Chapter 19:


Diary of a Lost Wish

My name is Shin Ebihara, I'm 44 years old, and I work at a company called "ALIVE", I'm searching for unusual things in this town because my boss asked me. I use a black suit with a black scarf that hides my face, maybe I'm searching for something bad, so if I find someone bad I don't want that person to know my identity.

Some days ago, I followed a weird guy called Yamamoto Yasuno because sometimes he made things appear out of nowhere, for example, one time, I saw that a sandwich appeared on his hand. But some days later, he stopped doing that, and he was less weird than before, so I stopped following him.

While wandering around town, well, I was spying on that cute teacher, I noticed that Meiko went to the business district so I followed her because she seems suspicious lately. I then saw that she met a weird guy outside a tofu store.

At first, I thought that my beautiful girl had an older boyfriend or something worst, but they just talked, I didn't hear them, but it was a long talk.

After some time, the rain started, and they stopped talking, and the man left, but out of nowhere, an umbrella appeared on Meiko's hand. I couldn't believe it, but it seems my daughter is as suspicious as that strange Yamamoto guy.

The next days I followed her, and when she wasn't with any of her cute friends, she was making things appear out of nowhere like food or random objects, it was so weird.

The days passed, and I started to notice things that are out of the ordinary, for example, our furniture is unusual, also I don't have any friends or coworkers with a house like the one I have.

I'm not sure if I should inform my boss about Meiko at the end of the day, she's my daughter, but what if she is doing anything wrong, maybe that weird guy who talked with her has something to do.

The best place to find that weird guy is in the shopping district, or at least that's what I think so I'm going to search for him there. I'm hiding between alleys, but I can't see him so far, at least I'm well hidden, and no one sees me.

I then feel a hand on my shoulder, and I hear a raspy voice saying, “Hey man, are you planning to steal something?”

I look at my back, and it's that weird guy, so I get nervous, “Of course not, I'm just here passing by.”

“Then you plan to stalk some pretty woman?”

“No, I would never spy a woman!” I feel like he knows me pretty well.

“Haha, I was joking, I know who you are,” he makes a scary grin.

“So if you know me, then explain to me what are you doing with my daughter!?”

“Nothing important, just talking.”

“Talking about what? If you try anything with my daughter, I will kill you, you weird man!”

“My name is Shinichiro, and we talk about life itself, music, and all that pretty stuff.” He gives me a business card, there it says he is a music teacher.

“Do you have any evidence that you are a teacher?”

“Yeah, that business card.” He points at the card he just gave me.

“I see, I hope my daughter learns to play an instrument,” I can't trust this man, maybe he is someone dangerous I think I should inform my boss as soon as possible about this man and these weird things.

“She's learning to sing, she will sing at her school, but maybe you never pay her attention.” he's eating some onigiri that he had in his pocket.

“I care about my daughter, and I want the best for her, that's why I work every day!” this guy is pissing me off.

“Well you need to care for her, so remember that all your actions have a repercussion.”

“I take care of her! and thank you for those music lessons, I think I will go now.” I'm scared.

“I understand, I won't take you more of your precious time.”

“Bye, see you later.” I need to escape now, maybe I can ask help from my boss or even that ape police officer.

I go away, but he stops me before I go, “Man, just remember that if you inform anything to that company or your boss, you are as good as dead, so take care of your daughter.” That man is smiling, but I feel he would kill me if he wants.

I scape that bastard, but unfortunately, I come across that police ape.

“Hey Stop! I've been informed that a man with your characteristics was stalking people, I will have to take you to the station to make you some questions.” That ape is mad at me.

Later at the police station, the teacher confirms that I'm the stalker. She won't file any charge, but she warns me that the next time I talk to her I will go to jail.

I arrive at home, and Meiko is so mad, “Dad I already told you that you should leave alone Ms. Yukari, you're just a degenerate!”

“Sorry, but who's Ms. Yukari? And I'm not a degenerate, I was investigating because of my job!”

“I can't believe you, you said lies, and you don't even know my teacher's name!” Meiko yells at me, and she goes to her room.

She's so pissed, but I wanted to talk to her, I know it's a bad idea, but I want her to know something. I'm outside of her room because the door is closed, “Meiko, can we talk?” I knock on her door.

“Go away!” she's still mad.

“How about this, I talk, and you hear me, if you don't want to talk it's fine, just hear me.”

She takes her time, but she answers, “Fine, I will hear you.”

I sit outside her door, and I start talking, “I know you don't believe that I was working, but if you don't, then it's fine, I'm sorry I've been a jerk.

I have to be clear, I try so hard to make you love me, I know I'm not the best father, but I work to give you a better life.

Since Minako, your mother, passed away I've been a little distant but as I said it's because I'm working if you have any problem you can always tell me about it.

I know you've been growing, and I missed some important parts of your life, but I hope I won't miss any other important thing.

I don't know if I already told you this, but I see your mother's face on yours, you look a lot like her, and seeing you makes me remember those good days. Even if I'm absent or I'm a bad father, I want you to know that I always want to see you happy, and I think if you're happy maybe Minako will be happy too wherever she is.”

I keep silent for a time, and she then talks, “I know that you work hard dad, is just that sometimes I miss my mom, and not having you around also makes me sad. But no matter what, you're still my father, and even if you are dumb, I love you.” I think she sounded like she was crying.

“Thanks, and don't forget I was working, not stalking.”

“Stop with that! I'll see you at dinner.”

“Yes, see you later, and if you want to tell me something, I can hear it.”

We then have our dinner, but we have some conversations about learning people's names and stop harassing that teacher, but we never chat about that weird man.

I wanted to ask her about that man, but I think I will ask her in another moment.

But I still think that the weird man is bad, so I decided to inform everything to my boss just in case. I hope he stops that guy and Meiko doesn't end up doing something bad or illegal. I want the best for her.