Chapter 29:

Chapter 29- Till Death Do Us Part (1/2)

The Husband and Hero

Chapter 29-

The galloping of horses beacons the field around us with noise until it comes to a sudden stop.

This grainy unsettling feeling resting in my heart echoes throughout the hearts of all remaining soldiers.

As I stand firm alongside Fern and the rest of the Frostala troops, my heart is correlating towards Robal. Beside me is a layer of deceit and mistrust that is binding us together through fear of rejection and illusions of harmony. It’s a place filled with forgotten heroes and seaming less villains. A place that deserves to be defeated and forgotten. A place I deserve to be.

Staring at Fern, who is wearing her silver royal crown and a long expensive cape alongside her normal attire, my mind is racing at the possibility of her victory. Victory for Frostala would align with the original story’s ending…and with their victory would come the deaths of all of Robal’s main cast. It’s a future I once sot after, but now it’s a future I must prevent.

Turning my head to the side, I am met with the remaining troops of Robal. Unlike our kingdom, it is clear that they stand together unified and united by dreams of a better future. Shinkyo is standing out in the front of her troops along with Killian and Richi to her right and Birch and a muscular looking maid on her left.

Despite her eyes bursting with rage, she is holding onto a calm demeanor and composure. It is clear to see that she is well-respected amongst her men.

My mind wanders into the thoughts she must be having, but it’s impossible to know for sure with everything that’s been going on.

With my sword in hand, I find my resolve shaken after last night. Being near the verge of death again, made it clear that Fern will not give into Robal’s pleads without blood on her hands.

Fern: “Kingdom of Robal!”

My thoughts are cut off by the sudden words of Fern.

Fern: “Today will be the final day of this pitiful war! When we have the head of your queen, we will take the rest of you disgusting monsters down with her! Harmony and innocence will always defeat sickness and belligerence!”

Scoffing at her comments, Shinkyo brings her right hand closer to her face.

Shinkyo: “Since when has killing and abandoning your own troops been considered as harmony and innocence? It matters not that you’ve brainwashed the heads of idiotic men; you can never defeat true passion! Today is the day that the Kingdom of Robal will save your troops from the sings you and your father have forced them to commit, Fern Harness!”

Whispering begins to emerge throughout the crowd of troops as Shinkyo’s last comment leaves her lips. Clearly irritated, Fern tights her grip on her sword.

Fern: “Enough talk! I know of your tricky of the tongue! I will not let you manipulate my men! Fight with your fist and not your words!”

Shinkyo: “Ha! Gladly! I had no hopes or wants to end this peacefully!”

With a sly smile, Shinkyo brings her spear upwards towards Fern’s direction.

Hearing the blasting of cannons in the distance, that most of the troops shudder at, the signal rings the start of the last battle.

With this sound, both Shinkyo and Fern quickly make their ways over to one another and begin their final battle.

As Fern’s sword and Shinkyo’s spear clash against each other, it sets off an alert of panic within me.

Can Shinkyo possibly win? Considering her strength is similar to mine, and I couldn’t leave a mark on her, it doesn’t seem possible…but she also has the additional strength of Killian and Birch besides her.

Before I can dip deeper into this thought, I find a familiar face rushing over to me.

Birch:” Devilynn, you’ve gotten a little faster! I’m proud!”

With a disquiet smirk on his face, Birch brings his sword back down towards me again. He’s not battling as swiftly or as quickly as he normally does; it’s clear that he’s playing with me.

Birch: “I see your plans didn’t work out the way you intended them to. Now whatever happened?”

Looking at how he’s quite pleased with my failure, irritation builds up within me that can’t be concealed.

Devilynn: “Even though it failed, I still tried my hardest! And I don’t plan to give up anytime soon!”

Birch: “Ha! Then show me that strength that’s capable of getting back her favor, Devilynn Lafair!”

While Birch and I are battling our feelings out on each other, Fern and Shinkyo are fighting head-to-head in a battle that will end with one of them dead.

Fern’s quick movements make it hard for Shinkyo to catch up with her. With every swing, she just barely blocks Fern’s attacks, and rarely is able to seek and take the opportunity to attack.

Fern: “Pathetic! How can you be considered the ruler of a kingdom when you yourself are so weak and unprepared?!”

Catching her breath, Shinkyo finds a moment to strike, but is immediately blocked.

Shinkyo: “You can call me pathetic all you want, but a woman who has to hide behind her status all this time cannot be considered a woman at all!”

Dodging Shinkyo’s next attack, Fern brings herself upwards and rushes forward.

Fern: “You say such a thing but have your own men do your dirty work for you! I don’t know how you seduced my commander with your small talk, but your dirty work failed!”

Shinkyo: “Seduced your commander? Devilynn?”

Fern: “Don’t play dumb! I know you assigned him to attack my camper last night!”

Shocked by the realization of the events that have occurred, Shinkyo in the moment lowers her guard leaving a window to attack.

With a slash from her sword, Fern swings and hits down onto Shinkyo’s side.

Letting out a gasp of pain, Shinkyo brings her spear in front of herself using it as a shield.

Chuckling at her new wound, Fern continues to force her sword onto Shinkyo. While still dodging and blocking her remaining attacks, Shinkyo’s fingers and hands begin to get cuts and scratches from the recoil.

Clearly seeing her weaken composure, a murderous smile crosses Fern’s face.

Although not severely injured, the small amount of blood Shinkyo is losing from her wound is causing her to become slower and dizzier, activating her chronic fatigue.

Birch: “How disgraceful Devilynn! You know I-“

Adjusting my eyes over to Shinkyo, Birch glances over in the same direction.

I quickly notice Shinkyo’s slower pace. The sound of her weapon hitting the ground rings through my ears, as I notice that she has left herself unarmed and open to attack.

Looking over at Fern, whose eyes are budging out of her head from excitement, I put together what her next move will be.


Devilynn: “Eri!”

Birch: “Shinkyo!”

As my feet begin to move on their own, Birch also begins to make his way to their battle.

No thoughts can process in through my head in this moment other than I need to stop her.

Before I can muster a sound or process a single thought, it’s over.

Everything is over.