Chapter 14:

The Battle Part 2

The Young Knight of the Desert

Shiraz, Eurasian Tsardom. 1139 hours

“Leytenant, I’ve ordered the troops in the north to hold position,” Aleksandr Mirov said over the radio in the communications room of the Imperial Eurasian Army’s Walgear training center in Shiraz, with his nephew Vladimir listening. “Mind if I ask why?”

“This is to make the rebels waste whatever ammunition they have left,” Mirov answered. “I doubt they have enough ammunition for their vaunted Walgears.”

“I suppose this will make it easier on the troops advancing from Bonegez. Now, what about you and Kapitan Nazarov?”

“We’re ready. I’ll be contacting General-Mayor Karimova shortly. If you’re wondering why we don’t have anyone advancing from the southeast, that’s where we’ll be coming in.”

“And I’m to assume this is in the event the rebels prevail against those advancing from the north.”


“At this point, all I can say is good luck.”

“Spasibo, Dyádya Alik.”


Farniwaya Governorate, State of Kuwait. 1014 hours (Arabia Standard Time)

Alicia Caguiat returned to Kuwait International Airport. Upon reaching the C-5 Galaxy she rode on, she found A.K. inspecting the Walgears inside.

“You’re back,” A.K. said as he noticed Caguiat approach him without looking. “Are we set to go now?”

“Not yet,” Caguiat answered.

“Why?” A.K. asked before turning to Caguiat.

“You really aren’t going to like this.”


Bushehr, Eurasian Tsardom. 1239 hours (Tehran Time)

Vos found his smartphone ringing again while he was at the control tower of Bushehr Airport. To his surprise, he found the frequency to be different, yet he responded.

“Who’s this?” Vos asked.

“It’s Maria Clara,” the female Intelligence Collective “coordinator” answered from the other end of the smartphone. “Listen, I’m using the TP communicator in the C-5 to contact you. Don’t worry, the crew will eliminate the frequency later. Now, I’m calling because there’s someone who wishes to speak to you.”

“So you’re Wouter Vos of Iron Dutchman Services,” a male voice said upon taking over from “Maria Clara”.

“Who are you?”

“Call me A.K.”

“You mean the Nomads’-”

“No time for gushing. Listen, I’ve heard from ‘Maria Clara’ that we might have to pick up civilians.”

“That depends on the surviving Brotherhood of Freedom commanders.”

“I’ve talked to the other pilots. We’ve agreed to help evacuate anyone who wishes to get on the plane. However, you might receive a pay cut.”

“We have two clients at the moment.”

“Your ‘coordinator’ will tell you. If you survive, that is. Good hunting.”

Just as the call ended, Vos saw that the Sadko used by Farahani’s cell as a whole returned with civilians.


1300 hours

Command Group of Farahani’s cell stationed themselves at an old prison. Sunan Wattana positioned herself on the rooftop of the prison. She now crawled on the rooftop’s floor as she aimed by using her Artashir’s scope after deploying the rifle’s bipod.

“Any changes yet?” Vahid Farahani asked as he appeared beside Wattana.

“Commander, what are you doing here?” Wattana asked without looking at Farahani.

“I came to see what will come next.”

“I see.”

Neither Wattana nor Farahani said anything. Only after five minutes did they realize that the silence was agitating them.

“Listen… about me giving the order to withdraw once the plane gets here-”

“I understand.” Wattana said before letting Farahani finish and facing him. “You’re the commander. Keep your men alive as much as possible.”

“I can understand you’re saying this because it concerns Junior Volunteer Alam?”

“I’m honestly scared of what’s going to happen at this point. Of course, that depends on what Ganji will say once he finds that the Eurasians coming this way are near the city.”

“I do have to ask: how has Ganji adjusted to the mercenary life?”

“You’re asking this now?”

“Just curious. Can’t hurt to feel this way in a situation like this.”

“He adjusted well for his age. Being a high school student, on the other hand… ”

“I imagine he caused some trouble when he first started out guarding Maria Hoshikawa?”

“Ganji beat up a guy in public when it looked like he was being vulgar to Maria, but in truth, he was asking directions.”

Farahani giggled upon hearing what Wattana described. “You find that funny?”

“I’ve never seen Ganji act that before.”

