Chapter 12:

Digging deep into gods and the households

heaven's hell

"Is everything going well?"

Says Ishigami (leader of the household of creation) with a bright smile on his face as he sits beside Fumino

"Not that well, it seems Kakoroshi is being targeted by the devil's representative"

Replies Fumino who is a little bit stressed at the moment.

"I know you can protect him"

"Yeah, I hope so"

"I guess we should tell him all about the household and how this system works so we can prepare him for future, so he doesn't make a mistake like me"

Says Ishigami as they walk up to Kakoroshi's room

Kakoroshi's room

As Ishigami and Fumino walks into the room, they see Ino and Mio playing Rock, paper, scissors.

"Rock paper scissors!!!!"
"Rock paper scissors!!!!"

 Ino and Mio form one of the 3 shape with their hands.

"Huh, I win"

Mio smirks as she counters Ino's paper with scissors.

"Now, you will be the one buying beer for tonight"

Says Mio with a big smile on her face which clearly resembles her pride in winning rock paper scissors.

"I can't believe these guys"

Says Fumino in disappointment.

"Isn't it Ishagami from the household of creation?"

Says Kakoroshi who is still in bed, completing his 5th bowl of ramen.

"Kakoroshi, we are here to discuss something important"

Says Ishagami in a serious tone.

"What is it?"

The worods said by Ishagami makes Kakoroshi curious as he stops slurping the ramen.

"Let me explain"

Fumino takes the initiative.

"This is important so hear carefully

Even though other household's representative don't meddle into other household's workings until ordered to, god(s) of a household do share a little bit of there power with other households even though they don't give allowances(arts/power granted to representative to use) to the household's representative they share there power with.

Every household except blood gets a small amount of power from the god of creation, Izanagi and Izanami and the house of creation gets small amount of power from god of every household except blood. 

Fire household gets small share of power from god of rising sun, Amaterasu(God of the weather household).

Water household gets small share of power from god of wind, Fujin(God of wind household).

Wind household gets small share of power from god of thunder and lightning and god of fire, Raijin and Kagetsuchi(God of weather household and fire household).

Weather household gets small share of power from god of wind and god of sea and storms, Fujin and Susano'o(God of wind household and water household)

Blood household don't share power neither get power from any god and is a completely separate household. 

There are few gods who select a single representative to practice there power rather than having a completely separate household. One you have already met, the elder who is the representative of Fukurokujin, the other 2 elder's gods are not revealed yet."

"I see"

Says Kakoroshi who understands most of it.

"So this means that household of creation has the most number of gods who share a small amount of power to the household?"

Asks Kakoroshi


Confirms Ishagami.

"So doesn't that mean you are the strongest among the leader of the households?"

"It should have been but Fumino have much better skills, resiliency and art allowance"

Says Ishagami, maintaining his bright smile.

"I am not done yet!!!"

Says Fumino with anger in her voice as she continues to explain.

"Every representative needs to have a specific body movement to start and stop an art like I close my fist to start and stop my arts, though it is different for blood representative as they don't have anything like that"

"Its cool but why should I know this?"

"So you can exploit the factor of speed. Every blood representative before you were known for speed at which they worked and used art at"

"I see"

"And one more thing, never ever tell an outsider that you are a representative, an outsider who gets to know about this gets instantly killed"

"Aren't there cops to worry about?"

Asks Kakoroshi as this information worries him

"Few select government officials know about the existence of representatives and they handle the matter if we execute a civilian for a reason like this, the government also pays us respectively for our work"

"I see"

Says Kakoroshi as he takes things lightly.

"My girlfriend was executed as she got to know that I am a representative, I hope you won't make this mistake of letting someone know who you are and remember, this organization gets to know about everything, elders have informers everywhere who inform the elders in almost no time so be careful"

Says Ishigami in a soft voice as his eyes gets teary.

"I ..... understand"

Stutters Kakoroshi as he realizes the seriousness of this information.

"Well, this was everything we had to say, we will be taking our leave as we have a meeting to attend to"

Says Ishagami as they start moving towards the door. As Kakoroshi waves them goodbye, he notices that Toshiro tries to leave as well who was sitting on the chair at the corner, hiding as he tries to cover his body with Fumino's.


Shouts Kakoroshi as he remembers the challenge from that night in the beach.

"It means I don't have to buy us beer tonight"

Says Ino who is happy on the fact that she doesn't need to spend her money. Mio is rather disappointed as she gets to know that the rock paper scissor to choose who treats tonight was completely useless.

"I shouldn't have challenged him"

says Toshiro in a low voice as he regrets his decision that night.