Chapter 18:

The Demons Origin

Diary of a Lost Wish

I'm going to see Shinichiro because he had something to tell me, I might ask him about the dream I had yesterday.

On my way to see him, I realized that he never told me where he would be. So I wander the town for a while until I see Ms. Yukari outside the convenience store talking with Richard.

“Hey, did something happen?” I ask them.

“Hi Meiko, you need to watch out, lately I've seen a weird man dressed in black with a black scarf covering his face wandering around here, I don't recognize him, so he might be a stalker or a thief.” Ms. Yukari explains the situation while looking worried.

“That's right, little girl, you should watch out if you see someone suspicious,” Richard responds with a smile.

“I see, I will be careful then, thanks.” I left the place, I just hope is not another stalker like the other day.

I'm still searching for Shinichiro, but I can't find him.

Now that I think about it Shinichiro is a mysterious man, just like the one Ms. Yukari saw, but I don't think he's the stalker.

After walking for half an hour, I finally found Shinichiro who is standing in front of a tofu store eating tofu.

Shinichiro waves his hand and starts talking, “Hey, I'm glad you are here, I was getting bored.”

“But you didn't tell me where you would be!” I yell at him.

“Ah, you're right, sorry, anyway want tofu?”

“Not really, what do you wanted to tell me?”

“Yeah, about that, I have three things to tell you, but first tell me, did you had any other strange dream?”

I tell him every dream I had related to the demons, then I tell him some random dreams I had, “ besides those, I also had a dream where my friend Kanako wanted to be an idol, so I wished that we use idol uniforms in school. I also had a dream where Maya said that it would be amazing if people have a variety of hair colors and not only the usual ones so I wished that everyone could have the hair color that everyone wants.”

Shinichiro is now eating bread while talking, “Those last sounds like wishes you made, it's weird but interesting. But about the dreams related to the demons, I have a theory.”

“So what is your theory?”

“First I will tell you something, what would you think if the demons were humans?”

“What!? Are you serious?” I'm shocked, and I look at Pakya.

“I am serious, I had the theory before, but with that dreams you had I think is definitely possible. I didn't tell you when we were with that brat because he might think it's awful to disappear someone who used to be human.”

“But if that's true, then how do people transform into demons?”

“I think when you don't make a wish and fail to fulfill the demon's condition you don't die, instead you become a demon.”

“But if they used to be humans then why do they continue cursing people?”

“Maybe the demons feel cursed, and they search for someone, let's call it a host, just like you, to end their curse.”

“So in your theory, if I run out of ideas for a wish and I don't found the first wish then I would become a demon, and Pakya would be liberated? If so where does it go when it gets liberated?”

“Yeah, but I'm not sure where they go, maybe they just die, but I think dying is better than be trapped as a cute animal who makes wishes.”

“But how can you be so sure?” I can't stop seeing Pakya, if it was a human then poor thing.

“I told you that one of your dreams confirmed my theory, the dream you had yesterday was about my brother. I don't want to accept it, but before the demon problem, I was so distant from my brother, my father was distant as well. So I think that dog we saw yesterday was my little brother.”

“But you said your brother died young, and in the dream, he was older and alone.” I'm confused

“My theory is that in some way, your dream was about the life of the people, well the hosts, if they hadn't met the demons. Maybe their life was going to be tragic anyway, but I think is better a tragic life than to be an animal.”

“But why did I had those weird dreams?”

“That's something I don't know, maybe the demons wanted to show you something, maybe their energy made you had them.”

“And there's no way to make them human again?” I'm concerned about the people who were transformed into demons.

“I don't know, but I don't think so, at least you have saved the people cursed. As far as I know, the only way to stop those demons was by doing fulfilling their condition.”

“Now that I think of, if the people in my dreams had a rough life without the demons, then my friend's life and even me are going to be tragic?”

“Maybe, but who knows, in a way you changed a little of their life or mindset by fulfilling the demon's condition, so maybe their lives change. I hope none of their lives gets tragic or sad.”

I can't believe all of it, I feel relieved that I saved my friends, but I still have the curse, also I feel bad about Pakya and the other demons, they experience the same as me.

“And what were the other two things you wanted to say?” I ask, but I'm worried about what he might say.

“The other things are important too. Now I will tell you about the curse origin and why you need to stop the demons.” He's smiling, but he looks sad.

”So there's another problem besides the people who might transform into demons.”

Shinichiro then sees the sky and starts his story, “yeah, well my story is hard to believe and even had some fantasy, but I guess you already know is true.

There are six scrolls that are sealed by some magic, if someone opens them, the demons break free and search for a host. Also, The demons just stay in the area where the scrolls were opened, like this small town.

My father was an archeologist, and by chance, he investigated one of the scrolls without knowing its background, when he opened it the dog demon appeared and cursed my brother, and you already know the rest of the story.

After what happened to my brother, I investigated everything related to the demons and the scrolls, but there was little info about it, and as you know I found my master. And about the scroll that was on my house, it was stolen.”

“So by maybe bad luck, your brother was cursed, but why are six demons here? does that means all the scrolls are in this town?”

“Bad luck, destiny, I don't care. And yeah, all six scrolls are in this town.”

“But who brought them?”

“I have one suspect, I think he's someone related to that "ALIVE" company, maybe it's boss.”

“So you think that's the culprit, but why he did that?”

“Maybe the boss found about the scrolls, and then he tried to get them for its own benefit. Imagine this, if you get all six of the scrolls and you open them, then there are six demons around the town, if you find and kidnap the people with demons, then you have six wish slaves to make everything you want a reality without getting harmed.”

“So you're saying that my father's boss wants the people with demons so they can wish a lot of things for him until everyone dies?”

“That's a possibility. Thanks to you there are only two demons left, so you have to be careful.”

“And what about the last demon?”

“ I'm not sure, maybe it's already been kidnapped.”

I can't believe that might be the motive, I already suspected that company, but it looks they are more dangerous than I thought.

I'm worried, but I have to ask, “so what's the last thing you wanted to tell me?”

Shinichiro starts drinking a soda that I don't know where he found it, “The last thing relates to your first wish.”

I'm amazed that he found something, “And what is it?”

“Just theories, but based on every clue you found, your first wish might be related to something personal, perhaps that mysterious man was a friend, an acquaintance, or even a family member.” Shinichiro always looks like he knows everything.

I'm concerned because maybe my first wish was important, “so you're saying that I might know that mysterious man?”

“Yeah, so you have to find more about him first, I just hope it was a simple wish and nothing too complicated or important.”

“I guess we will found out soon, or at least I hope so.”

Suddenly it starts raining, and Shinichiro now looks serious, “Little girl as I told you before, take care and don't trust that "ALIVE" company. Also, I hope you find your first wish, but if you do maybe you will find something you didn't want to know.”

He leaves, and I'm still processing everything that I learn before. I need to be careful with my dad and that company, also I need to find that first wish to stop the curse.

But I'm also sad because of Pakya, I wonder what was its story.

I try to talk to Pakya, but it looks like that panda doesn't have an idea of what I'm telling.

I wish for an umbrella, and I run to my home because of the rain, but there are still some things that bother me related to that company, I hope all of this ends soon, and no one gets hurt.