Chapter 6:

The Reveal

Beyond The Flowers

The freckled girl sat on the chair, the fireplace burning as Javier gave her a cup of tea. Bookmark here

“Did they bring you here, Lyna?”Bookmark here

Lyna shook her head, “I ran away.”Bookmark here

“You ran away? And you didn’t get caught?”, Javier had his hair down, his dark brown hair reached his collarbone.Bookmark here

Lyna shook her head once more, “They didn’t see me”Bookmark here

Javier didn’t say anything for a while after that, letting the tired girl drink her tea. The tea tasted bad, Lyna thought. Javier couldn’t make tea even if his life depended on it, but the thought is what counts. Bookmark here

“I should let you rest. Your bed is still there in the girls’ dorm. Fleur would change your bedsheet everyday”, Javier smiled.Bookmark here

“Hm…”, Lyna hummed, standing up. She turned to face Javier, “The tea was terrible”. Lyna then walked to the girls’ dorm. Javier grinned at her, this was her usual behaviour and hearing these insulting words from her made him happy. Bookmark here

She was back.Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

“What the hell?!”, Aiyla screamed. Her appearance hadn’t changed at all. She had the same baby face, black hair and blue eyes. Bookmark here

“Oi! Mind your language!”, Marceline yelled, squinting her eyes open, “God. You shouldn’t be going through your rebellious phase yet, you’re only eleven.”Bookmark here

Jade and Fleur groaned as they too woke up at Aiyla’s scream.Bookmark here

Mary, however, stayed asleep despite all the noise. She was a heavy sleeper, after all. Bookmark here

“What is it anyways?”, Fleur sat up, her eyes shut as she yawned.Bookmark here

“Hi”, Lyna suddenly spoke, sitting up.Bookmark here

Everybody sat up immediately, looking at the spot where the voice came from, everybody except Mary of course. Lyna sounded the same and Fleur could recognise her voice almost immediately.Bookmark here

“What the hell?!”, Marceline screamed as well.Bookmark here

Lyna forced out an awkward smile, looking at the other girls. Fleur began to cry.Bookmark here

Fleur stood up quickly, rushing to Lyna’s bed as she gave the girl a hug.Bookmark here

“You— Theo and me, we— and then— we waited— he drew pictures and there were—cats that ate—“, Fleur sniffled while gripping the freckled girl, barely able to form proper sentences. Bookmark here

“How’d you get here?”, Jade asked, completely ignoring their wonderful little reunion.Bookmark here

Lyna patted Fleur’s back, comforting her, “I ran away. Got tired of waiting for you guys to rescue me.”Bookmark here

Fleur wailed, “It wasn’t our— fault— Anne said— Nngh— I missed you so much—“Bookmark here

Lyna smiled into Fleur’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, Fleur. I don’t blame you guys at all. Just shut up and hug me, you can’t even speak properly.”Bookmark here

Fleur bawled her eyes out into Lyna’s shoulder, gripping her hard as if she was trying to stop her from getting stolen away again. Bookmark here

Aiyla was beginning to cry, but held her tears in. Marceline looked at Aiyla, “What? You happy she’s back?”Bookmark here

Aiyla shook her head, scrunching her nose, “Noo…I don’t care about anybody—“Bookmark here

Lyna looked at Aiyla, “Oh?”Bookmark here

Marceline chuckled, looking at Lyna, “Kid’s going through her rebellious phase a little too early.”Bookmark here

Lyna chuckled, “Nice to meet you again too, Aiyla.”Bookmark here

Aiyla heard this and immediately stuffed her face in her pillow, crying her eyes out.Bookmark here

Jade yawned, “You came back last night?”Bookmark here

Lyna nodded.Bookmark here

“Should’ve come back during the daytime when we were all awake, now my sleep is ruined.”Bookmark here

Lyna grinned at Jade, “Still as bitter as ever.”Bookmark here

Mary was still asleep.Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

The girls has been sitting together for an hour in the room, talking. They had kept asking her about how she got back and what the devilish Camellia had done to her, but each time she avoided their questions, so they stopped asking, realising it must be something she wasn’t comfortable enough to talk about. Bookmark here