However, both Wattana and Farahani heard the sound of Walgear wheels approaching them as they heard how loud the wheels were. They turned in the direction they looked at earlier and found Tarou Ganji approaching them in his SH-6.

The SH-6 stopped. Tarou then opened his cockpit and faced Farahani and Wattana.

“How near are the Eurasians now?” Farahani loudly asked.

“Very near,” Tarou shouted. Farahani and Wattana resumed facing each other.

“We need to enact our plan now,” Farahani reminded Wattana with the latter nodding. “Get out of here and find a new position. I’ll contact Ghasem and Saman to get ready as well.”

Farahani then reverted his attention to Tarou. “Find Junior Volunteer Alam!” Farahani loudly ordered Tarou. “The both of you will be needed for heavy firepower!”

“Roger that!” Tarou shouted.


1321 hours

Imperial Eurasian Army troops had arrived in Bushehr. A BTR arrived at the site of where a Collaborationist BTR was destroyed. As it stopped, the BTR opened its side doors found between each pair of wheels. Seven infantrymen came out of the BTR. They weren’t aware that Vahid Farahani was watching them.

These men and women mostly carried AK-2000 rifles, but one carried its light machine gun variant, the RPK-2000, while one had an RPG-2000 slung across his right arm. One rifleman, a corporal, ordered two men to scout the wrecked BTR.

The two Eurasian soldiers climbed up to the top of the destroyed BTR, with one of them opening the hatch of the autocannon turret. Upon seeing the inside of the destroyed BTR, the infantryman who opened the turret hatch found a bomb that emitted a red light.

The infantryman said nothing. Or rather, he wasn’t able to, as a ball of fire erupted before he said anything. The explosion from the bomb made the two infantrymen spring out of the BTR wreckage with shrapnel, killing them.

A sniper shot the infantryman carrying an RPG-2000 afterward. Armin Khadem along with Ghasem Madani appeared and fired their respective weapons against the rest of the motor rifle squad, unknowingly killing the BTR’s machine gunner while Farahani rushed toward the BTR and just as he climbed onto the top, he opened the hatch, grabbed a grenade, removed its pin, and tossed it inside the BTR. Farahani jumped out of the BTR as soon as the grenade exploded. He then fired his AK-2000 at the surviving motor rifle squad with the sniper, Sunan Wattana, killing the last man in the squad.

As Farahani got up, he, along with Armin and Ghasem, gathered around the fallen Eurasian soldiers. “Get their weapons,” Farahani ordered. “After this, we best join up with anyone that needs our help.”

“Yes, sir,” Armin and Ghasem replied in unison.

As soon as Farahani, Ghasem, and Armin started taking the weapons from the dead Eurasians, Wattana appeared. Without saying anything, Wattana joined in gathering weapons.


1330 hours

Elsewhere in Bushehr, a Eurasian infantry fighting vehicle, called Boevaya Machina Poyety (BMP) in Russian, and its squad was engaging Brotherhood fighters. Attacking this motor rifle squad was Saman Dabri’s cell, who acquired assistance from some of the volunteers who joined after the Collaborationists were eliminated. Unbeknownst to the motor rifle squad, Hooman Asadi hid behind a destroyed building while he removed the safety cap of an RPG.

After removing the safety cap, Hooman knelt on the ground and, with his left hand, inserted the RPG into its launcher. He checked his rear before aiming and, as he found that no one was behind him and that it was safe to fire his RPG, he aimed at the BMP.

Without any hesitation left, Hooman fired the RPG-7. However, the Eurasian infantrymen heard and as he saw them turn to him, Hooman retreated back to the ruined building. For the Eurasians, it was too late as the RPG hit the BMP, destroying it and killing the surviving infantrymen.


Above Ameri. 1339 hours

Eurasian Walgears, mostly Imperial Eurasian Army SH-6s, were being delivered to Ameri by Kz-28 Walgear carriers. Vladimir Mirov and his team, who were Imperial Eurasian Navy, were attached to this unit and were also being delivered to Ameri.

The Kz-28s stopped as each pilot of the VTOL aircraft found their respective drop-off spots. They began to drop off the SH-6s they respectively carried. First to be dropped off were Mirov and his team.

In his SH-6’s cockpit, Mirov received a frequency in his control panel’s communicator. “Leytenant, have you arrived at Ameri?” Aleksandr Mirov asked over the communicator.

