Chapter 13:

He who by the sword wounds, by the sword perishes, part 2

The Divine Punishment

"Now you won't get away from me!" I shouted.Bookmark here

With immense speed, I catapulted myself towards Dario, who was trying to escape, despite having a hole in his chest.Bookmark here

"No, Tenkei, don't!" said Acuro to me.Bookmark here

I couldn't forgive Dario after nearly killing my teacher, I had to take him out at all costs.Bookmark here

After spending the whole afternoon training, it was finally time to try one of the most fatal techniques.Bookmark here

But I didn't think it was time to use the Kitsune yet, it wouldn't make sense in a fight like this.Bookmark here

So I decided to use the blade that cuts through anything, the Raijin.Bookmark here

After pulling the katana out of its sheath, I headed towards Dario with great speed.Bookmark here

I applied the sharp electricity as my teacher had explained to me.Bookmark here

"And now, you must know pain! RAIJIN!"Bookmark here

The blade of the sword became very shiny, so much so that I couldn't tell if the color was yellow or blue, like lightning.Bookmark here

In addition to becoming shiny, it became very long.Bookmark here

I was standing at a distance of about 10 meters, but I still managed to hit him.Bookmark here

I was getting used to the light of the katana, so I could see where I hit. The blade reached Dario's head, cutting him slowly into two equal parts.Bookmark here

It was the first person I was killing in my life, but I wasn't regretting it at all.Bookmark here

"AAAAAAAAAH!"Bookmark here

He didn't have time to finish screaming that his body had split.Bookmark here

I canceled the technique and quickly ran towards my teacher, who was about to die, but I thought I could save him.Bookmark here

"Acuro-sensei!" I yelled.Bookmark here

In the meantime, Evan and Emmy had gotten rid of the zombies and were catching up to me.Bookmark here

"Come on, master, we need to get you to someone right away, we can still save you!" I said.Bookmark here

"Ahah, Tenkei, but don't you see how I am? It's a matter of minutes before I die. Take care of Emmy and Evan and save the world. This is no place for people like Dario..."Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the two had arrived.Bookmark here

"Before I die, I have to give each of you a serious talk."Bookmark here

"Y-yes," said Emmy, who had already seen the senator die in front of her eyes; she wasn't ready to go through another trauma.Bookmark here

"Evan, the new guy, you're strong, you have great potential, you told me about your brother, avenge him, do what you have to do, and most importantly, protect Emmy and Tenkei, who sometimes act up."Bookmark here

Evan couldn't hold back the tears but this sentence put a smile on his face.Bookmark here

"Then you, Emmy, the smartest one, don't be fooled by Evan and Tenkei, you have great potential too, use the moves I taught you and perfect them so you can restore peace in this apocalyptic world..."Bookmark here

", Tenkei."Bookmark here

He looked at me, I probably expected the longest speech, being the one Acuro believed in the most.Bookmark here

I also for the first time felt very strong emotions, so I started to cry before he even started to say what he wanted to tell me.Bookmark here

"Tenkei, you are the strongest among the three of you, protect them and defeat Clark and his people, I know you can do it, if you join forces you guys are great. Be sure to have a great trip. And, if you don't make it... Well, I'll see you in the other world... Goodbye, guys..."Bookmark here

It wasn't that long of a speech, though.Bookmark here

He had just shut down. Like a laptop when it runs out of battery.Bookmark here

But the battery wasn't rechargeable.Bookmark here

I felt really bad.Bookmark here

My master had just turned off.Bookmark here

In these two days, he had not only become my teacher but also a kind of father, having had a very weak father figure since childhood.Bookmark here

I was aware that this death would change my outlook towards life, but I was somewhat happy about it. I had received one of the greatest teachings: "Use the sword to defend those who need it."Bookmark here

"Evan, Emmy, let's go, it's time to eliminate those bastards."Bookmark here

"But... Tenkei, we need to greet Acuro properly," said Emmy.Bookmark here

"I agree," replied Evan.Bookmark here

"Alright, you're right."Bookmark here

If I had a euro for every funeral I went to after an apocalypse I'd have two euros, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.Bookmark here

