Chapter 10:

Battling the Storm

The God's Child


Rika’s answer rang through the still shrine. All the inhabitants there wore similar expressions of shock. None so more than the young officer, who looked like he had just been slapped. The white wolf dipped her head solemnly as she explained her answer.

“I’m sorry Takuya but I can’t help you. Not in the way you want me to.” She tilted her head towards the old building. “Ugajin-sama may have attacked us but she did it because of Zeus’ orders, not out of malice. Zeus has these gods under his control due to the threat of his minions. I won’t do that. I refuse to use my powers to destroy another god’s domain. I refuse to be like Zeus. I won’t bully a god just because they were trying to protect themselves.”

“Rika, listen to yourself!” Takuya swept his hands towards the still trapped Ugajin-sama. “You’re trying to protect someone who is immortal! Someone who thinks it’s okay to kill an innocent child! Think of all the other Emi’s who could die in the future!”

“You’re right, Takuya.” Rika replied sadly. “I very well could be dooming someone else’s life. But...I still have to stick to my decision. I know you hate Zeus and all the other gods. No matter what our personal feelings for them are, the plain truth is they exist because someone out there wants them to exist.”

Her claws dug into the stone ground, tail swishing as she continued. “ I don’t think we have a right to decide if their existence is right or wrong, especially when it’s because of them people like you and Emi are here.”

She locked eyes with Takuya, his dark gaze meeting her golden one. “I’m sorry Takuya. I want to use these powers to bring peace between the gods...not to destroy them.”

They stared at each other for several moments, with Yuki watching them anxiously from the sidelines. Ugajin-sama also watched, her expression mildly curious. It seemed like an eternity had passed before Takuya finally spoke, pulling a cigarette lighter from his pocket.

“Fine then. If you won’t help me.” He answered with a dark tone. “I’ll burn this place down myself.” He took a step towards the wooden oratory where Ugajin-sama was pinned. He froze as Rika moved in front of him, blocking his path. Takuya's hands balled into angry fists as he confronted the white wolf. “Rika move.”

“No.” Rika answered defiantly. “I won’t let you harm this shrine.”

Takuya’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “I won’t ask again. Move or I’ll force you.”

The wolf remained motionless. Silently, Takuya took out his gun aiming it at her.

“Hold on! What the hell are you doing?” Yuki demanded, her feathers fluffing out frantically as she looked from Takuya to her sister. “Can’t both of you just wait and calm down?!”

“I already said I’m done talking.” Takuya answered coldly. “Tell your twin to stop being stubborn.”

“Why don’t I just ask her to stop breathing while I’m at it.” Yuki mumbled quietly to herself before turning to her sister. “Rika…” Having always been able to read her twin like a book, she knew at this point nothing she would say would stop her twin when she was this determined.

Takuya waited, teeth clenching in anger. “Rika stop acting like a dumbass and move!” He snapped, walking forward until the gun was almost touching the wolf’s face. Yuki gasped, moving to step in.

“Yuki, leave him.” Rika ordered, stopping her twin. Her gaze never once strayed away from the enraged officer. “It’s your choice Takuya. If you think shooting me so you can destroy the shrine is the right path, then so be it. Just don’t let that hatred you have for the gods make you do something you may regret.”

Takuya’s eyes widened in shock as the wolf took a step forward, closing the distance between them. She sat in front of him, the nozzle of his gun resting into the mane of her chest. There she waited patiently for his decision.

Several agonizing heartbeats passed with them staring at each other as Yuki fidgeted nervously on the sidelines, hating every moment of this ridiculous showdown. Finally Takuya’s arm fell to his side. He turned and stalked away towards the torii gates, muttering curses under his breath.

Rika gave a relieved sigh. “Well that was close, right Yuki….Ahhh!” Her twin had flown up and started to furiously attack her with her sharp talons. All Rika could do was hold up her paws, trying to deflect the enraged harpy.


“Excuse me?” Ugajin-sama’s voice suddenly called out. “May I interrupt?”