“Da, General-Gubernator,” Mirov replied to his uncle. “From Ameri, my team and Kapitan Nazarov’s teams will advance to Bushehr. The rest of Kapitan Nazarov’s company left before the Shagokhod teams did and will join up with the units advancing from Bonegez.”

“About that, the units attacking from Choghadak have withdrawn due to rising casualties. I’ve been requested to allow an air strike before the troops from Bonegez advance.”

“Then do it.”


Bushehr. 1350 hours

”Air strike!” shouted one Brotherhood fighter as a Su-25 close air support aircraft appeared and fired its S-8 rockets. From the northeast, the Su-25 strafed the neighborhoods close to Bushehr Airport.

Watching what was happening, Wouter Vos looked around in desperation. Miraculously, he saw a ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft turret and rushed to it. However, he needed someone to assist him and rushed to look for someone. He then saw Anita Hamilton and went to her.

“Doc, I need your help,” Vos said to Hamilton.

“With what?” Hamilton asked.

“Just come with me!” Vos shouted before he grabbed Hamilton by her right hand and dragged her with him to the ZU turret.

Both then reached the ZU. “What do I need to do?” Hamilton asked.

“Just move the direction of the turret to wherever I ask,” Vos answered. “I’ll handle the firing.”

Both Hamilton and Vos boarded the ZU. Remembering where the Su-25 was coming from, Vos pointed to where Hamilton was to turn the turret. Once they turned to where the Su-25 was approaching, Vos fired the ZU’s 23mm autocannons at the Su-25, destroying it.

Suddenly, more explosions rocked Bushehr. Vos then instructed Hamilton to turn further to their right and now, they found another Su-25 approaching from east, directly toward the airport. Vos fired again, hitting the Su-25 at its front. This reduced the Su-25 to a fireball and metallic scraps.

Suddenly, Vos finds that his smartphone was ringing. He found a certain frequency and answered.

“Vos, did you shoot down those Graches?” Sunan Wattana asked from the other end of the smartphone.

“That I did,” Vos answered. “Doc helped.”

“Those air strikes were the appetizer. The main course is coming from Bonegaz.”

“Damn it!” Vos shouted while turning away from the smartphone before facing it. “Have the Brotherhood started to withdraw?”

“Farahani’s gotten what’s left of his men to leave. The other Brotherhood cells might take a while because they’ll be coming in with more wounded.”

“The truck’s already on its way back to the city. Just get Ganji, Alam, and Male Javadi here.”

“Roger that.”

However, another call came to the smartphone. Vos saw that the frequency was that of the C-5 Galaxy “Maria Clara” was riding on and he answered it.

“Clara, is that you?” Vos asked.

“It is,” “Maria Clara” answered. “The plane’s close to Bushehr.

“Thank God. Things are getting really hairy here.”

“I know. What of the rebels?”

“Those Eurasians used Graches to soften us up. According to Sunan, another wave of Eurasian armor is advancing from Bonegez. The rebels are in the middle of gathering their wounded. I apologize but-”

“Don’t worry, A.K. and I worked something out. “

“Same with the evacuation plan. See you soon.”

“Same here.”


Outside Bushehr. 1401 hours

A BRDM-03 reconnaissance vehicle was just outside Bushehr. The driver and the machine gunner of the BRDM-03 watched as more armor approached the city. Despite the Su-25s having been shot down, the Eurasians continued the advance as they were now confident about their victory.

Further inside the BRDM was its radio operator, a woman. After moving the dial for a while, the female Eurasian soldier found a certain frequency, but she turned her head to the BDRM’s commander.

“Mladshiy Serzhant, I’ve reached the frequency used for Shagokhod pilots,” the radio operator said.

“Otlichno,” the BRDM commander replied.


Ameri. 1410 hours

In his SH-6’s cockpit, Vladimir Mirov found a frequency being shown on his communicator. He responded to the call.

“Leytenant Mirov, my reconnaissance teams have reported that the rebels are being pushed further into the city,” Tigran Nazaorv said over the communicator. “Shall we join up with the troops assaulting Bushehr?”

“Kapitan, you’ve helped me get this far, despite our ranks. I can’t thank you enough for this.”

“You may be of lower rank and from a different service branch, but if defeating these mercenaries will help guarantee victory for the Tsardom, it is your decision to advance or not.”

