Chapter 1:

The world as we know it is coming to an end

Moteru Motenai

It is said that the possibilities of the planets in the Solar System to perfectly align are exceptionally rare, and even if they did align one day, that would make little to no effect on Earth. Distant planets, though, may be already somehow aligned with Earth without anyone taking notice of it. Though far away, they may shyly gaze upon those who shine.

It is also said that bigger objects have more gravity,and so many moons may like to dance around these huge masses of attractive force; small planets, on the other hand, usually can go unnoticed with no moon nor star that would invite them to dance together. It's simply, the law of attraction.

With the infinite possibilities in the never-ending universe, one could believe nothing will be left to be lonely: planets, black-holes, stars, moons, asteroids,... they are all together but they are far from being in a perfect symphony. Planets crash against each other, destroy each other, stars explode absorbing everything on their ways, black-holes devour entire galaxies. The universe is a hostile place, not to be mistaken by a playground. In its majesty, as life is born so is taken.

One day the Sun flickered... about three minutes after, it reached the news and everyone's cellphones. An announcement was made, there was some strange behavior in the Sun and it would be investigated thoroughly.  At college, it was rumored that it was the end of the world.

"I found it on the deep web" said Ken, the exchange student "they don't want to say it or everyone will freak out, but I know it's true, the world is ending"

"You sure come out with the craziest of ideas!" Watabe Kou, his classmate, told him while smirking "we're about to graduate, how can you say something that stupid?"

"Shut up, it's real!"

"Well, so what if?!" said Kou without a care in the world

"True or not, the world as we know it will eventually end" Ken said "if so, what would you do?"

The two of them were sitting on one long corridor, the light strongly coming in from a window behind them. A typical hot day of summer, it was about three o' clock so it was fairly hot outside. With the news of the Sun flickering, many would prefer to stay inside, afraid it may eventually catch fire and burn everything on its sight.

"What would I do?" Watanabe Kou said and then jokingly exclaimed "I guess I'll get myself a cute girlfriend"

"That's so easy for you to say, you're such a magnet for girls!"

"Oh no, but this time I want it to be serious" he said, implying his past relationships weren't as such "I want to find what they call true love...if the world is to end, that is"

"True love is a lie!" Ken exclaimed "You complain for nothing! It's always better to be liked by many than to not be liked at all"

"Well..." Kou sad doubtfully "you may be right, but even so I want to see the end of the world with the love of my life"

"What a joke!" Ken exclaimed "who'll ever think of love in the middle of the apocalypse! I bet the time the first meteor strikes, you both will definitely be running away for your lives"

"That's why I want this love to be real" Kou said "so that no one runs away in the end"

"Fine, whatever, that idealistic nature of yours will be your ruin, that I can say!"


A week after, the once suspected rumors were confirmed. Indeed, the world was coming to an end in about one month. As it was confirmed, Ken freaked out and left back to his home country; Watanabe Kou then, took his dream of finding true love more seriously. He was going to graduate in a month too, but if the world was to end, how could he care about becoming an IT specialist anyways?

As he reached college on the first day of the Earth's last month of existence, he found his desk completely flooded with love letters, though.