Both twins paused, turning towards the serpentine goddess. Despite the earlier confrontation being centered on her and her shrine, the goddess had been relatively quiet during the whole dispute. Never commenting or pleading for her shrine to be saved. Even now that it was over, the goddess showed no signs of relief, only her usual confused frown.

Yuki and Rika glanced at each other. “Sure.” Yuki answered, shrugging her wings. Both wolf and harpy walked up to the ice encased goddess. Ugajin-sama turned towards the white wolf, placid eyes questioning.

“You defended my shrine. Even though we had disagreements concerning the fate of Aphrodite’s child. This behavior seems very contrary to your actions from earlier. Or am I mistaken?”

Rika blinked, still not quite used to the odd goddess. “’s like I told Takuya. I don’t believe all gods are bad. You’re here because you were wanted by humans who needed your help. I don’t want to ruin that relationship.” Her lips curled back, showing her fangs. “But that doesn’t mean I still won’t fight you if you send your creatures out to kill Emi.”

“I see…” Ugajin-sama replied, raising her head upwards as she pondered. “Hmmm, your line of thinking is quite odd for a human. I foresee the paths you take in life will be strife with difficulties and hardships.”

“Yeah….” Rika replied sadly as Yuki shot her a I-told-you so look. “You’re probably right…”

“But…” The goddess continued. “All the pain will surely make you stronger in the long run.” She looked from Rika to Yuki. “Speaking of which, our battle tonight has shown me how strong you two are. As I said before, it’s natural for the weak to succumb to the strong.” She paused as if considering her next words. “As such, to acknowledge my defeat I will resign from all further attempts to eliminate Aphrodite’s child.”

“Now, now, who says you’re able to make that decision?” A familiar voice called out from above.

Rika and Yuki ran from the cover of the oratory, out into the shine’s main grounds. They saw Takuya was already out and glaring up at the roof of the worship hall, where a winged Haruto casually sat. “Luckily…” He smirked, revealing a sleeping Emi held tight in his arms. “I’ll be doing the work for you.”

“Give her back!” Rika snarled, fangs bared ferociously.

Yuki instantly flew out, hovering at eye level with the blonde villain. “Give her up. It’s three against one. Your odds are heavily outnumbered.”

“Oh! You’re new!” He exclaimed excitedly. “Seems like once one person gets a life gem, everyone gets one.” He rested his chin in his hand, leaning closer to the harpy. “I imagine you and that wolf over there are quite alike? Too noble to consider joining this side?”

“No.” Yuki answered instantly. “We’re complete opposites. Rika’s brash, noisy, a complete idiot and overall a major pain. She’s the reason I’m in this mess to begin with.”

“Oh dear.” Haruto replied, his smirk expanding. “Sounds rough. Well then how about….”

“But…” Yuki continued, cutting him off. “She’s kind and looks out for others. She speaks her mind and even when she says nothing I have no problem reading her. She’s the person I’m most comfortable with. You, on the other hand, I can’t read at all. It’s like every syllable coming out of your mouth is a lie, your whole face a mask. So no…I’ll be sticking with my sister for a while longer.” She rushed forwards, talons extending out towards the child in his arms. “And I'll be taking her with me!”

But before she could reach her, Haruto shot up and dodged her. “Nice try.” He exclaimed, wings glowing in preparation for an attack. But before he could, a loud yowl sounded through the night. A silver bobtail cat suddenly appeared, jumping up and chomping down on Haruto’s hand.

The winged man gave a shriek of pain, dropping Emi. Jesus’ jaw released its hold on Haruto’s flesh as he quickly called out. “Yuki! Catch her!”

The blue harpy was already on it. She flew under Haruto, catching Emi with one wing and pinning the child to her chest as she awkwardly flapped with her one free wing. Luckily Rika ran up and allowed Yuki to safely land on her back.

“Quick! Give her here!” Takuya called up, arms raised to catch Emi as Yuki gently lowered her down. He caught her just as the toddler’s eyes started to open.

