Chapter 21:

Grey Eyes and Dual Swords

Xorsis : Invasion\Lost

Chapter 18: Grey eyes and Dual Swords

Mersoy, Aez and Nia headed to the Cridelford ports as soon as they arrived in Cridelford. Getting in this time wasn’t much of a hassle; they were already used to knocking out people. Nia and Mersoy took care of both of the guards.

This time, they had no plans of staying in Cridelford long. Firstly, they were running out of money. Mersoy had looted all the money the guards had - but still, it didn’t seem like it would be enough. Secondly, the next place the Tokreians would search for them would probably be Cridelford, because they were here many times. So, without delay, they moved to the southernmost district. It took them half a day to reach there. Fortunately, they had carried the disguise they had the last time they were in Cridelford, and wearing the glasses and fake hair and other dresses, they were unrecognisable among the normal Cridelfordians. And safely, they reached the seashore.

Now that the undead invasion had minimised, and no more invasions happened in Cridelford apparently - so the ports were opened again and people could move about for their work safely again. However, Cridelford’s poverty crisis had got worse. It was pathetic, seeing the beggars lined up in roads, but there was little they could do.

“We’ll need to board a ship,” Mersoy said.

Nia and Aez looked at each other, both of them concerned.

“Mersoy,” Nia asked, sighing, “You do realise that we can’t afford ships?”

“Ah. When will you two learn to use your brain,” Mersoy sighed, “I never said we’d be travelling in top class cabins.”


“I think we have enough money for my idea.”

At the seashore, there were several offices for getting tickets for ships. Mersoy paid no attention to any of them, and headed straight towards a moored cargo ship. Porters were carrying goods from the ship to the land. A man was supervising them, his back turned to them.

Mersoy walked to him.

“I… don’t think this will work,” Nia said, sighing.

Mersoy shot her a look and continued.


The man paid no attention to her.

“Excuse me.”

The man turned to her, scowling. He had a light complexion that had tanned, and he had a rough long beard. His eyes were a shade of grey, and Mersoy wondered where she had seen those eyes. Or maybe it was just a coincidence? But grey eyes were rare.

The man said, his voice angry, “I don’t deal with travellers. If you have functioning eyes,” he paused a bit, looking at her eyes, then continued, “you could see that there are five offices for booking tickets.”

“We aren’t here for them.”

The man paused, examining her face. Then a smile cracked across his face.

“Actually, I think I’ll talk to you,” he said.

Even Mersoy was taken aback at how fast he changed his mind.

“Yes. Not now, though, how about the evening today?” he said, smiling slyly.

Mersoy didn’t like that look. Though, surprisingly enough, that smile reminded her of someone. But, it could not be him, could he?

“That’s a deal,” she said coldly.

In the evening, they three gathered at that place again. The man was already there, he was lighting a cigar.

“Ah. You still haven’t left.”

He stood up. “I’ve set it up. You can escape. You’ll ride a cargo ship tomorrow at dawn. Though, you’ll have to stay locked inside a cabin till we reach the land. And I’m sure you can deal with that.”

Then with a pause, he continued. “The ship will head to the southern lands. We are still new there, and so I’m afraid I can only lead you up to the port. The rest - you’ll have to figure it out yourself.”

His voice had a strange friendliness to it, despite the roughness. Mersoy was weirded out.

“How do you know…” she started to ask.

“Really, you still have to ask that?” the man shook his head, “I thought you’d be better.”

He paused a bit, then continued.

“Mysterious trio. One older, the other two younger. Your accent, the way you walk and talk among yourselves. You’re terrible at disguises. Anyone with a sharp brain would know you don’t belong here,” he now looked at Nia, “No, you don’t wear that hat. It’s for older females in Cridelford. Girls of your age hate that hat.”

Nia twitched and opened the hat at once, revealing her ash blonde hair.

“Like I guessed,” the man said, laughing, “so, was the headquarters fun?” he asked Mersoy.

Mersoy was quiet. Then she slowly spoke, “Who are you?”

“Well, not an enemy. I’ve seen the wanted posters and recognised you three at instant, still you are here without the police hitting whatever hotels you are staying at.”

“Grey eyes are rare too,” Mersoy said sharply, her eyes fixed on the man, “You… you aren’t from here either.”

“Maybe. No, I wouldn’t want to share my information, no thanks. I think organising your escape was enough for repaying a favour.”

Mersoy opened her mouth to speak more, but the man shook his head, smiling. “No, it’s enough. It was pleasant to talk to you. See you at 4.30 tomorrow at dawn.”

And the man started to walk away without any more words, smiling to himself. As he turned back, Mersoy noticed the dual swords at his waist.

“You wield dual swords.” Mersoy commented.

He looked at her and nodded, but without any words, he continued. In the night at a far distance, the man disappeared, leaving Mersoy with a bunch of questions only.