Chapter 28:

Nationals Part 4 (Taiki)

Special Fighting Club

We´re getting ready for the Block semifinals.
We´ve seen Kinkami and Yukihana win their first two rounds without problem and Aoshira make it to their Block finale.
Everyone who cheered for us on the first day is here again. The Aoshira team came too.
“We´re splitting the team so we can see you and Midohebi fight.” Kita tell us. She smiles at Takara. “Ichi will watch you guys.”
Jinpachi blushes. “Kita-chan you don´t have to say it like that.”
“So who´s Mr. Pretty boy?” Dai-nii-sama asks me.
“Oh he´s…”
“Takara has a boyfriend?” Dad says.
“Dad?!” I jump. “You almost gave me a heart attack.”
He looks at me concerned. “I´m sorry Taiki. So is he…”
“No, they´re not dating.” I say.
“Yet.” Kei adds.
“Kei!” I glare at him, then turn to Dad. “You came!”
He smiles sadly. “I have to leave as soon as the match ends though.”
“I´m sure Takara´s going to be happy regardless.” I say.
“You aren´t happy then?” Kei asks.
“I am happy, I really am. But I´m also really nervous.”
Takara joins us. “Dad!” She hugs him.
We don´t get much more time, the match will begin soon. Out of the corner of my eye I see Yoshi hand Dad one of his homemade flags.

Ōkamiki looks slightly intimidating in their black and gray shorts with dark blue and gray shirts. All of them have a serious look on their faces. This won´t be that easy, I think.
Manami-san gives us some instructions and Hisagi-sensei tries to encourage us.

Then the announcement begins: “Welcome everyone to the Block semifinals of the D Block, both matches will be held at the same time so let me introduce them! Our first match will be fought between the Kyoto-Nami high school representing Kyoto!” Our names are listed.
“And the Ōkamiki Academy representing Tottori! With Coach Kase Yachi; captain Sakuya Maki, second year; and fighters Numakura Raiden, third year; Tamagawa Morio, second year; Hata Noboru, first year and Satō Tsuyoshi, second year!”
Ōkamiki waves the crowd; their team has a brass band playing their schools song loudly.
The announcer continues: “The second match will be fought between the Midohebi Academy representing Chiba!” Their names are listed.
“And the Makuma High school representing Nagano! With Coach Kaga Masashi; captain Azaki Daisuke, third year; and fighters Chiba Toru, second year; Ōtsuka Yasushi, second year; Hirua Akio, third year and Furumoto Ichigo, second year!
Let´s give all teams a big round of applause and may the best two win!”

I look over to Midohebi´s ring, Hiroaki waves at me, I wave back.
The referee begins his speech: “Best three of five! 18 Points to win! Announcing the fighting order:
Fight 1: Fujima Taiki vs. Tamagawa Morio,
Fight 2: Suou Ran vs. Satō Tsuyoshi,
Fight 3: Kozato Akito vs. Numakura Raiden,
Fight 4: Kyousuke Kenta vs. Hata Noboru
Fight 5: Fujima Takara vs. Sakuya Maki,.
First fighters get ready.”

“Don´t focus too much on Midohebi´s fight, ok? Focus on yours!” Manami-san tells me.
I nod. Looking up to the audience I see Dad waving his flag and cheering, Dai-nii-sama and Tanaka-san next to him.

Tamagawa has long streaky black hair, big grey-brown eyes, a scar over his left brow and a black and blue choker around his neck, like most hellhounds do, that I have noticed by now.
His hellhound form looks like a Schipperke with blue flames.
I smile, a hellhound shouldn´t be too much of a problem.
I turn into a unicorn and using my horn shoot gems.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 6-0!”
Tamagawa runs towards me and jumps on my back. He starts biting me all over.
“Point gain Ōkamiki 6-6!”
I try to shake him off but he bites so deep into my shoulder he just stays there. Turning my head I try to stab him with my horn, without luck again.
I feel claws digging into my side.
“Point gain Ōkamiki 6-7!”
My only option is to turn into hybrid form, Tamagawa falls off of me. He jumps, trying to bite into my face. I save myself with a wall of gems. But Tamagawa just runs around it, managing to grab me by the leg and pull me to the ground.
“Point gain Ōkamiki 6-8!”
I struggle, using my gem finger gun I do manage a few more hits though.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 10-8!”
I use all my strength to kick Tamagawa away from me. Shooting a few more gems, now shaped like arrows for good measure.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 15-8!”
Tamagawa comes running again, I try to make a gem wall but am hit with fire balls before I can.
“Point gain Ōkamiki 15-13!”
I try my gem finger gun again but Tamagawa bites into my hand.
“Point gain Ōkamiki 15-14!”
I punch him but am also hit with a hind leg.
“Point gain 16-15!”
I get him off of me, run to the edge of the ring and turn back into my unicorn form.
I run towards him and manage to stab him in the shoulder.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 17-15!”
Before he does anything else I turn around and kick him with my hooves.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 18-15! Point win for Fujima Taiki of Kyoto-Nami, 1-0!”