“Police-kun?” Emi murmured sleepily as she rubbed her eyes.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Takuya answered gently. He looked up at Rika and Yuki. “My bullets don’t work on Haruto so I’m going to hide her.”

Rika gave him a grateful glance. “Thank you.”

Takuya quickly turned away from her, rushing towards the worship hall. Rika’s ears fell flat against her head as she watched them go. Yuki hit the back of the wolf’s neck with her wing. “Hey! Let’s worry about your boy problems later! We have bigger issues right now.”

They both turned their gaze upwards where Haruto was battling it out with the frenzied feline. Jesus had gone completely feral, his fangs sinking into Haruto’s shoulder, as his claws raked at the feathered wings. The normally chill minion was completely enraged as Jesus continued his onslaught, white feathers falling from his precious wings. His hand wrapped around Jesus’ neck, pulling him away.

“Well, look what we have here!” Haruto sneered, fingers squeezing at Jesus’ throat. “One of Zeus’ old toys! Back to play are we?”

“!” Jesus snarled, his claws digging into Haruto’s arm uselessly. The silver of his cross tag caught Haruto’s attention, delighting him more.

“Oh, so it’s that pet! How interesting…” He exclaimed, his free hand fingering the cross. “Zeus will be very interested to know how you're spending your immortality. But I’m sure he already knows. He is god after all…. or have you forgotten who you died for, little kitty?”

Without any warning his arm pulled back, throwing Jesus with all his might towards the ground. Both Rika and Yuki had no time to react as they watched his body slammed with a sickening thud against one of the snake statues. Blood splattered onto the stone as his body limply fell to the ground.

“Jesus!” The cry tore through Rika’s throat as Yuki zoomed into the sky towards Haruto, her blue eyes enraged.

“You shouldn't have done that! Freezing Feathers!” Yuki cried, her ice covered feathers zipping towards Haruto. With a casual flick of his wing, the air around him moved forward knocking her feathers away.

“Sorry but you’re going to have to do a little bit better than that.” Haruto stated, observing Yuki’s look of shock with amusement.

“Like this!” Haruto turned around and saw Rika use one of the nearby trees as leverage to pounce into the air, her paw raised to strike at him. He moved, but her claws still managed to graze his wings before she landed on the ground.

“Tch!” Haruto glanced annoyedly at the red blotch that now appeared over his white feathers. Below him, Rika growled, ready to spring back up at a moment's notice.

“Freezing Feathers!” Yuki yelled, trying to use the distraction to her advantage. Her opportunity was lost as Haruto twisted in a circle, the air around him revolving and creating yet another defense against her attacks. Before Yuki could move, he suddenly appeared over her, his large wing slamming into her and knocking her out of the air.

“Yuki!” Rika yelled, getting on her back legs to try and soften her fall. The harpy slammed into her chest painfully, tumbling both of them down to the ground. Haruto landed on the torii gate, watching them scramble to right themselves.

“Say, do you two really plan on fighting me?” Haruto asked, folding his arms curiously. “You two are still relatively new at this.” He pointed at Yuki. “You still seem to only have a grasp on one attack.” He moved his finger to Rika. “And you’re too scared to even use any of your firepower. I, on the other hand, have had years to get to know what my body has to offer!” He shot them a mocking grin. “You two have no idea what strength I have in store.”

“Who cares!” Rika growled, crouching into a fighting stance. “All that power means nothing if you’re using it to hurt innocent humans. It just means we have to work even harder to stop you from getting to Emi and Takuya!”

Haruto smirked. “Ah yes, that officer brat is still here isn’t he? Hiding away with sweet little Emi...tell me, did he enjoy the two presents I left for him?”

Rika’s eyes narrowed. “So you were the one who killed his mother?”

“Oh no, not I!” Haruto chuckled. “That was an accomplice of mine. I apologize in advance, he does like to leave a mess behind.” He flipped his hair, sighing. “But you know how some people are, they have to get their point across.”

