.”

“… Idiot, of course I’ll sleep peacefully.”

Good night.

You’re responsible.

This is your existence.

Your resilience…

These are the ones that brought this world to its destruction.


Who are you?!

You upset the balance.

This explosion should have killed you.

How did you manage to…-?!


Restore the balance.

What are you saying?

Restore the balance.

I didn’t do anything.

Restore the balance.

It wasn’t me…

Restore the balance.

Get out of my head!





“Calm down, Lyre!”







“It’s just me, calm down.”


“… I believe that…”

“This is a nightmare…”

“I… I’m sorry.”

“I wanted to chase something…”

“I wanted to chase something out of my head.”

… I’m shaking.

I can’t help it.

This thing…

It was scary.

What was that?

Who it was?

Was it really a person…, Or just a dream?

I’m scared…

“It’ll be okay.”


My breathing calms down…

I can control myself again… Everything is fine.

“That’s all right…”


“Did you say something?”

“… No.”

Keep hugging me.

That’s what I want.

I’m happy to be alive.