Chapter 0:

Author's Note: Introduction

Becoming A Seiyuu? I'm In!

Welcome to my web novel <Becoming A Seiyuu? I’m In!>. My name is takaishi, an anime lover with the least enthusiast to stop watching anime and reading manga. I’m an adult, but my writing doesn’t portray me as one. This web novel is my very first web novel I’ve published on Honey Feed, but the views always cheers me up every day. I’m so happy, even when writing this introduction, because everyone here is so supportive despite my simple writing.

Frankly, the reason I keep watching anime is that I like to analyze the voices of seiyuu in it. I was intrigued how one single voice actor can act as variety of characters. He or she will act as one introverted character, and on other anime the same actor will act as hyperactive child, etc. I even heard about some seiyuu who can act as a boy and a girl. The excitement when I did some research before I started this novel is immensely fascinating.

<Becoming A Seiyuu? I’m In!> is my original idea. In fact, the main character Aki is me. I use the name ‘Aki’ because I want to show his good point despite not as pretty as flowers. Everyone knows about four seasons, right? – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Autumn is slightly cold though not as chilly as winter, and wilting flowers fall off the branches. Nevertheless, the entire scene is still mesmerizing and captivating, and I could say Autumn (Aki) is a season I’m looking forward to experience myself (I’m in a country of uniform warmness and rainy season). I apply these traits on the main character, Aki. Despite being surrounded by geniuses around his age, he doesn’t falter easily. In fact, he musters his courage and learns everything he wants, and he ensures himself to show his ambition to everyone one day, in the future. It’s because he believes in his own quality.

The second main character, Tori, is also me, but in more honest mode. Tori means bird in Japanese, and I named him as Tori to show his freedom. Tori is close to Aki since childhood, and Aki used to protect him all the time. As time goes by, Tori feels indebted to Aki, so he improves his confidence and promises himself to help Aki grasping his ambition – Becoming a seiyuu. Tori is relatable to me because there are times that I tend to be loud and transparent, and this may be good or bad, depending on the issue. Tori may seem sarcastic or heartless, but he isn’t actually. It’s his own style of protection he familiarizes himself so that he won’t easily believe in people beside Aki.

Other than these two main characters, there are more supporting characters. Fun fact: Beginning from this point, I modified my characters’ names from real voice actors! This enables me to relate my characters’ personality to those real seiyuu. How many are they in this novel? Surely I won’t reveal it just simply. To know who the voice actors I’ve implied in this novel, please wait for this web novel to finish. I will tell everything in the final chapter, I promise this! Other than the voice actors, I do insert some famous Japanese celebrities in this. This is mainly because I love them, and that’s it.

I’m not writing it simply. The fact is that I’m not that good in English. However, I like learning languages, and English is one of my preference. Other than English and my mother tongue, I learn Japanese and Korean too. If I’ve mastered those four languages, I would like to learn on non-anime ones. Probably Russian, Latin, or Chinese. Or even body language (I’m serious, really).

Please Like if you’ve read my chapters, and feel free to leave a comment if you want to give an opinion, or as a feedback to improve my writing. I appreciate it very much, and thank you in advance!