Chapter 1:

Welcome to Pastel Pacifist Online (Pt.1)

Pastel Pacifist Online

Have you ever wanted to become a pacifist and look cute doing it?

Wanted magical powers and a frilly outfit to boot? Be kind and be rewarded for it?

Well, there's a chance to become one.

And it's all through your fingertips.

"Stop, you fiend!", the pink haired girl in the frilly dress yelled, pointing her heart shaped wand at the monster. She wore a confident smile as she ran and dodged it's attacks, firing heart projectiles at it in the process. "You're out of luck!"

I wish that I was like Pink Cloverleaf, thought 14 year old Zira Simmons, as she stared at the magical girl on her laptop and eating her 2nd bowl of Cupcake Crunch. That way, I could be popular and confident at the same time.....oh, who am I kidding? A low-blow like me would never be a Cloverleaf.

Zira then takes another spoonful of cereal as she sees the magical girl spout out a speech to the huge monster about not being lonely by making new friends, following that with her special healing attack via her magic Cloverstick.


Zira's eyes are glued to the screen, interested in the big pink clover projectile going towards the monster. All of a sudden, she hears a ping from her laptop, so she pauses the episode and goes to her PChat, where her friends are there in their personal server.

Mochachiball: Hey, Zira! 😆

PirateSpence: Wassup, Angel!😇

Angelic Mage: Hey, Kimball! Hey, Mike! What's up?

Mochachiball: Nothing much. Just listening to music on Musify.🎼🎵🎧

PirateSpence: I'm playing Jewelcraft. 💎💎💎

Angel Mage: Cool. I wish that Jewelcraft made me a Cloverleaf. 😥

PirateSpence: You watching magical girls?

Angel Mage: Yes. 😔😔

Mochachiball: Are you watching that for you forgetting the fact that you embarrassed yourself in front of Jackie Harrison earlier this day? 

Why did you have to mention that, Kimball?, Zira thought, recoiling inside from the memory. She had made a fool of herself by tripping and landing on top of the most popular person in school. In front of everyone.

Angel Mage: I bet that they think I'm a loser. A big flipping pancake loser. 😩😩😩

PirateSpence: I think that anyone wouldn't notice. You ran off quickly to not see Jackie's reaction. By the time Monday comes, no one will ever care. 😋

Mocachiball: Um, Mike? Everyone cared when Jamie McJamison accidentally flung her food all over Nino Michalson. So, that's kinda wishful thinking. 🙍🙍🙍

Angel Mage: 😭😭😭😭 Jackie probably hates me. I think I should hide my face. 4ever. Which mouth mask and pair of sunglasses should I wear?

PirateSpence: You're overreacting, Angel.

Zira sighs, looks at her bowl of already eaten Cupcake Crunch, and then thinks about how her life would've been less embarrassing, very confident, and more graceful if she was a magical girl.

Angel Mage: I think that this wouldn't have happened if I was a Cloverleaf. You think?

Mochachiball: I dunno. It's not that there's an actual magical girl website or phone app that will come out of nowhere and literally give you a wand and frilly outfit.

PirateSpence: And if it does exist, it probably has a big old catch to it.

Angel Mage: You're saying that because you're worried that I'll end up like the characters of Mystica Nodoki.

PirateSpence: What? Yubi might be behind all manipulation of the magical girls selling their souls and becoming Despairies.

Angel Mage: I won't become a Despairy! Ever! I wanna become a Cloverleaf or a Space Scout or a GemCatcher! I wanna be-

Mochachiball: I gotta get going. My mom is calling me to go get dinner. Ciao! 😜😜😜

PirateSpence: Me too. I gotta mine for Jewels and build more of my fortress. TTYL, guys! 😋😋😘😘😘

Angel Mage: Bye, guys!

After leaving the PChat, Zira sighs and goes to the kitchen to refill her 3rd bowl of Cupcake Crunch; thinking back to that embarrassing moment with Jackie. She thought that everything was clear in the hallway. Unfortunately for her, Zira had to not only be clumsy, but to bump into her crush and land on top of them for all of the entirety of Crystal Junior High to see. Zira felt mortified, but in the process, she could see Jackie's gleaming jade eyes, filled with shock.

Well, even though I made a fool outta myself, at least I got a chance to see their beautiful eyes., Zira thought, sighing and feeling her cheeks go pink as she took her refilled bowl of cereal to her room.

But, I wonder if what Kimball said was true. If there's actually a website or a phone app to become an actual magical girl. That way, I can become more confident and less of the girl who lands on top of people.

Suddenly, as soon as Zira opens her room, a blinding bright pink light appeared on her laptop, causing her to close her eyes.

"So bright!", Zira exclaims.

Then, after the pink light disappears, on the laptop screen in a cutesy and sparkling worded font, it read:

💖💖Welcome to Pastel Pacifist Online! Click the button and let your Magical Journey begin! 💖💖

All Zira can say, after blinking at the page in front of her and carefully putting her bowl of Cupcake Crunch down, was....

" WHAAAT?!!!"