Rika was glad Takuya wasn’t present to hear this. “Then what about…”

“Rika.” The wolf paused, glancing down at her sister who shook her head ever so slightly. Confused but trusting her twin, Rika didn’t finish the question concerning Takuya’s sister. Luckily, Haruto seemed unaware of this interaction from his perch.

He stretched his arms out, giving a lazy yawn. “Well despite how fun it is to answer your questions, I do have a job to do. Dawn is approaching and I can’t make my boss mad, now can I?” He stood up, causing the girls to flinch back in preparation for an attack. He smirked, enjoying himself. “If you really insist on fighting me, be my guest. But I warn you, I’m not going to go easy.” He jumped down, landing with a thud that shook the ground.

Wolf and harpy glanced at each other, unnerved. Haruto was giving off an energy that had been absent before. A white glow appeared around his neck, where his diamond pendant was hidden away. The air under him swirled like a twister, making his hair and clothes flap wildly as his grin broadened. “Now it’s time for you to see my chosen form!” The wind encircled him, blocking his body from view.

Rika’s claws dug into the earth as the air around them seemed to get sucked towards Haruto. Yuki wrapped her wings around one of Rika’s legs, trying in vain not to get sucked in. The vortex was growing taller and becoming more cone shaped as its power increased.

“It looks like a tornado!” Yuki yelled over the gust, as tiles from the roof of the worship hall came apart and zoomed overhead.

“That’s because it is!” Haruto’s voice boomed out, a set of glowing yellow eyes appearing from the vortex. A large horse head broke free from the gusts, his winged body following close behind. Rika and Yuki could only gape in shock as the one and only Pegasus circled around the tornado, his white fur and golden mane flowing wildly in the wind.

The horse landed not far from them, his golden hooves cracking the shrine’s stone pathway. Despite his new appearance, he still seemed to hold the same playful smirk that he did as a human. “Impressed?”

“You’re… The Pegasus?” Yuki exclaimed, raising her voice against the wind. Rika was also surprised, especially since he was so much bigger than an actual horse, coming close to the same height as her wolf form.

“The one and only.” Pegasus exclaimed, flipping his golden mane. “Did I not say I was more magnificent than some fictional angel? And a lot more powerful too! Terra Gale! ” He stomped his hoof, cracks billowing suppressed air zig zagged across the ground towards the two girls.

Rika knocked Yuki away, but had no time to escape herself before hot air from the earth blew out from under her. She yowled, rolling into the chozuya well and tipping the water over. Yuki flew into the air to reach her, but instantly began to get pulled into the tornado. “Yuki!” Rika yelled, shaking debris off of her and running towards her sister.

“Stop!” Yuki yelled, as she tried to flap away. “Forget me! Stop Haruto!”

Rika turned and saw the horse facing the worship hall. To her horror, he reared up on his back legs, his hooves ready to stop down and bring down the building where both Takuya and Emi were taking cover. “I’m not fast enough to reach him in time!” Rika thought in a panic. “Unless….” Knowing she had no choice, she summoned all the fire within herself and opened her mouth and thought of the first attack name that she could think of.

“EMBER STORM!” She roared, fire billowing from her jaws and soaring towards Haruto. The horse turned just in time, to see the blast heading his way. With a flick of his wings a giant gust of wind propelled forward, knocking into the flames.

It was a battle of strengths, with fire going against air as they fought to overwhelm each other. Haruto flapped his wings, thrusting the air harder and harder against Rika’s flames. She could feel the heat of her own flames blinding her as she fought to keep it going. She struggled for breath as she felt the energy begin to drain. Not only that, but Haruto’s winds were flinging pieces of her flames out to the shrine grounds, the embers beginning to slowly spread as it met with plant life. Finally she could take it no longer. She closed her mouth, cutting off her fire power and causing Haruto’s attack to fully overtake her.


“Police-kun, where we at?” Emi asked curiously as Takuya ran with her under the cover of the worship hall.