I make my way back to the bench and collapse on it, that´s how exhausted I am.
I peak a glance to the other side, there Hiroaki also won the first fight.
Ran-tan gets up nervously. Takara pats her on the back and wishes her good luck.

In front of Ran-tan stands a tall red haired boy with blood a red eye; one is covered by a bandage, the one visible is covered by a scar, most Raiju seem to have scars, I notice. Confidence is written all over his face.
His Raiju for is a bay cat with yellow lightning.
Ran-tan tries her best. She hits him with her fish tail and hooves, a few bubbles and sprays of water hit him too but Satō´s speed seems to outmatch hers.
Their points do reach a tie of 17-17, but Satō hits her with a lightning strike while Ran-tan hides behind a wall of water. The electric shock hit her badly, she does stay up but she doesn´t notice the paw flying her way, she´s hit in the face.
“Point gain Ōkamiki 17-19! Point in for Satō Tsuyoshi of Ōkamiki, 1-1!”

Ran-tan sits down, seemingly still very affected by the electric shock.
Akito jumps up and without saying anything enters the ring.

Numakura has beige and black hair, a cross scar over his nose and a black choker, a hellhound.
Indeed Numakura is a hellhound but a weird one; he looks like a mixture between dog and hyena; a painted dog, I´ve never seen a hellhound look like that.
Akito seems a bit surprised too but urns into his Raiju from.
It´s a very fast fight; both are incredibly fast runners.
Numakura bites Akito multiple times, he even rips a bit of flesh from Akito´s right leg.
Akito doesn´t seem that bothered by it though, he gets some distance and shoots lightning.
Numakura dodges and bites into Akito´s side, Akito seems pissed at that. His terrifying fangs sink deep into Numakura´s shoulder, right under his neck. Akito rips him from his body and throws him on the ground with such violence the hall goes silent for a second.
The countdown goes by fast and Akito is declared the winner, it´s now 2-1 for us.

Numakura is carried out of the ring by his coach, a young woman with orange hair.
Akito´s bleeding in multiple places, Kei and Manami-san so busy with treating them that they don´t notice Kenta getting ready. He seems a bit intimidated.
“Those guys are brutal.” He mumbles.
I nod. “They sure are.”
Takara slaps the back of my head. “Ken-kun don´t worry I believe in you!”

Kenta´s opponent is oddly plain, blue eyes and dark brown hair with purple highlights, that´s it I don´t have more to say.
Kenta stays in hybrid form and uses his boxing against Hata, also in hybrid from.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 7-0!”
Hata starts using some sort of martial arts too, taekwondo.
“Point gain Ōkamiki 7-7!”
They fight like that for a while racing up the points quickly to an even 17-17.
Kenta quickly turns into his hellhound form and bites Hata´s arm.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 18-17!”
Hata also turns into his creature form, a ginormous brown cat with a split tail; a Nekomata. One of his paws hits Kenta, he flies a few meters until he catches himself.
“Point gain Ōkamiki 18-18!”
Hata runs towards a still startled Kenta, jumps into the air and falls with all of his weight on top of Kenta.
“Point gain Ōkamiki 18-19!”
Hata bites Kenta in one leg and gains his final point.
“Point win for Hata Noboru of Ōkamiki, 2-2!”

Kenta limps back to us. So far everyone got hurt quite a lot.
Takara gets up, pats her taped leg and tells us. “I´ll win this no matter what!”

Her opponent, Sakuya, is blonde; his hair is tied up into tiny pigtails, and has yellowish golden eyes, he´s also quite handsome.
He smiles at Takara, the final fight of this match is between both team´s captains.
Sakuya, in phoenix form, shoots up into the air and shoots fire balls.
Takara dodges them, she seems incredibly concentrated.
She turns into a unicorn and aims a beam of sharp gems at him, Sakuya is hit right in one of his wings, feathers flying everywhere he falls and with a loud thud hits the ground.
He tries to get up but Takara, now in hybrid form, doesn´t give him the chance. She sits on his chest and punches him in the face over and over again until she hears the countdown.
“…5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Instant win for Fujima Takara of Kyoto-Nami, 3-2!” The referee says.

The announcer waits until Midohebi´s final, also fifth fight is over before he announces: “Congratulations to the winners! The Block finale of the D Block will be Kyoto-Nami High school vs. Midohebi Academy!”

Outside the venue we celebrate with our cheering squad. Dad hugs me and Takara tightly.
“I´m so proud of you two!” He says.
Dai-nii-sama pats us on the back. “Good job.” He says smiling.
“So Taku-san´s older brother training worked?” I say laughing.
Takara looks at Dai-nii-sama. “Can I call you Nii-chan from now on?”
He blushes. “I guess, if you want to call me that.”
“Then I´ll call you that now too!” I say.
Before he gets the chance to complain Taku-san puts an arm around his shoulders. “Just let them.”
Jinpachi comes running to us. “You guys were so cool!”
The rest of Aoshira´s team arrives, together with Midohebi.

Takara smiles at Midohebi. “I hope you know that we´ll be wining?” She says confidently.
“You wish.” Hiroaki says.
They both start laughing.

And with that we´re one step close to actually winning the nationals.
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