Chapter 83:


The Children of Eris

A second passed as slowly as a millennium.Bookmark here

She heard everything David had said, she had seen his armour form and every word he’d spoken had stabbed into her soul, but Kella’s mind couldn’t process it.Bookmark here

She wanted to deny it.Bookmark here

She wanted to call him a liar.Bookmark here

She wanted to doubt him, but she didn’t.Bookmark here

Kella knew that he was telling the truth.Bookmark here

Another world.Bookmark here

Eris.Bookmark here

The Demon Emperor.Bookmark here

Responsible for the Great Disaster.Bookmark here

…Responsible for Connor, Alisa and Tiergan’s deaths.Bookmark here

Her thoughts echoed in her fragmented, heartbroken mind.Bookmark here

The man she loved, the man she’d given her first time to, the man who she cared about above all else, was responsible for ruining her life.Bookmark here

The pain she felt in that moment of realisation could never properly be described with words.Bookmark here

And yet, there was something else that stuck in her mind.Bookmark here

Why…do you look like you’re in so much pain?Bookmark here

For a minute, Kella didn’t say anything.Bookmark here

Then, she slowly stood up and put her head up against the wall.Bookmark here

“…You…killed them?” She asked.Bookmark here

“…Yes,” David said.Bookmark here

“…Why?”Bookmark here

“…Because I’d never killed before and…I could never be what Eris needed me to be if I didn’t learn to kill.”Bookmark here

Kella began to shake. “…Why…do you need to be like that…for her?”Bookmark here

“Because…if I don’t become the Demon Emperor, Eris she’ll…she’ll kill my family.”Bookmark here

Kella’s eyes widened and she ground her teeth.Bookmark here

“…You took…my family…all those people at Black Port’s family…to save yours?”Bookmark here

David took a deep breath; then, remorsefully, said, “Yes.”Bookmark here

“…You resurrected Karak-Harth and sent his army to Themis?”Bookmark here

“…Yes.”Bookmark here

“…Were you going to take part in the battle tomorrow?”Bookmark here

“I was…with a different army. We’d hit Themis at the same time as the undead on the other side of the city.”Bookmark here

Kella’s lips twisted into a bitter smile and she shook her head. “…How many people have you killed?”Bookmark here

“…I only ever personally killed Connor and his friends.”Bookmark here

Kella forced her eyes closed and brought her hand up to her face to dry them. “Teriscant, Black Port, the murders in Stonefall and Goddess knows what else…you ordered them all?”Bookmark here

“…Yes.”Bookmark here

Kella sobbed a little and covered her mouth with her hand, letting the tears fall freely to the floor. “Tens of thousands…for what, two, three people’s lives?” She began to laugh sadly as she hit her forehead gently against the stonewall. “I fell for a man who’s killed so many people?”Bookmark here

“You make it sound like I had a choice.”Bookmark here

“Didn’t you?” Kella shot back, glaring ferociously at him. “You didn’t have to do it, did you?”Bookmark here

“If I didn’t act like a proper Demon Emperor, Eris would’ve killed me and my family, and made us suffer eternal torture!” David shouted back. “I didn’t want to do this! I died saving my family from a robber, then Eris snatches me up and tells me either do this or suffer. What would you have done, Kella? What would anyone have done?!”Bookmark here

“…You know, the worst part is that I actually agree with you on that,” Kella admitted. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I’d been in your position. Maybe I would’ve made the same choice as you, but that’s not how things went. You.” She pointed at him. “You did this. All of this. You didn’t have to destroy Black Port, you didn’t have to kill my brother and you definitely didn’t have to fuck me!”Bookmark here

David dismissed his armour revealing, for the first time, his distraught, tearful face.Bookmark here

“Why do you look like you’re the victim?” Kella whispered. Bookmark here

“…I…I…I do love you,” David muttered, falling onto his knees. “I knew I shouldn’t have slept with you, but what was I meant to do? I couldn’t stand seeing you like that and I wanted to help you…” He wept. “I didn’t want you to find out. You were the first person in this world who saw the real me, not the Demon Emperor.”Bookmark here

David curled up onto the ground and screamed, “I wish that none of this had happened! I wish I’d been a coward and left mum to that monster! Then, none of this would have ever happened!”Bookmark here

He began to cry profusely on the ground as Kella, dumbstruck, watched from above, a complicated expression on her face. Bookmark here

He’d broken her heart; he’d killed those she loved the most and lied to her for months.Bookmark here

But he’d also comforted her, loved her and told her everything rather than run away.Bookmark here

…Why…? Why don’t I want to kill him? Kella thought. Bookmark here

Even after he’s confessed, I don’t want to kill him.Bookmark here

I hate him, don’t I? She shook her head a little and smiled sadly. No…I can’t hate him because I know, if I had been in that same position with that same choice, I would’ve chosen the same as him. Bookmark here

I can’t hate him, I can’t love him…all I feel for him is…Bookmark here

Kella dropped onto one knee and put a hand on his shoulder. “Run, David. Run away from everything.”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“Leave this place, go to a far-off country and start another life in peace somewhere away from all of this,” she told him. “Disband your army and, come tomorrow, the Holy Empire will destroy Karak-Harth and end the Great Disaster. Just…let it end.”Bookmark here

“But…Eris…she’ll kill them all,” David mumbled.Bookmark here

“I’d say that you did what she wanted by becoming the Demon Emperor; end your reign tonight.”Bookmark here

David weakly looked up at her and asked, “You…believe me?”Bookmark here

She nodded and smiled warmly. “I do.”Bookmark here

“Why?”Bookmark here

“Because.” Her smile hurt them both. “I know when the person I love is lying to me.”Bookmark here

David shut his eyes and slowly stood up. He took a deep breath, nodded and said, “I’m sorry, for everything.”Bookmark here

“…I know.”Bookmark here

“I-I didn’t…I didn’t mean to, or want to kill-”Bookmark here

“I know.”Bookmark here

David walked to the door and put his hand on the handle. “…I’ll go as far north-west as I can.”Bookmark here

“…Good luck.”Bookmark here

David didn’t turn around or say another word as he left, gently closing the door behind him.Bookmark here

Once she heard David’s footsteps disappear, Kella fell backwards onto her bed and cried.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The last person who she considered precious to her had been the worst person she’d ever known.Bookmark here

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