“There’s a bad man out there right now.” Takuya explained, setting her down lightly. “He was at the police station, remember?” She looked up at him, confused. “Nevermind.” He quickly replied, shaking his head, “I just need you to stay here okay?”

“Where’s Rika?” She asked.

“She’s….” Takuya hesitated, not sure how much he should tell her. A sudden loud cracking sound, followed by a cry came from outside. “Stay here!” He ordered, running out to investigate as images of a bloodied wolf and harpy filled his mind.

He paused outside the entrance as he spied the unmistakable body of a cat lying at the bottom of the stone snake. “Jesus Christ.” he muttered as he came upon the mangled sight of Jesus’ body. He had hit the statue in a way that had severely broken the feline’s spine, based on the distorted way the body was positioned. Blood dripped down the statue from where he had made contact, adding to the gruesome scene. Despite the severity of the wounds, the cat was still taking labored breaths. He slowly opened one green eye

“You’re okay!” Jesus purred, eyes lighting up at the sight of the demigod.

Takuya felt guilt stab at him as he crouched down next to the injured cat. “I should be saying that about you.” He brought his hand down to carefully examine the wounds. “An injury like this should have killed you instantly.”

Jesus struggled to his feet, the bones of his back cracking back into place.“I told you…I’m immortal.” He collapsed back to the ground, the effort too much for him.

Takuya picked up his limp white paw. “It’s still painful though, right?”

Jesus gave a strained smile. “Always.”

Takuya gently picked him up, glancing upwards as he spied Yuki flying towards Haruto. He deflected her attack easily. Rika came up from behind and also attempted to attack him, but only managed to graze his wing. “Do they really stand a chance?”

Jesus was also watching. “From what I recall, Haruto has been working for God for a number of years now. Along with the powers he received from his life gem, I’m sure God has also gifted him with some special abilities. Rika and Yuki have just received their powers tonight and are still new to battling.”

“So you’re saying they don’t stand a chance.”

“I’m saying it’s going to be very difficult for them to come out of this unscathed.” Jesus replied worriedly.

Takuya frowned, the battle between the three getting louder. He couldn’t help wishing he had powers too. He glanced towards the oratory, thinking. Jesus’ ears perked up. “What is it?’

“I may not have any special powers.” Takuya replied, carrying Jesus as he rushed back. “But I know someone who does.”

Emi was sitting on the end of Ugajin-sama’s long white tail and speaking to the goddess as Takuya approached. “Why you have snake tail?” She asked curiously.

Ugajin-sama pondered this. “I am unsure. I assume someone imagined me this way and thus it became so.”

“Oh…” Emi replied, not comprehending the answer at all. “What’s your name?”

“I am titled Ugajin-sama, goddess of the harvest.”

“Uga….sama…Uga…SNAKE SAMA!”

Ugajin-sama paused, considering. “I will accept this title.”

“Hey get off that thing!” Takuya snapped, picking the child off of the snake tail. He handed her Jesus, whose body was not completely healed up. “Here, play with this instead.”

Emi’s eyes sparkled as she gazed upon the cat. “KITTY!”

“Actually my name is Jesus!” Jesus replied, his old smile returning. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Emi!”

“Kitty talk!” Emi exclaimed, hugging him tightly.

“I guess Kitty is fine too.” Jesus purred, allowing himself to be pampered by the toddler.

As the two bonded, Takuya climbed up on the offering box so that he stood where Ugajin-sama’s arm was covered in ice. The goddess’ eyes followed him, questioningly. Out of the blue, he pulled out a large rock from his pocket and began to hammer at the ice.

Ugajin-sama stared. “Pardon my ignorance, but may I ask what you are doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Takuya growled, sweat dripping off him as he worked. “I’m trying to get you out so you can help my friends out there!”

“Oh….” Ugajin-sama replied, tilting her head. “How are you so sure I am willing to help?”

