Chapter 1:


Trial Sense

The sound of cicadas could be heard clearly from outside the house. Beads of sweat dripping one by one from the top of my head had soaked the pillow. My whole body feels like it is falling into a puddle. My body temperature gradually rising because the Air-con in my room needs repair. And the sunlight enters through the gap in the window, even though the curtains are closed, tells me to wake up.

I slowly opened my eyes while looking at my Smartphone, which showed today August 28, 2041, at 11:30 pm. A very strong feeling of laziness invaded my mind, as if telling me to stay in the bed. However, the place that made me sleep comfortably every day was mostly drenched in sweat. There was a "pip" sound from my left. That's what made me manage to beat my laziness and immediately got up to check the notifications coming from my computer. I looked at the curved Ultrawide vertical LED 29.5 inch while moving the mouse, in an instant the Username and password boxes appeared on the screen. After entering the password, my desktop showed various Game and Application icons, and wallpapers from Suichan, the heroine from the best anime this season. I immediately hovered my pointer over the notification bar.

“Hopefully no more spam emails…”
“A total of 402 spams that I deleted from yesterday!”

With a sigh, I pressed the right mouse button and saw what email had entered my account.


“ New AI-integrated Virtual streaming software: Nevra is officially released! Get an 80% discount for the first 100 buyers and get serial Key to Access premium Features, Auto Avatar Synchronization! What are you waiting for? Grab yours now by clicking the link :-----“. Without thinking, I immediately clicked on the link linked to the email, and the Homepage appeared showing the software called Nevra which had sold 47 units. The rumbling sound of the left mouse click that I pressed many times in order to get one of the software I've been waiting for release since last Spring.

Nevra is one of the many Avatar maker software that is equipped with the latest AI to do many things related to the internet. One of them is streaming. This is commonly called Avasisstant, which is currently viral on the internet.

My name is Iwa Hiroto, a 16 year old teenager. I'm a first year student of Rendar High School who is enjoying the end of summer breaks. "Enjoying" here isn't like riajuu out there, spending their summer breaks on vacation with friends, Or there is something more terrible than that, relationships between the opposite sex, which is commonly referred to as "Dating or Enjoying Youth."

The definition of summer vacation that I always do is indoor activities, like playing games, reading manga and watching anime. In my opinion, these hobbies make me comfortable and avoid talking directly with people. Yes, I'm one among the introverts who have socialization skills near 0 (Zero).

However, lately I have a new interest, having Avasisstant. It was introduced to me by my best friend, Konu Lamnu. He is the only person my age who always gives me advice, encouragement and solutions to get out of the Introvert zone. Konu has been with me since Kindergarten. A kid who likes to drag me everywhere and whatever he finds interesting. Sometimes he acts like an idiot, but all of that is only done when I'm sad. Not infrequently he also became a beast when I was being bullied by people. Because of that, he got the nickname "Gorilla" until now. Even so, he never had a problem with it. Even if someone else called it that, he didn't hesitate to run and scare those who had mocked him. I have considered him as my own brother.

“Ah, finally I got Nevra! Time to put in and make my very own Avasisstant!” I said happily as if sort of a royal soldier who returned home safely after winning the good war. Still feeling excited and interested by what my Avasisstant would be like, suddenly my smartphone vibrated and that I saw my mother had texted me.
“Don't forget to possess lunch, I made Omurice for you. Mom are going to be home around 8:00 PM.”
Again, feelings of laziness and anger enveloped me. I slowly went right down to the kitchen. After checking the contents of the Fridge and heating Omurice, I casually ate lunch in the silence that's always with me.
I have lived alone with my mother, Uta Hiroto, since i was child. From the start , I did'nt have a father. My mother said he'd left her while she was pregnant. She is that the sole person I can talk to without feeling anything. Maybe it's because she's been with me since child, so it's only natural that I can communicate well. However, this does not apply to other "opposite sex". Are they the same age, younger, or even older than me.
“I wish Konu would come to my house today…” I mumbled to myself while washing the dishes. Once I finished washing and got out of the kitchen to travel back into my room, suddenly a really loud voice came from the front entrance of the house.

"IWA! ALWAYS LOCK YOURSELF IN YOUR ROOM, EH?! GET DOWN HERE MORON! I'M IN!"“…Well, you're already down eh. Lunch?” Konu said after barging in and seeing me within the living room .

"Gosh..don't just come in, ok?"
"What's it to you? Your home is mine too!"
"BTW, What did you eat ?"
“Omurice. But nothing for you. My mother only makes one portion.” "If you're hungry, there's still bread and pineapple jam within the fridge." I said as I headed towards my room.
"Okay, don't cry if nothin's left, hehe"
"Guh, why am I crying due to bread! If you actually want to eat it all, it's up to you Gorilla! "
After leaving Koni downstairs, I rushed back to my room to check whether Nevra had finished installing or not.

"Okay, it's over. Time to form my very own Avasisstant to stream!” I said while double-clicking the software icon with a capital "N" which was held by the cat-eared girl within the maid outfit.

"I will try the Auto Avatar Synchronization feature immediately."
"Amazing! It seems that it is directly made just by bringing the retina closer to the camera! The avatar just like the real me! Both the facial contour, height and even small details like the mole on the upper left forehead are synchronized well! It is a huge time saver and truly deserves to be called a premium Feature!” “However, there's no way anyone in this world would use real appearance and identity for an Avasisstant. So, I'll provide you with a bit magic touch and surely people won't recognize me." I said happy.


