Chapter 23:

Name (Part 2)


After Masuyo told Hisoka the details of his last visit to the FuturingTech Building, the man gritted his teeth: “So, you met Abayomi.”

“That red-headed woman?”

“Yeah, she was the one to knock you out unconscious. I bet it’s still aching.”

“To be honest, not so much. The biggest side effect was me sleeping a lot that day, maybe it’s the reason why I slept in today as well.”

“Hmm... I see.”

“But wait a minute Hisoka. Do you know her?”

“Yeah, she’s like a private detective affiliated with the A.M.A.. Sometimes we need to contact them so they can investigate... messier matters.”

“Hmm... but what was she doing at FuturingTech?”

“I don’t know. It’s not like she only works for us.” Hisoka explained, his voice had a tone of disgust, “By the way, I don’t recommend interacting with her.”

Masuyo recalled his encounter with the red-headed woman again. There was something odd about her: the vibrant eyes seemed capable of fitting an entire universe within them while also seeing right through people... her mocking smile was something noticeable as well... “But aside from the fact that she hurt my neck, I didn't feel like she was that bad of a person.” “Hey, Hisoka, what’s the problem with this Abayomi woman? You don’t seem to like her.”

“Well, most often than not she, at least, gets results, but I don’t like when she does something like knocking members of my team unconscious, get it?”

“You’ve got a point there.”

“Anyway, I should go now. I’ll try to find something about the chips in that subterranean office.”


“Yeah... wish me luck.” was the last thing Hisoka uttered before hanging up.

Right after hearing the end of the call, Masuyo arrived at the rear gate. He peered through it and noticed the guards Hisoka had talked about: “Shit, he said they were fewer, but that’s still a lot.” the boy muttered, ”I guess the only thing I have to do now is trust him with it…”

Hours went by and the crowd started to dissipate, but Masuyo kept wandering restlessly while glancing from his phone to the rear gate time and time again. He was getting tired of waiting and was about to try and invade the place himself when he finally received a call:

“Hey!” a voice greeted through the phone.

“Hello? Hisoka?!”

“Oh, shit.” the man muttered. “Hey, Masuyo! I... sent you our meeting point. Adda... will be waiting for us there!” Hisoka said between pants.

“Over there!” a low voice could be heard from Hisoka’s phone, “Stop him!”

“Hisoka, what’s going on?” Masuyo asked.

“I’ll... crap…” the sound of quick footsteps echoed, “I’ll tell you all about it there! I have to go now!” Hisoka hung up the phone.

“What the hell..?” Masuyo frowned and looked at his phone, now realizing that he had received a message from Hisoka. “Well, the meeting point is not far from here, just a few blocks... I should probably hurry.” with that thought, he started to run.

“Hello, Masuyo-san.” Adda greeted the boy walking towards him. The chauffeur was sitting inside his car, “Looks like you two had quite a day.”


“Open the door!” someone yelled at them.

“Huh?” Masuyo turned to the voice to see Hisoka running in their direction while being followed by guards.

“Open the door, hurry!” he shouted, “And get in the car!”

“O-Okay!” the boy hurried to open the back door and jump in the car.

Hisoka managed to beat the guards by a few seconds, quickly breaking his run near the car to follow Masuyo by leaping into the vehicle and closing the door. “Go, go, go!” he repeated several times. 

Promptly going through with Hisoka’s orders, Adda stepped on the gas to make the vehicle fly forward, leaving the guards behind. “Oh, shit.” Hisoka murmured while looking at the guard’s disappearing silhouettes. “Thanks for that, Adda.” he settled in his seat, breathing heavily, and rubbing his chest.

“You’re welcome, Hisoka-san.” Adda replied.

“Hey, Hisoka.” Masuyo called, “What the hell was that?”

“Oh.” the man smiled and turned to Masuyo, revealing a black eye, “That’s right, I have to explain what happened.”

“Wow, what happened to your eye?”

“It’s pretty simple.” Hisoka started, “I managed to get into that room you talked about. It was suspiciously vacant of people! Anyway, I checked some of the machines and managed to find out that anything related to the ID chips is incredibly encoded, so I couldn’t extract anything. I’m sorry, Masuyo.”

“...” the boy looked at his own hands and remained quiet.

“Regarding the black eye... They ambushed me. Looks like they tightened the security after two kids invaded the place a couple of days ago.”

“Hmm…” absorbed by his thoughts, Masuyo didn’t pay much attention to what Hisoka had said, “But, Hisoka…”


“You said it was encoded, right?”


“So, if someone can decode it, we can access everything.” the boy concluded.

“Yes, but we’d need someone very talented.”

“Can’t Yoko do it?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Don’t you know someone that can? Someone affiliated to the A.M.A. or… just someone??”

“Well… there is someone.” Hisoka stared at the car’s ceiling as if trying to remember something.


“It’s Yoko’s teacher… but I can’t remember her name…” the young man turned to Masuyo, “I guess it’s foreign. You should ask Yoko about it.”

“Yeah… that’s what I’ll do…” the boy had butterflies in his stomach: “What are the odds?”