“Very well. We move to Bushehr.”


Bushehr. 1410 hours

Brotherhood of Freedom members desperately converged to Bushehr Airport. Most walked with some wounded. Most of the wounded arrived by truck.

While Anita Hamilton, along with a few civilians, assisted the wounded, Wouter Vos watched on with well-hidden anxiety. It was then that his smartphone rang again, and he answered it as it was the frequency of the Galaxy “Maria Clara” was riding on.

“Mr. Vos, are you there?” “Maria Clara” asked.

“Please tell me you’re near?” Vos responded.

“Five minutes. How many do we have to evacuate?”

“I believe we have sixty wounded. As for the families of the rebels, you’re in luck. Only some of them opted to follow those who joined the rebels. You won’t worry about space.”

“Thank goodness.”

“They’ll have to go in first and the commanders of the rebels agreed that everyone is to make a mad dash for the plane once the wounded and the civilians are inside.”



1414 hours

In Bushehr’s Tangak neighborhood, Tarou Ganji, Leila Alam, and Bijan Javadi, in their respective Walgears, desperately distracted Eurasian forces from advancing further into the city. Bijan used his EG01’s machine guns, chambered at 12.7x99mm, to eliminate advancing infantrymen. As for Leila in her EG01 and Tarou in his SH-6, they eliminated Eurasian armor that was advancing behind the infantry. Unlike Bijan’s Walgear, Leila and Tarou had little ammunition for their respective Walgears’ anti-armor weapons.

“Ganji, are you there?” Vos asked over Tarou’s communicator. “Please respond!?”

“I’m a little busy here!” Tarou shouted.

“Our plane’s coming in a minute. I suggest you think of something fast to delay the Eurasians because they’ll send in more men and tanks and I doubt you, Alam, or Male Javadi have enough ammo to keep them away from the airport.”

“… Fine.”

Tarou then dialed up a certain frequency as soon as the call from Vos ended. “Junior Volunteer Alam, we need to leave!” Tarou ordered.

“I hear you loud and clear, Senior Volunteer,” Bijan Javadi interjected. “You and Junior Volunteer Alam get out of here.”

“But what about you?” Tarou asked.

“I have an idea but you won’t lik-”


“Senior Volunteer, Junior Volunteer Bijan’s right,” Leila added. “Even if he ejected, he won’t make it while we can escape faster. Likewise, if we all retreat to the airport together.”

“You fought well,” Tarou said.

“Thank you for teaching me everything,” Bijan replied. “Please take care of my sister.”

“I will.”

Both Tarou and Leila began to retreat. Bijan continued firing despite Eurasian BTRs and BMPs firing their respective autocannons, whose rounds were more than capable of destroying a Walgear.

Despite taking severe damage and receiving fatal wounds, Bijan kept on firing. The temptation of ejecting was hard to resist, but Bijan knew it would matter little. Once he lost both of his EG01’s autocannons, Bijan continued firing the machine guns despite 12.7x99mm rounds having little effect against the frontal armor of BTRs and BMPs. A Eurasian infantryman aimed his RPG-2000 at the damaged EG01 and pulled the trigger.


1420 hours

The C-5 Galaxy had landed on Bushehr Airport. Every wounded man and woman, along with the Collaborationists taken prisoner, and the civilians gathered at the runaway. Both the Galaxy’s nose bay door and the right airstair was laid out.

The Iron Dutchman members save for Tarou were nearest the Galaxy. They saw Alicia Caguiat approach from the airstair.

“So you’re Iron Dutchman Services?” Caguiat asked.

“And who are you?” Wouter Vos asked.

“Alicia Caguiat. You might know me best as ‘Maria Clara’.”

The mercenaries stood dumbfounded at what came out of Caguiat’s mouth. The woman who gave them the job to protect Maria Hoshikawa covertly was none other than the woman standing before them.

“And you came all this way to pick us up?” Sunan Wattana asked.

“Director’s orders,” Caguiat answered.

“So how will you get us back to Japan?” Anita Hamilton asked.

“We’ll sort that out later.”

“So you came to pick us up?” Vahid Farahani asked as he, Bakhtiar, Tarou Ganji, and Leila Alam appeared.

“And I assume you’re the surviving Brotherhood of Freedom commanders?” Caguiat asked upon turning to the Brotherhood members and Tarou.