Mary was still asleep.Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

Fleur had finally stopped crying, still gripping onto the freckled girls’ arm. Bookmark here

Lyna and Fleur began to walk out of the dorms, Theodore was sitting in the lounge, reading a book.Bookmark here

Lyna held Fleur’s hand as they walked towards Theo, who was completely focusing on his book. Bookmark here

“Yo, Theo”, Lyna spoke.Bookmark here

“Hey Lyna”, Theodore replied, still reading his book.Bookmark here

He paused, his eyes widening as he slammed the book shut, looking up. Bookmark here

There she was. Bookmark here

He stood up, staggering backwards, “Lyna…?”, tears swelled in his eyes. Bookmark here

Fleur bit down on her bottom lip, to stop herself from crying.Bookmark here

“Are you a ghost?”, Theodore did the same as Fleur. Bookmark here

Lyna chuckled, humming lowly with a “no”.Bookmark here

Theodore sprinted over to Lyna, hugging her, practically squeezing her. The girl could barely breathe but allowed him. It had been two years, after all. Bookmark here

After their little reunion, Theodore started asking questions but stopped after seeing Fleur eye him, he understood. Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

As the three of them reminisced on the past together, Aiden and Tyler walked out together along with Benedict, they reconciled and let out a few tears together but were quickly disrupted after Adam, Anne and Javier had arrived to interrogate her.Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

Arthur laid down on the bed, Leonardo staring down at him, heavily concerned. Arthur sniffled, his head burning. Leonardo placed his own hand on Arthur’s forehead but pulled away after feeling the heat, “Please, let’s go to Miss Anne.”Bookmark here

Arthur shook his head almost immediately, “She already has so much to worry about, I don’t want to be a burden.”Bookmark here

“You aren’t a burden if you’re unwell”, Leonardo wrapped his hand in his own.Bookmark here

Arthur shut his eyes, panting as sweat dripped from his forehead. Leonardo grabbed a cloth from one of the side tables, placing it on the other boys’ forehead. Bookmark here

Just then, Adam opened the door, staring at the two boys, “Arthur, are you alright? What’s wrong?”Bookmark here

Arthur sat up quickly, shaking his head, “Nothing. I’m alright.”Bookmark here

Leonardo looked at the boy, visible concern on his face. Bookmark here

Adam nodded, “Lyna returned. Miss Anne’s calling everybody.”Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

Everybody was there, sitting in the lounge, except for Mary. She was still asleep, Adam had told Anne that he would fill her in when she woke up.Bookmark here

“Well, first of all. It’s great to have you back, Lyna”, Anne started. Bookmark here

Lyna nodded. Bookmark here

“We have questions. A lot of them. Are you willing to answer?”Bookmark here

Lyna paused for a few seconds, “Yes”, she finally said.Bookmark here

Anne nodded, “Where did they take you?”Bookmark here

“A large cave within the outskirts of the forest. It had never been found because it was shielded by the trees surrounding it.”Bookmark here

Anne nodded once more, glancing at Javier, “Well then, we were right.”Bookmark here

Lyna tilted her head, “You found it?”Bookmark here

“For the past two years, we have been searching for their hideout, we discovered it a month ago.”Bookmark here

“That’s impressive”, Lyna responded. Bookmark here

Anne smiled in return, “Next question. What was inside of the cave?”Bookmark here

“It was an underground hideout. It was huge and the place was crawling with Camellia, from young kids to the elderly, but I only got a glimpse of it after which they locked me up in their dungeon.”Bookmark here

“Can you tell us about them? If you have any information, that is.”Bookmark here

Lyna nodded, “They murder solely for their own pleasure and their red eyes not only enhance their physical abilities but their mental abilities as well. They are also unable to change their eye colour, so it’s easy to differentiate whether they’re a human or a Camellian.”Bookmark here

“How do you know they can’t change their eye colour?”, Anne asked.Bookmark here

“They made a deal with me. If I’d answer their questions, they’d answer mine.”Bookmark here