Hisoka and Masuyo stopped before unity seven’s building, “You should go first. If I show up in front of Yoko in this condition you won’t be able to talk properly.” the man advised as he leaned against the wall.

Masuyo observed him, his eye’s appearance was getting worse by the time. “Don’t you need to see a doctor or something?”

“No, it’s no big deal.” Hisoka smiled and then grimaced in pain, “I’m sure Yoko will take good care of me.” he then pointed at Masuyo: “Don’t forget that: being tended by your beloved one is one of the best things in the world!”

“Hmm... okay…” the boy turned his gaze to the door and opened it.

“Hey, Masuyo-kun!” Yoko greeted without taking her eyes off of the computer, “Everything went well?”

“Hmm... yeah, kind of. Hi, Yoko-san.”

“Wait.” the woman stood up and stared at Masuyo, “Why do I have a feeling you’re hiding something?” she raised an eyebrow.

“What? I was just about to ask you a question. I’m not hiding anything.”

“Hmm…” Yoko's expression slowly returned to normal as she returned to her usual position, “Okay, go on with your question.”

“Something came up, and I need to know your teacher’s name. That’s basically it.”

“Sensei’s name?” Yoko held her chin, wondering, “I don’t know why it would help you... I haven’t seen her in years!”

“Okay, but can you tell me the name now?”

“Of course! It’s a foreign one... I always called her by the last name, but she changed it…”


“If I remember correctly, her first name is something like Koua?" 

“No, it can’t be.”


"No, that's wrong."




“No... it definitely can.”


"Kaira." Masuyo rolled his eyes.

“Yes, that’s her name! Looks like you’re good at guessing! Fun fact: she used to live in your apartment, but it didn’t last long. If you have any complaints about it, you should blame her!”

“Is that so?” Masuyo replied with an uninterested tone and started to turn around.

“What’s wrong, man?” Hisoka asked when the boy almost bumped into him. He was standing at the threshold of the door.

“What do you mean?” Masuyo replied, noticing a downcast Sute behind the man.

“Your face is kind of weird, you’re grimacing.”

“I am? Huh.” he diverted his gaze.

“YOUR FACE IS KIND OF WEIRD!” Yoko growled from behind her desk. She hurried to stand up and stride towards the man, stopping before Hisoka and giving him a powerful gaze. “What did you do to it?!” she crossed her arms and frowned at her boyfriend’s black eye.

“Hey, Yoko-san. It’s no big deal! Aren’t you going to treat it?”

“Me?! You should’ve already gone to the…” the woman stopped when someone arrived from the corridor.

“Wow! You don’t have to stop because of me, Yoko-chan!” Abayomi uttered as she gave a mocking smile and put her hands in her waist. The woman was wearing a trenched coat over her tank tops and jean shorts.

“What are you doing here?!” Hisoka and Yoko shouted at the same time.

“I called her.” a man arrived right after Abayomi, “We had business to take care of.” it was Masanori Satou.

“What? Business with her?” Yoko pointed at Abayomi.

“Of course.”

“Wait! Why are you doing this in my unity?” Hisoka protested, “Why I’m only knowing about this now?!”

“It’s none of your business, Hisoka. I’m your superior so I can do whatever I like here.”


“Yes, I don’t have to…”

“C’mon Masanori.” Abayomi interrupted him, “Don’t be like that, tell the boy about it.”

Masanori stared at the woman for a moment and a hush descended over the room. “Fine.” the man started to walk towards the door, “But I won’t be the one doing the talking. Do what you feel like.” he left the building after passing Hisoka, Sute, Yoko, and Masuyo near the entrance.

“Wel, well, kids!” Abayomi put a toothpick between her teeth, “Looks like it’s your lucky day!”

“Spit it out, Abayomi.” Hisoka glared at her.

“Hey, that’s the way you talk to me after I convinced that suit?” she closed her eyes and shrugged her shoulders.

“Yeah, you knocked out one of my subordinates!”

“Oh, that’s true. How is the neck, kid?” Abayomi tilted her head to look at Masuyo.



“Abayomi.” Hisoka called, “Tell me, what are you doing here?”

“Well.” she held her chin, “I can only say it’s related to Kisho Nakai. He used to come here often, didn’t he?”

“Kisho?” Hisoka and Yoko glanced at each other. “So, you’re what? Investigating his death?”

“Yeah, that’s kind of it.” Abayomi put her hands behind her head, “And that’s as far as I’ll tell you. I want to speak to the younger kids now.”

“Younger…?” Hisoka glanced at Sute and Masuyo, “What do you want with them?”

“C’mon Hisoka-kun. I just want to properly apologize to the boy for the last time we met.” she gave a derisive smile.


“Hisoka.” Yoko interrupted him, “Maybe we should leave them alone and treat your eye.” she gripped the man’s arm and stared at him.

“Hmm…” Hisoka glanced at all the other people in the room. “Okay, maybe we should do that.”

“Yes, c’mon.” Yoko pulled Hisoka towards the door and they left the building while giving glances at the red-headed woman.

"Oh, yeah!" Abayomi clapped after observing them leave the place, "Now we'll get to the good part."

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