Takuya’s hammering paused, his hands shaking as it clung to the rock. “I don’t know.” He admitted quietly. “But Rika and Yuki don’t stand a chance against that Haruto bastard. And I can’t do anything to stop him. You’re the only one here that could possibly beat him.” He turned to her, his gaze set. “If you still require a child of Aphrodite, then I’ll give you one.” He rested his hand on his chest. “I’m Takuya Yamamoto, a demigod and son of Aphrodite. If you help us, then you can take me instead of Emi.” He returned back to hammering with even more gusto. “I’m not going to let anyone else die tonight!”

“I see…” Was Ugajin-sama’s simple reply. “I was not aware that another child of the goddess existed.”

“Well Haruto and some other bastard did.” Takuya answered bitterly. “Because of that my parents are dead and my little sister is missing.”

“This is why you wanted to burn my shrine, is it not?” Ugajin-sama asked.

“I did it because I was pissed off at you gods. Nothing more.” Takuya murmured quietly.

Ugajin-sama closed her eyes. “You need not be angry anymore. I have already decided to withdraw my quest to acquire any child of Aphrodite.” Takuya paused, eyes widening as she continued. “I stated this to both girls before Haruto appeared.”

“Why?” Takuya demanded. “Is it because Rika stood up for you?”

Ugajin-sama grew silent, the ice covering her arm already starting to crack due to Takuya’s efforts. The noise of the battle died out as the wind suddenly picked up speed, hammering away at the oratory walls. Finally she answered. “Partly...but also because of the meaning of her words. Many humans believe themselves inferior to the gods when the reality is our existence depends on them. Even if Zeus’s wrath strikes upon me and my home, I will still live as long as the humans’ faith remains with me.”

She met Takuya’s dark gaze, her mood melancholy as she spoke. “If that faith is lost, then that means my life as a goddess is meaningless.”

Takuya nodded, continuing to pound at the ice as the battle with Haruto raged on.


“Rika!!!” Yuki screamed, watching as her flames died and the giant wolf was swept up in Haruto’s mighty storm. It completely overwhelmed her, sweeping her backwards and off her feet. She came to a halt as her body rammed into the trunk of a massive tree. She gave out a painful yelp before laying still.

“No….” Yuki felt cold fear consume her. Her sister wasn’t moving. Was that blood shining on her fur? It was impossible to tell when this gale was beating at her in every direction. It was taking all her energy just to keep herself from getting sucked in. Her shoulders screamed in protest with every flap of her wings.

“I can’t keep this up. This is worse than running!” Suddenly she saw the winged horse moving, striding straight towards the fallen wolf. “No, no, no, no” Yuki cursed, watching as the stone beneath him cracked with each step of his massive hooves. “He’s planning to finish off Rika! I have to get down there!”

She began flapping frantically, willing herself to break away from the invisible winds that kept her adrift. “Think! If I stop flapping, I’ll just get carried away but I’m not strong enough to fight through this gale. Maybe if I was heavier?” A thought struck her but she hesitated. “It seems foolish enough for Rika to try but….I don’t have time to worry about that now!

Concentrating, she began to feed ice through her wings, similar to her Freeze Feather attack. But this time the ice wasn’t being released through her feathers. She let it build up, first her feathers, then the whole wing getting encased by hard ice. “So...heavy….” Yuki panted, the weight from the ice making it difficult for her to lift her wings. She could feel her body lowering as it became less easy for the wind to lift up. “But it’s also getting…….” Yuki was struggling with the last of her strength, building as much ice as she could. “Fly….AHHHH!”

The poor harpy had finally reached her limit. With a terrified scream she fell from the sky, her talon barely catching a nearby tree branch. There she hung upside down, her wings covered in ice and hanging uselessly over her head. “This….was a bad idea.” Yuki grumbled, blood rushing to her head. At least she could finally hear now that she wasn’t in the middle of a whirlwind. She glanced down and saw she wasn’t that far from where her sister had fallen. Haruto now stood over her, the wind whipping his golden mane.

“I hate to bloody my hooves like this but you’ve proven to be quite the stubborn sort.” She heard him say, his nostrils flaring. “You really would have made a good addition to the team. Such a pity for you.” He raised his hoof high, prepared to stomp down and crush the wolf’s skull.