"HEY! You over there!!! Are you okay?!" yelled two people in the distance.Bookmark here

"Oh shit, it's not going to be any more enemies! Fireb-" said Evan.Bookmark here

But I stopped him in time, they were dressed as farmers, I don't think they could be on Clark's side too.Bookmark here

"Stop, Evan. Look at the way they're dressed. They're locals."Bookmark here

We caught up with them, they were two farmers, they were very sweaty.Bookmark here

"We heard a tremendous confusion and then we saw Acuro dead on the ground, was it the zombies' fault?" the two said.Bookmark here

"It's a long story, the teacher died to protect us," said Emmy.Bookmark here

"The teacher?" replied the female farmer.Bookmark here

"Yes, Acuro was our master, wait, but do you guys know him?"Bookmark here

"Y-yes, he helped us a lot these days to eliminate the zombies in the area, without him we would have been dead for days now."Bookmark here

"I see, I didn't know sensei was so thoughtful to even take care of the people in town. I'm glad," said Emmy.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"When we'll leave from here we will only aim at one thing: retrieving water, the water in the vicinity is running out, it is evaporating, thanks to the drought"Bookmark here

"Don't worry, head north, there is plenty of water there," I told them.Bookmark here

"Okay, thanks, how about you spend the night with us? We can offer you food and bury your master Acuro if you'd like."Bookmark here

"Well, it's dark now and we don't have anywhere else to go... So I'd say yes, thank you."Bookmark here

"Well, follow me," said the farmer."Bookmark here

I took Acuro's body on my shoulders, the blood was now stopping coming out, and we walked to the little country house of the two farmers, whose name we still didn't know.Bookmark here

"Tell us, where are you guys from?" the woman asked us.Bookmark here

"Poland."Bookmark here

"Germany."Bookmark here

"England."Bookmark here

"WOW! All three of you are from different places, how did you guys meet?"Bookmark here

"Well...I don't know if you heard about us ma'am, but we...we're the kamien guys," I told her.Bookmark here

"The kamien guys? But weren't there 3 people with kamiens? Two boys and Senator Weber, right?"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry to tell you that the senator is dead, and we've been joined by Evan, who is from England, as he told you earlier."Bookmark here

"Oh no, now what are we going to do about the water!"Bookmark here

"Don't worry, ma'am, the canisters filled by the senator will be enough for a month, and within that month we'll be able to defeat the bastard who collects the stones."Bookmark here

"Who would that be?" said the farmer.Bookmark here

"He is a person with very big ambitions, unknown to us yet, but it seems he wants to take possession of all the kamiens because he has a specific kamien that sucks up the others, we don't really know how it works yet, but he will definitely be able to use all the ones he collects, so until we manage to defeat him we won't have the water back," I said.Bookmark here

"Ah sir, if you want I can make a pizza if you have the ingredients, you have a wood-burning oven, I have the electricity kamien so at my house I usually used the electric oven to make it, but Evan has the fire kamien so he can help me."Bookmark here

"Unfortunately, we don't have the ingredients for pizza, but we can make you some meat and vegetables by taking advantage of Evan." the lady replied.Bookmark here

"That's fine, no problem," replied Evan.Bookmark here

They then began preparing food and Emmy, the farmer, and I went out into the field to find a place where we could say our final goodbyes to Master Acuro.Bookmark here

"Is this okay?"Bookmark here

"Yes," replied Evan.Bookmark here

"Wait, Evan? Weren't you inside making food?" asked Emmy.Bookmark here

"Well, yes but I took the opportunity to try using one of the Kagu-Tsuchi's fireballs so I could practice since the fire is infinite and only goes out when I want it to."Bookmark here

"Brilliant!" I answered him.Bookmark here

"Isn't it? Ahaha."Bookmark here

We laughed, Emmy included, even though the situation wasn't exactly ideal, we had yet to decide how to say goodbye to our teacher forever.Bookmark here

