Chapter 13:

20th september

heaven's hell

Somewhere in a dark alley

September 19th

"Did the meeting went smoothly today?"

Says a tall man with a deep voice who is wearing a hoodie which hides his face in the faint light.

"Yeah, it did"

Says Haruna as she lights a cigarette.

"That blood representative is getting arts faster than we expected"

Continues Haruna as she takes a huge puff

"There is still time before we take care of him, for now, he has a purpose"

Says the man, maintaining his deep voice.

"I will be staying here for a while, I promised my son that we will have a proper vacation after my work gets over and also, I have one more work to do"

"Do as you please, just know that the god's representative are still here thinking that the meeting hasn't taken place yet"

"It doesn't matter, they are weak anyways"

"Look out for weather household's leader, Fumino though, she has been a real concern for us"

Says the man as he turns around and waves goodbye, vanishing into thin air.

As Haruna takes a puff as she starts staring at the engagement ring on her ring finger, losing herself in the past.

Little about Haruna's past

"Devil's represen....tative.....
you ..can't be serious"

Stutters Haruna as her eyes show horror with feet stumbling, barely able to have balance. She is in her twenties. She is in a shrine as the surrounding is lighted with bright orange by the drowning sun which makes the place look beautiful though the situation is complete opposite.

"Once selected, either you live as devil's representative or take your own life"

Says the same man who was talking to her in the alley, as he wears a oni mask this time to hide his face with a black suit and pants with a red bow tie. 

With his right hand, he points at a red suit that she will be wearing if she decides to serve the devil and with his left hand, he points at a katana with blood stains though still looking sharp.

"Choose wisely,
 serve or die"

Haruna looks at both of the objects as she knows that she has already made the decision.

"I..... will rather..... die then serve the..... devil"

Haruna starts walking towards the katana which now emits darkness as only thing she can see is the katana with the blood stain as the surrounding becomes darker and darker for her as time passes by.

"So many people have killed themselves with that katana that even I have lost count"

Says the man, calmly, which makes her feel uncomfortable. 

She finally picks up the katana as she puts the sharp end near her neck, thinking of her last few memories with her parents.

"I am ... sorry"

Tear starts rolling down her cheeks as she closes her eyes preparing herself for the swing which will take her life in a instance.

After a few seconds, she finally swings her blade.


"Mom, what are you doing here?"

Her son brings her back to reality as she lost herself in the past.

"I always find you at random places"

Her son continues

"I am really sorry to make you worry dear"

Says Haruna in a soft voice

"Why tears are rolling down your eyes, mom??????"

Asks her son in a innocent and low voice as she realizes that she was crying while thinking of her past.

"Sand got in my eyes"

Haruna lies as she doesn't want him to know her true reason for crying.

"And will you stop smoking already, it is killing you. Now, hurry, I have stuff to buy"

Says her son as he holds his mother's hand, pulling her in a hurry towards the stores.


Kakoroshi's room

"Tomorrow at the beach at midnight"

"Tomorrow at the beach at midnight"

"Tomorrow at the beach at midnight"

Voice inside Kakoroshi's head makes him unable to sleep as he desperately tries to doze off.

"Tomorrow at midnight"

"Tomorrow at midnight"

"Tomorrow at midnight"


Shouts Kakoroshi in frustration as the voices keeps repeating itself over and over again, getting louder if he tries to ignore the voice.

"I will definitely be not getting any sleep tonight"

Kakoroshi sits up straight on the bed, he looks at the clock which is just few seconds away from hitting midnight. 


"Today at the beach at midnight"

"Today at the beach at midnight"

"Today at the beach at midnight"


Kakoroshi shouts again in frustration as now the voice line has a slight change.

20th September morning

"It seems you didn't get any sleep"

Says Fumino as she enters Kakoroshi's room with a bright smile on her face

"Yeah, I was binging an anime all night"

Replies Kakoroshi, still in bed as his eyes have sunken in due to lack of sleep with dark circles surrounding his eyes, clearly lying about binging an anime.