“Vahid Farahani. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Kourosh Bakhtiar. You’re willing to get all of us out of here?”

“Yes,” A.K. said as he appeared.

“I can’t believe it! Vos exclaimed. “You’re A.K. of the Nomads?”

“That’s right,” the masked mercenary leader while his infantrymen stepped out of the airstair behind him while his SH-6s were leaving through the nose bay door.

“Showoff,” Wattana muttered while looking away.

“We brought what you asked,” Caguiat said to the Iron Dutchman members.

“I assume it’s inside the plane?” Tarou Ganji asked.

“It is,” Caguiat answered while looking at Tarou.

“Farahani, Bakhtiar, how many men do we have left?” Vos asked as he turned to the Brotherhood commanders.

“All of Command Group is safe,” Farahani answered. “However, Saman told me that Kazem and Beg are dead.”

“Bijan’s dead,” Tarou added.

“Are you sure?” Vos asked Tarou.

“He helped Junior Volunteer Alam and I escape while he held off the Eurasian forces advancing from Bonegez. At the least, the Eurasians will have to find another way to enter the city since the streets are filled with corpses and wrecked vehicles.”

“Save for the wounded, I’ve lost three-fourths of my entire cell,” Bakhtiar answered.

“What about the volunteers?” Vos continued.

“Many died earlier,” Farahani answered. “Those wounded, along with the civilians, are to be loaded onto the plane.”

“If the Eurasians have been delayed, I suggest we started loading the wounded and the civilians,” A.K. added.

“Good enough,” Vos replied before he turned to Tarou. “Ganji, how many rounds does your Lance’s rifle have?”

“Half of its last magazine,” Tarou answered.

“I’ll be piloting it. Solbein’s inside so I suggest you rush to the plane and board Solbein.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Farahani, Bakhtiar, get any Brotherhood fighter still in fighting shape. It’s time we prepared for the Eurasian advance toward the airport. Remember, once the civilians and the wounded are loaded onto the plane, those still alive must make a run for it.”

“My men will assist,” A.K. added.


Outside Bushehr. 1454 hours

Vladimir Mirov’s team, along with Tigran Nazarov’s Walgear squads, had reached the outskirts of Bushehr. In his SH-6’s cockpit, the communicator received the frequency of Aleksandr Mirov, the uncle of the pilot.

“Leytenant, are you there?” Aleksandr asked over the communicator.

“What is it, General-Gubernator?” Mirov asked in response.

“An unmarked transport plane arrived at Bushehr Airport. It may have come to evacuate the surviving rebels, provided reinforcements, or both. Once the troops regrouped at the new entrance and that the bridgelayer has been delivered, we can begin attacking.”

“Hold on, General-Gubernator. Might I suggest infiltrating a reconnaissance unit inside the city?”


“If there are reinforcements, we need to know what they brought.”

“Fair enough, but you’re on your own at this point. Don’t expect Kapitan Nazarov to help you.”

“Spasibo, General-Gubernator.”

Mirov then typed in another frequency into the communicator. “Mladshiy Leytenant Kipiani, come in.”

“You needed something, Leytenant?” Giorgi Kipiani asked over the communicator.

“I need you to go into the city and scout ahead on what’s going on in Bushehr Airport.”

“Zametano, Leytenant.”


Bushehr. 1503 hours

The Brotherhood of Freedom members who haven’t been wounded had fortified the fortress to prepare for the coming attack. The surviving members of Vahid Farahani’s cell positioned themselves at the hangars that the Iranian Air Force once used, while Kourosh Bakhtiar’s cell positioned themselves near the Bagh-E-Zahra neighborhood. Meanwhile, the Nomads faced Paygah Havaei Park.

Tarou Ganji then came out of the C-5 Galaxy using Solbein, the silver-colored Walgear that the Iron Dutchman kept and joined Bakhtiar’s cell, with one SH-6 piloted by a Nomad and Leila Alam in her EG01 guarding Bakhtiar's cell. A.K., also piloting an SH-6, was with his infantrymen. The other two Nomad SH-6s were with Farahani’s cell.

Unbeknownst to the Brotherhood remnants and the mercenaries, Giorgi Kipiani was near. However, he wasn’t in his SH-6 as he parked it near a bombed out military installation. As he got off the Walgear, Kipiani rushed to the neighboring gas station.