“Iwa, do you hear me?”
"OI, IWA!"
"Ah! Konu! Don't startle me like that!"

"...well, I'm like this thanks to you." I said while shifting the chair and telling him to come closer. With a sour expression, he approached and saw what the monitor was displaying.

“Whoa, you've already made Avasisstant. Why don't you create it in line with your real self? That's cool!"

“ sigh, you actually don't understand! Where within the world would an Avasisstant using a true face! In any case, it's still ourselves talking and interacting with other people! To be honest, i've got no intention of buying Nevra or creating an avatar. But, since you told me to, I believe it's the best for myself.” I snapped at Koni who could only gape in the least my ramblings. After some seconds, Koni's brain was finally able to process all my explanation, sort a computer being restarted, and finally understand what I was doing. With a fairly low tone and bowing his head

“…I'm sorry, I just brooding about myself. "

"It's okay, everyone makes mistakes. But, don't shout again before my house! You're not a delivery man! You think that I'm deaf?!" I said with a sigh, while patting the shoulder of my sole best friend i've got.

"Okay, okay, I won't be like that again. BTW, have you ever finished configuring your Avasisstant?"

"Just input the script and test it. Are you thirsty? I'll get you some juice." I said as I pressed the keyboard keys again, which sounded very tasty and quite comfortable to the ears.

"Nope, I'll took it myself. You simply keep going until it's finished. I'm going to the toilet first. Nature's call, hehe"

"Okay then. When this is over, I'll make you dinner. So you don't need to bring the juice here, I'm affraid an odd smell stuck to the bottle." I said, laughing aloud. After I noticed that Koni had disappeared from my room and left the door open, with a small smile, I continued my work.

After completing Avasisstant and performing some tests for its AI, I stretched my body with both hands pointing up. I didn't realize it had been almost 6 hours since I was gazing at the monitor. I saw Koni wasn't in my room. Maybe he's home… Today iIhe'd come, but in the end I totally ignored him, AND HE DON"T WANNA TO BE FRIENDS WITH ME AGAIN!!! ARRRRRGGGGGGGHH!!” I assumed as I rolled on the ground and held my head. I don't know what'll happen to me if he really thinks about it. My head was spinning filled with negative thoughts, but all of that didn't last long, after I heard the sound of the TV downstairs turning on. I quickly got up and ran downstairs towards the source of the sound.

“Oh! Have you finished making Avasisstant?... Wait, why are you looking so tired?” Ask Koni casually chilling watching some Anime on TV.

“Haa… ha… WHO DOESN'T PANIC WHEN THE TV TURNS ON ALONE! I THOUGHT IT WAS ROBBER SNUCK INTO MY HOUSE U MORON!” I said after my pulse returned to normal and my breath. I forgot that Koni wouldn't be back at his house if my mother hadn't arrived yet. During the summer holidays-Nope, ever since I got to know him, from the beginning, he liked to accompany me when my mother visited work. Thanks to that, I who don't dare speak to anyone aside from my mother and him, have now begun to be able to talk to people, although it's only limited to men.

“… Konu, what do you want to eat tonight?”

"I leave it to you. After all, in this world the only one who wants to eat your lousy food is me, hahaha!"
"Really? Just be ready then." I said furiously. As if answering my anger, it crossed my mind to prank this gorilla with one amongst the things he hates foremost , Spinach."hehehe…. I'll make him unable to go away the toilet for a moment.. hehe..hehehe…” I mumbled to myself, sort of a devil......

"Here, I'll make a burger." I said flatly while thrusting the food in front of him.
"...Have you told the people at home that you were here earlier?" Continue.
"Already. even if I didn't say anything, they'd have known i was here. Our home is nearby . I'll be back soon. It's almost eight o'clock. Surely Uta-san is already on his way home.” Koni said as he quickly devoured a piece of bread that contained various sorts of meat and vegetables.
"W-wow! You're really like a gorilla when you eat …”
“Eating fast is s-- *urrg!* … Iwa, what are you giving this burger?” Konu said while holding his stomach.

“S-s-sorry, I mixed it with- HAHAHAHAHA!!” I couldn't help but Laughing to Konu who was confused by what happened, and saw him running towards the toilet.


After apologizing and giving Konu the nausea medicine, he rushed home. I returned to my room to undertake live streaming using the Internet, then I heard the voice of my mother who had returned home and headed for my room.

*knock knock* "I'm home Iwa, have you ever eaten? Want me to make something?”

"Nope. I just had dinner with Koni." I said flatly.

My mother, who approached, then hugged me suddenly and said “Soon Summer break is over. Have you ever done all the Summer tasks? "

"Em.. Already done. But I feel uneasy to going back to school. And don't hug me suddenly, I'm not a baby anymore..." I said as I released myself from her embrace. My mother who was listening suddenly walked out of the room and stopped before of the door, saying “You won't be able to feel the sweetness of youth if you continue to think like that. I do know that change cannot be instant, but I hope you'll be able to fight the fear that's inside you." Then she closed my bedroom door and went downstairs.

"Even without you saying that, I already know!" I said in my heart. An uneasy feeling enveloped my heart. Beacuse of that, I decided to sleep and cancelled the Test Stream.

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Real Aire
Joe Gold

Trial Sense