Chapter 1:



“Ugh…..what is this place?” The man said. That man was Axel. Axel was 31 years old. 6”7’.
He had once had a family, But since due to the nuke. He had lost his family. He was settled in an old diner. Had a sleeping bag, weapons, ammo, and even most important, Food and water. He has been rationing since. But even then. If he had run out. He would go back eating creatures from the night and day. But, someone had run into the diner. Though it was alone. The person started to approach the diner. Axel had grabbed his weapon. A M1911 and a Metal bat. He had put his fire arm up to aim at the door. The person suddenly crashed in the door and it was an old friend of his. Lux was the name. “Lux. What are you doing here? This is my place. Where’s yours?” Axel had asked him “ got infested by other people. Then i had to lay low because of the cops. But then, what can you expect?” Lux told Axel. So they made up an agreement and start to live together. But even if they ran out of food and water. They would go back eating the creatures. Couple days later. There was a person selling Weapons, Ammo, Supplies and other. Lux and Axel started to go up to the person, “Hello! Would you like to invest my wares?” The person asked them. “What do you have to eat?” Lux asked the person. “I got Mac and cheese, Frozen pizza, and more.” “How about guns? Or blunt objects?” Axel asked. “I have Machete, Wooden baseball bat and even yet, A very very VERY good gun you’ll be interested in.” The person said to Axel. “Oh yeah? What is it.” Axel said, Being sarcastic. “It’s the Soul of the Fallen.” The person pulled out the shotgun. It had diamond encrested decals, 12 gauge, and a tactical flashlight, Even better? The special abillity on the shotgun would bring out random enchanted bullets to use. “Ill take it!” Axel shouted. “It would be 1443 caps.” The person said. Axel had grabbed 1443 caps from his jar of caps and he had the shotgun. The perfect weapon to use. Bookmark here

*TO BE CONTINUEDBookmark here

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