“Did you answer any of their questions?”Bookmark here

Lyna shook her head, “All of my answers were lies.”Bookmark here

“What else did you find out?”Bookmark here

“That they’re going to attack.”Bookmark here

Anne leaned forward, “When?”Bookmark here

“Exactly two weeks from now.”Bookmark here

Anne relaxed herself, “Are you affirmative?”Bookmark here

Lyna nodded her head, “I did not ask them when they would attack. I overheard a conversation between two of the guards.”Bookmark here

“And how did you escape?”Bookmark here

Lyna began, “A few months ago, they let me out of the cell and ordered me to clean certain areas of the cave. While they weren’t looking, I ran out and had been running ever since then.”Bookmark here

Anne nodded, “Well then. That’s settled. Fleur, tell her about our plans later.”Bookmark here

Fleur nodded in response. Bookmark here

Arthur was glaring at Lyna the entire time. Bookmark here

Before Anne could leave, Leonardo stood up, “Miss Anne!”Bookmark here

Anne turned around, “Yes?”Bookmark here

Arthur looked up at Leonardo, glaring at him to stop, but Leonardo disregarded the boy. Bookmark here

“Arthur has been feeling under the weather for a while. It’s getting serious.”Bookmark here

Anne looked at Arthur, who was staring down at his lap, nervous. Bookmark here

Anne walked up to Arthur, placing her hand on his forehead but quickly took it off after feeling it, “My my. Arthur, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”Bookmark here

Arthur muttered, “You’re really busy. I didn’t want to bother you.”Bookmark here

Now, Lyna was glaring at Arthur but for what reason?Bookmark here

Before anybody could say anything else, Lyna spoke, “How often does this happen?”Bookmark here

Arthur looked up, sweating. Bookmark here

Leonardo answered for him, “It’s been happening ever since I knew him, mostly during the Winter.”Bookmark here

Lyna eyed Arthur, Arthur doing the same to the girl.Bookmark here

Anne placed her arm around Arthur’s shoulder, helping him up, “Come.”Bookmark here

Arthur agreed. Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

After getting his temperature checked, Arthur was sent to rest in the boys’ dormitory, Leonardo stayed by his side the entire time. Bookmark here

Lyna walked in. Bookmark here

Leonardo looked at Lyna, “Yes?”Bookmark here

Lyna walked forward, “I need to talk to Arthur.”Bookmark here

Leonardo nodded.Bookmark here

Lyna arched a brow, “Alone.”Bookmark here

“Oh— Alright.”, Leonardo stood up, glancing at Arthur as he walked out, shutting the door behind him. Bookmark here

Arthur looked at Lyna, sitting upwards on his bed. Bookmark here

“You’ve been hiding it for that long?”, Lyna spoke first.Bookmark here

Arthur looked up, “And why did you lie?”Bookmark here

“Who’s side are you on?”Bookmark here

Arthur looked at her, “Leonardo’s side.”Bookmark here

Lyna chuckled, “We can cooperate together. It’ll be the best for the both of us, Leonardo and your own kind as well”Bookmark here

Arthur looked away, nodding, “What about everybody else here?”Bookmark here

Lyna raised a brow as if the answer was obvious, “They are the enemies.”Bookmark here

Arthur looked back, “You won’t betray me. I won’t betray you.”Bookmark here

Lyna nodded, reaching out her hand.Bookmark here

Arthur took it. The two of them shaking hands. Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

Mary was overwhelmed when she saw Lyna, hugging her until the girl could barely breathe as they took a trip down memory lane together. After Adam explained everything to Mary, her attitude changed.Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

“Two days left”, Javier said to Jade.Bookmark here

Jade turned around to face him, nodding.Bookmark here

Javier grinned at Jade, “I hope you’re prepared.”Bookmark here

Jade rolled her eyes, “Of course I am.”Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

Everybody was prepared. The ranks and files had been decided. The strategies they would use and the weapons that they would use, but what they were unprepared for was the betrayal.Bookmark here

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