Chapter 0:

I hate him

I hate my boyfriend

I didn't know you could hate a person this much. I always thought there is good in everyone, and even though no-one is perfect, I wanted to believe no-one is purely evil either. All of my convictions disappeared as soon as I met him. Bookmark here

His dark golden eyes glistening in the sun,  his short platinum hair blown by the fresh summer breeze. I might have fallen in love with him if it weren't for him opening his mouth. Bookmark here

"Look,  I don't know what a middle schooler is doing here but you're in my way so, move" Bookmark here

Those were his first words spoken to me a year ago when we bumped into eachother in the middle of the campus. Needless to say, I was taken aback, and all I could do was stutter back a simple "W-what? " . He sighed obviously annoyed at me being confused by his rudeness. Bookmark here

"You're blocking the way, move,  or I'll move you myself " He spat out looking down on me. And I don't know where my bravado came from, but at that moment I decided to fight back for my right. Ultimately making a fool of myself. Bookmark here

"I'm sorry but I don't think you own this streat,  so if I want,  I can very well stay here all day. Also,  being nice wouldn't hurt you! " I yelled at him causing him to simply pinch the bridge of his nose as he probably tried not to punch me in the face by the look he was giving me. Bookmark here

"Look, I don't know and don't care what you do with your free time,  but you have been standing in front of my car for the last fifteen minutes and I have places to go, so move, or I'll move you myself " Bookmark here

"Oh" was my only response as I quickly moved out of the way of the car I have previous been blocking. In my defense he could have been more specific the first time, and less rude. Bookmark here

After our first brief encounter, I just continued to see him. And to my dismay every time he noticed me he would scruntch his face in disgust and give me a glare. That wasn't the reason why I hated him,  even though I hate to admit it, it was my fault we started off on the wrong foot, but I did try to change it, once. I came up to him with a smile hoping we could talk it out, I could apologize and we could move on past this. But all I was greeted by was his dark aura as he told me to move once again. I felt like maybe leaving him alone was a better option after that. Bookmark here

Unfortunately, a few weeks after I decided that,  going to a party was a great idea. He was also there. I went out to get some fresh air and ran into him,  he looked kind of sad as he was looking up at the moon so I thought about approaching him,  without me even saying a word, however,  he decided to show his true colors. Bookmark here

"Can't you just disappear and leave me alone?  What kind of stalker even are you?  I hate little spoiled girls like you that think they can always get whatever they want. "Bookmark here

I was shocked by his words. It was unprovoked and mean, and I didn't even know how to respond. I was never the most liked person out there, being wealthy meant being lonely most of the time, but I was trying my best still. As I was standing there In the shadow of the moon,  he walked past me, not an ounce of regret on his face. Bookmark here

I religiously avoided him after that, even dropping a few classes just to get away from him.Bookmark here

 But this year, I don't think that will be possible. Bookmark here

Kei Amadori, the man I spent a year avoiding, is now sitting next to me,  looking bored and angry as I'm trying to process what exactly is happening. Bookmark here

I could feel the palms of my hands starting to sweat, my heartbeat speeding up as I looked up at him. It wasn't fear I was feeling,  it was an incredible urge to punch him in the face. Bookmark here


I hate my boyfriend

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