Chapter 12:


Solus: The Pairing of Fate

“...and that concludes my report, sir.” A woman had declared as she bowed down to the man seated in front of him.Bookmark here

“Are you sure about this information?” He asked.Bookmark here

“No doubt, Sir. I had followed Ikuro-sama myself today without being noticed.”Bookmark here

“And the destination was the newly established office…”Bookmark here

“That is right, Sir. Mr. Helix, a famous researcher for Solus, had recently moved here to Japan for his research. I personally witnessed Ikuro-sama and Madoka-sama enter the office. It is presumed that Hikaru Izuya was there too.”Bookmark here

“I see...Good work, Laura.” Bookmark here

“You flatter me, sir.”Bookmark here

Laura Hillview. The personal secretary for the head of the Amagami household. She was a very versatile woman who was able to handle all kinds of duties. On this particular day, she was tasked with following Ikuro to find out what he has been up to recently.Bookmark here

None of us had noticed her, who was perfectly blended in with the crowd following us into the building, where we were discussing our Solus. Perhaps Laura had heard everything we said that day. Even if she didn’t, it wasn’t hard to piece together the reason why we would be at this office with Helix in the first place.Bookmark here

Needless to say, the person she was reporting to was the head of the Amagami Household. Amagami Izumi. A man who could be said to have raised the Amagamis’ to an even greater height year after year. In his hand, held the comprehensive report, detailing the recent actions of his son, Amagami Ikuro, and the details of Helix and his fellow researchers.Bookmark here

“Sigh...That boy...I will let it go for now, but I won’t be able to suppress it any longer.” Izumi placed the report on his desk as he turned his chair around, staring out the glass windows of his office.Bookmark here

“Let’s see how fate shall play out, shall we?”Bookmark here

XXXBookmark here

“...Don’t you have anything to say? Izuya.” Bookmark here

As usual, I was harassed by some haughty elites before I could make my way to my class. As soon as I entered, I was kindly guided to somewhere near the hall where the Kendo tournament was held and harassed yet again.Bookmark here

“Can I go now?” I said indifferently. Bookmark here

I had gotten used to the meaningless taunts by now and simply ignored them. Although the blatant harassment had lessened, it still occurred occasionally.Bookmark here

“Why you -”Bookmark here

“Hey.” A sharp voice called out.Bookmark here

“Huh? Who are - Geh, Shizuku…” Bookmark here

The voice belonged to Shizuku who was currently attending our school’s curriculum while participating in a training camp for the club. The current people holding me hostage had tried to woo Shizuku when she came and were thoroughly beaten up, causing them to feel fear. Bookmark here

“Get lost.” Bookmark here

“Tch...Let’s go guys.” The few elite athletes left with a few words from Shizuku.Bookmark here

“I didn’t need your help.”Bookmark here

“Well I did my work, so you own me one now.”Bookmark here

“Huh? That’s not how it works -”Bookmark here

“Besides, I can’t simply let anyone bully our new club slav - new member now, can I?”Bookmark here

“Did you just call -”Bookmark here

“Let’s go, captain is waiting.” She said in a nonchalant voice.Bookmark here

“Sigh...Wait up.” I followed behind her.Bookmark here

With the new school term starting and me enrolling into the Kendo club with Ikuro and Madoka, a new chapter was about to begin. Bookmark here

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