Chapter 19:


52 Hertz

“Haruko-san? Uwahhh that dress really suits you!”

Omori Sakura said, peeking around the corner of the door.

“Really? Hehe, it’s my first time wearing something so fancy… I was afraid I’d look awkward.”

“Ahh! Don’t worry you look fantastic!”

Haruko was wearing a simple, yet elegant navy blue dress.

“Sakura-san, you also look amazing. As expected from a successful author~”

“Ehhh? What does being an author have to do with this? Haruko-san, did you drink too much? But the reception hasn’t even started yet!”

“Hahaha! That’s true… it’s not even my marriage but I’m so nervous…”

Omori Sakura sat down next to Kitamura Haruko.

“Heh, my brother really lucked out huh? Marrying Itsuki-san of all people… it’s a perfect love story! I should write about it.”

“Hmmm you really should. It’s quite a cute story isn’t it?”

“Yeah! Although kind of strange...ugh I’m shuddering at the thought of him being all lovey-dovey with her after all.”

The two young ladies laughed and joked around for a while more before making their way to the wedding hall. Kiyoshi-sensei greeted them at the entrance and laughed about how quickly they grew up. Inside, they found their seats among the dozens and dozens of tables. There were beautiful white roses scattered everywhere and silky beige tablecloths. Shun was already sitting at the table and stood up once he saw the two girls approaching.

“Hello ladies. After you~”

“Whoa, what a gentleman.”

Sakura nodded and sat down across the table, at her designated seat. Shun sat next to Haruko.

“When did you get back? I thought you’d stay in America for a little while longer...”

Haruko asked, surprised.

“Heh. You know me, I had to come back to see those two getting all cozy and all… I’ll return to America to finish the year though.”

“Ehhh… I see.”

Sakura smirked at the pair.

“What is it? What’s with that look on your face?”

“Huhu~ nothing. Ah, it’s starting!”

The music played softly throughout the hall as the hundred people clapped and cheered for Itsuki and Kaito. Haruko’s golden bracelet glimmered in the sunlit room. She couldn’t remember where she’d gotten it from. One day, she’d woken up and noticed it on her wrist. Perhaps it had been an important gift, from an important person.

In the silent library at Miyazaki High, a student cleaned out the shelves and found a loose page tucked beneath the shelves. The page number was 70.

No date.

Today, my little Ko-ko laughed happily. I’ve never seen her laughing so naturally. She looked very beautiful, in her long dress. She still wears the bracelet I gave her. Aha, that makes me quite happy! I’ll wait for you, so that we may meet in another life. Then, I will be sure to treat you kindly.”

The student looked at the page curiously and frowned.

“Huh. Must be a love letter.”


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