Chapter 1:

I Love Him

Sorrowful Love

Rika walks around the college library tring to find a book to read to take her mind off of seeing her boyfriend Daichi kissing another woman. She finally finds a book by her favorite author. Picking it up and taking a seat at a table she starts to read it and becomes more and more focused on the book. "When your done reading can I have that book?" A unfamiliar mans voice asks from across the table. Rika startled by being spoken too while engrossed in the book she partially jumps from her chair but quickly sits back down. When she was settled back in her chair she looked at the man and replied "Yes, I will be finished reading in about 5 minutes, when i'm done you can take it." After that she realized she didnt introduce herself and said "My name is Suzuki Rika, It's nice to meet you." The man who also forget to say his name replied and said "It's nice to meet you Suzuki-san, my name is Kawasaki Haru." They both awkwardly giggle from embarrassment. Rika then continued to read the book but before she could finish reading she got a text from her boyfriend Daichi saying "Want to go on a date at a amusment park tomorrow?" Rika started to smile but then suddenly thought of Daichi kissing that woman. Rika couldn't distract herself with the book anymore and rushed to head back home. Before Rika left she gave the book to Haru and said "Im done reading, you can have it now. Bye." Haru replied and said "Oh, thanks. Bye." Rika rushed out of the library and started walking home.
To Be Continued
This is my first time writing a novel so if the story is kind of weird or if I made a major grammatical error, I'm sorry.
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