“No you don’t!” Yuki yelled, swinging her legs off the branch to propel herself forward.

“RIKAAAAAAAAA!!!” The harpy screamed, adrenaline and fear rushing through her as she soared through the air towards the white horse. Haruto turned just as Yuki slammed both her frozen wings on top of his back.

The winged horse reared up, neighing in pain as the impact broke the ice around Yuki’s wings. “Hey, my wings are back!” Yuki exclaimed, ecstatic to be able to lift her arms again. The ecstasy died as the face of an enraged stallion looked down on her. Blood ran down his white fur at the spot where the ice had cut into his shoulder.

“That was not a smart thing to do, little birdie!” He sneered, raising his hoof over her.

All Yuki had time to do was cover herself and wait for the pain to come. A feral snarl rang in her ears, along with an angry whinny. She opened one sapphire eye and saw Rika had awoken and had tackled the winged horse, her jaws ripping into his neck as the pegasus reared itself, trying to dislodge the vicious wolf.

Rika clung on, only breaking free when Haruto’s wings opened up and he lifted himself into the sky. She landed on her feet, her muzzle tainted with bright, red blood. Yuki quickly joined her, relieved to see her safe. Unfortunately no words could be exchanged as they both faced off against the wrathful pegasus that hovered over them.

“You two are really starting to annoy me.” Haruto said, his wings flapping ominous. Behind him the tornado seemed to increase in size and power, the trees around the shrine starting to bend at the force. Rika’s claws dug into the ground and Yuki had to cling to her leg, her light weight body almost instantly lifted up. Haruto continued, his voice rising above the gale. “The more you persist the more I feel the need to show you the almighty nature of the god you go up against. Allow me to show you what gifts are passed down to those who choose the one true god!”

He reared up, his front legs kicking wildly as he roared into the sky, “Thunder Revelation!” His wings started shining brightly as dark clouds drifted into the sky. Lightning flashed one bolt after another, filling the sky with its threatening thunder. Both Rika and Yuki flinched as a bolt flashed down just a few feet from where they stood. Suddenly more lightning strikes fell, leaving blackened marks on the ground where it struck.

Haruto laughed mockingly as he watched the wolf and harpy dance away from the deadly lightning as it kept striking. Neither had any defense against such a powerful and erratic attack. A bolt struck the oratory, instantly catching it ablaze.

Rika paused her dodging, mouth falling open in horror. “No! Emi! Takuya!”

Haruto grinned. “Well it looks like my work here could be over sooner than expected.”

“Serpent’s Revenge!”

The pegasus’ eyes widened as hundreds of white serpents suddenly attached themselves to this flank. “What in heaven’s name?” He exclaimed, rearing up and searching for the culprit. There below him stood Ugajin-sama, her robe sleeve still pointed upwards. Next to her stood Takuya and Jesus, both of them waiting with bated breath. “You!” Haruto snarled, about to send a gale straight at them. However, to his disbelief, he found it was starting to get hard to move his wings. He shook his head, trying to focus but found his eyesight was also starting to get blurry. “What…what did you do?!” He growled, glaring down at the goddess.

“Those snakes I shot at you are all highly venomous.” Ugajin-sama explained simply. “Usually one serpent would hardly do any damage to one of your size. However, a hundred serpents have attached themselves to you, injecting you with their precious venom.” She brought her sleeve down, her unblinking gaze cold as she continued. “ I say you have about an hour at the most to receive help from your one true god before death takes you.”

Haruto scowled, his nostrils flaring angrily as mulled over his options. “Zeus will hear about this!” He declared, before turning and flying into the sky. Rika and Yuki stopped their dodging as the black clouds shifted, breaking away and revealing the moon and stars once again. The tornado that had been swirling since Haruto’s transformation, started to finally settle. Everything from the battle had disappeared, except for the flames that quickly engulfed the ancient shrine. 

Real Aire