"Well, all kidding aside, let's get started," said the farmer.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I've got this," replied Emmy.Bookmark here

With a small breeze, she moved enough dirt to be able to bury Acuro.Bookmark here

"Will that be enough?" asked Emmy.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I think that's enough."Bookmark here

We joined in "prayer" before putting more dirt over his body.Bookmark here

We weren't religious at all, maybe the farmer was, but that didn't concern us, we just wanted to pay respect to our master.Bookmark here

After a few minutes of silence and tears, we covered Acuro's body and went back inside to have dinner.Bookmark here

Once we got inside, I hugely needed to do something.Bookmark here

"PLEASE, WHERE IS THE BATHROOM?" I asked.Bookmark here

"There isn't, or rather, there is but the flush doesn't work for obvious reasons, if you need to do your business you can go to the fields behind."Bookmark here

In an apocalypse, you can't extinguish human needs.Bookmark here

After finally clearing my stomach, I went back inside and we finally got around to eating.Bookmark here

"Hey, one question, what are your names? We've known each other for a few hours but you haven't told us your names yet," said Evan as he chewed.Bookmark here

"Ahah, right, well our names are Annalisa and Maurizio respectively."Bookmark here

"Ah, that's good to know, Italian names are all so confusing..."Bookmark here

"Well, not to mention the German ones!" said Maurizio, the male farmer.Bookmark here

"Can't argue with that, haha," said Evan and I as we looked at Emmy.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Well, we better get some rest, it's going to be a long day tomorrow, we're going to have to go after the bastards in the ZETA organization."Bookmark here

"ZETA?" asked Emmy.Bookmark here

"Yes, that's what they call themselves, from what I remember from high school it's a Greek letter ( Ζζ ), I don't remember specifically what it means but I'm sure they don't mean any good.Bookmark here

"I see...Well as you say, it's better to go to sleep."Bookmark here

"Come, I'll accompany you to the rooms," proposed Annalisa, the woman.Bookmark here

We went up the stairs, unlike Acuro's, this house was much larger and more spacious, we had a room each.Bookmark here

"Good night, guys," the lady told us.Bookmark here

"Good night." We all replied together.Bookmark here

Before we separated and went each to our own room we all gathered in mine, where we decided on the plan for the next day.Bookmark here

"We have to get ready. We need to decide what time to leave, where to go, and what to bring," Emmy told us.Bookmark here

"Well, we can use the electric car as we've always done, we can bring the food we haven't eaten so far, and we can ask the farmers for more of it," I proposed.Bookmark here

"Right, and I know where we need to go," Evan said.Bookmark here

"What? Where?"Bookmark here

"I saw where Dario was coming from, I'm pretty sure he was coming from the outpost of the ZETA organization."Bookmark here

"Probably, and where did they come from?"Bookmark here

"From much further south than where we are."Bookmark here

"Good, then let's stick with those plans, now let's rest, we won't have much time to rest tomorrow."Bookmark here

"Good night everyone."Bookmark here

After the dialogue, we went to sleep.Bookmark here

Tonight I finally wanted to get a good night's sleep, crazy things were happening every night that kept me sleepless.Bookmark here

After a long sleep and yet another hearty breakfast, we started heading south.Bookmark here

"Goodbye, guys! Have a safe trip!" the farmers told us.Bookmark here

"Thanks, you too, we hope to see you when we get back!" yelled Emmy to them.Bookmark here

"Yes! Please come back safely!"Bookmark here

"Sure. Thanks and have a great time!" I yelled at them.Bookmark here

"Well, guys, what are we waiting for? Let's go kick the zeta bastards' asses!"Bookmark here

"Yeah..." replied Evan.Bookmark here

We left in the style of a Hollywood movie where the main characters walk away leaving behind an explosion.Bookmark here

Only we weren't leaving an explosion behind us, but only pain and tears. We had lost someone who had raised us. Although only 2 days, they were the best days of our lives.Bookmark here

We packed up the car and set off, more hard work and pain would have awaited us, but this time we were more prepared than before.Bookmark here

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