Chapter 0:

My first senior high school fieltrip

My Happy Fieldtrip

I always wake up 6:30 in the morning to prepare my things for school im super excited today cause this our first fieldtrip in school Bookmark here

I arrived at school in 7:10 in the fieldtrip was 8:30 so that was good cause cause i still have the time to hangout with my friendsBookmark here

 When i open our room door i first saw my childhood friend Jacob.Jacob was my bestfriend cause we both have a loud scream when we are being tuli or (circumcised) tuli in the philippines is a tradition cause you can't be a man if you did'nt experience tuliBookmark here

The next one i encounter is jessica she is basically daughter of my moms friend so we end up being friends too but little did she know that i have a crush on him that i haven't confess yetBookmark here

"Lester wassup are you excited for our fieldtrip? I hope there's a lot of hot chicks in there ahahaha"jacob said that i always afraid of cause he always gets me in trouble whenever he says that. Bookmark here

"Oh hi lester are you ready of our trip?"jessica said that caught always my attention whenever he speaks i think its because of her beatiful voice.Bookmark here

"Guys of course im ready im excited too for our trip to capiz province ahaha"i said with an akward laugh cause i really feel mix emotions cause i don't really have an idea were in capiz its like teacher did't give the exact name of the placeBookmark here

"Attention Students!!! ready all your things because we were depart for a few minutes!!!"Bookmark here

"Oh lets hop in to the bus guys so we were not gonna be late"i have saidBookmark here

At exact 8:30 all students are in the bus and we start moving"Ahh maam were are we going?"I asked our teacher that day and also i was about to ask her name cause she is not our class adviserBookmark here

"Ahh we are going to capiz "teacher said "but were in capiz maam?"I askedBookmark here

"Ahh all adviser will tell all of you when we arrived at the place ok."teacher said "Ahh ok po maam" i saidBookmark here

And we continue to relax at our seat and not worriying about anything cause nothing bad will happen our teachers gonna guide us right? Bookmark here

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Taylor Victoria

My Happy Fieldtrip

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