From there, Kipiani brought out a pair of binoculars and was able to see the two SH-6s used by the Nomads. While using his left hand to continue holding the binoculars, Kipiani used his index finger of his right hand to press a button on the right side of the binoculars. A clicking sound was made because Kipiani pressed the button. After that, Kipiani then rushed back to his SH-6.

Moving without being spotted, Kipiani passed through destroyed Imperial Eurasian Army vehicles. Because they had legs, Walgears could jump and Kipiani exploited this by jumping over the wrecked vehicles. After that, he continued on until he found a spot to park his Walgear within Bushehr Airport that wasn’t guarded. Again, he got off the Walgear, used his binoculars that also functioned as a camera, found the SH-6 piloted by A.K., took the photograph, and returned to his Walgear.

Passing the same wreckage and the military base he used as a parking lot for his Walgear, Kipiani used a bridge that made a lake within the city to find one last spot to reconnoiter the airport. Having gone past the bridge, Kipiani neared the airport again, but he had to stop at the nearby ruins of a university. After parking his SH-6, Kipiani got off the Walgear again and rushed to a suitable spot where he can take his photograph without being spotted.

Kipiani was able to find not only the spot but also more Walgears for his last photograph. He then spotted not only Leila’s EG01 but also another Nomad SH-6. However, Kipiani hesitated upon seeing Solbein.

This must be the silver-colored Shagokhod Leytenant Mirov wishes to capture, Kipiani thought. I don’t feel good about finding it… but an order is an order.

Kipiani overcame his hesitation and took his photograph. After that, he quickly returned to his SH-6.


Outside Bushehr. 1559 hours

In his SH-6’s cockpit, not only did Mirov hear the sound of another SH-6’s wheels, but also, he found Kipiani’s frequency, which he dialed more than an hour ago, on his communicator.

“Mladshiy Leytenant, what did you find?” Mirov asked upon responding to Kipiani.

“That silver Shagokhod,” Kipiani replied over the communicator.

“Are you sure?”

“Hold on. I’ll send the photos I took to your computer.”

After ten minutes of waiting, Mirov received three photographs on his Walgear’s computer. To his horror, the photos proved what Kipiani told him.

As a result, Mirov used his communicator again. This time, he typed in Aleksandr’s frequency.

“General-Gubernator, I’ve finished with the reconnaissance mission,” Mirov said.

“What did you find?” Aleksandr asked over the communicator.

“You were right to suspect that plane. The Nomads have come to aid the rebels.”

“The Nomads!? How!?”

“We’ll find out later. I also found that the silver Shagokhod from Sakhalin Island is here.”

“Are you sure about that too?”

“It was Mladshiy Leytenant Kipiani who told me of this and he brought back photos. Hold on while I send them to you.”

Using a function in the communicator where files can be distributed, Mirov sent the photos Kipiani gave him to Aleksandr by using his frequency.

“Got the photos yet?”

“Accessing the first one now… My God, you’re telling the truth!”

“General-Gubernator, I now have an idea on how to attack.”

“What is it?”

“I assume you have Kz-28s coming from Mehrabad?”

“We do. Once the bridgelayer arrives, they strike the airport first while the armor advances again.”

“Get my team and Kapitan Nazarov’s Shagokhods to strike first. That way, the air assault infantry will not have a hard time with the remaining defenders.”

“Very well. I leave this to you now.”



Bushehr. 1622 hours

“We’re detecting multiple bogies approaching the airport,” Alicia Caguiat said while contacting all Walgear pilots while using the Galaxy’s communications equipment.

“Got it,” Wouter Vos replied over the radio.

In his SH-6, which Tarou gave to him as he boarded Solbein, Vos contacted Tarou using the communicator. “Ganji, do you read me?” Vos asked.

“I read you,” Tarou replied. “Junior Volunteer Alam, 2nd Lieutenant Ranizai, and I will assist the two Nomads with Commander Farahani in intercepting the Walgears coming from the east. A.K. will handle the ones coming in from the south.”

“I’ll stay here to make sure the evacuation continues without any more delays.”


Mladshiy Serzhant – “Junior Sergeant” in Russian. The Russian equivalent of “Corporal”. Cyrillic: Мла́дший сержа́нт

Otlichno – Russian for “Excellent”. Cyrillic: Отлично