Chapter 25:

Midnight Zero

I Became the Manager of the First Galactical Idols

Sunday arrived and it was time to go to Kiku's café. We prepared everything just as we had last time and the girls performed in front of even more people. The tables were all occupied and some people even had to stand. Jun and Tomokazu were there again too.Bookmark here

The performance went great. People seemed to like the latest song—Forever Gravity—and we added an intermission so the girls could chat more with their audience. There were no accidents and I didn't notice any details that needed to be addressed.Bookmark here

The girls and I chatted in the storage room afterward, delighted with the results. We also talked about how the mysterious guy from the previous week hadn't appeared again. They felt a bit sad about it, thinking he didn't like them anymore, but I told them that there could be many reasons for his lack of presence. Still, they seemed sad.Bookmark here

We didn't have anything to do until the next day, so I went home and rested. About to sleep for the night, I got a call exactly at midnight. I put my glasses on.Bookmark here

Unknown? Since when do unknown contacts exist?Bookmark here

Curious, I answered. "Hello?"Bookmark here

"Good morning, Mr. Miyahara."Bookmark here

His voice is absurdly deep, even deeper than Butcher's. And it's midnight…Bookmark here

"Wait, who are you? How do you know my name?"Bookmark here

"That doesn't matter. I'm calling you to talk business."Bookmark here

"Oh. Do you want to do business with Blostars?"Bookmark here

"Indeed."Bookmark here

"Great! But isn't it a weird time to call?"Bookmark here

"I prefer to do it like this. It's peaceful."Bookmark here

"Sure…. Do you have a proposal?"Bookmark here

"I do."Bookmark here

"I'm all ears."Bookmark here

"Give me one million terras and I won't spill your secrets," he replied. Terra was Earth's global currency.Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

"I won't repeat myself, Mr. Miyahara. That's my business proposal. If you don't send me the money this week, I will—"Bookmark here

I hung up and immediately called the police. However, when they asked for my call logs, there was no trace of the call. Still, I allowed the police to continuously monitor my future calls until the problem was solved.Bookmark here

Right after hanging up, a message from a nameless sender arrived. It was a bank account number. I decided to get out of bed and go to the nearest police station. However, they couldn't track the account number. It was as if it didn't exist. They told me they had seen cases like this throughout the past years and they were never solved.Bookmark here

As disheartening as it was, they told me they were getting close to solving it thanks to the reports of so many people over the years. There was nothing I could do other than to wait.Bookmark here

I felt anxious the entire morning. I decided not to tell anyone about it since it was only going to make them concerned.Bookmark here

It was time to go to the studio and continue the day as an ordinary workday. Even though it was Tomokazu's first day, he already had dozens of ideas for merchandising: clothes, caps, mugs, wristbands, glasses cases, and even figurines. He also proposed selling Humas, but I thought it was too soon for that. Not to mention expensive.Bookmark here

It was hard to concentrate with the music and the girls dancing next to us. I knew we needed to get an office as soon as possible, but that had to wait.Bookmark here

As Tomokazu and I chatted about the details of his ideas, someone knocked on the door. I opened it and it was Aya, who had come for the PR interview. I stepped out and stood in front of her. She wore a very formal outfit, fitting for an interview.Bookmark here

"Hi, Aya. Are you sure about this?"Bookmark here

"I applied for the job, didn't I? Also, this doesn't seem very professional."Bookmark here

"I don't have the money to make it seem professional yet. That's why the salary is so low. And that's why I wondered how you found my offer and why you applied for it."Bookmark here

She sighed. "This isn't going to be about my PR skills, is it?"Bookmark here

"I've already seen them in action for years."Bookmark here

"Very well. I've been looking for a job ever since the company closed. Having that on my resume has destroyed all of my opportunities. At first, I tried applying to the big companies, with no luck. Then I tried at the small companies and even startups; that didn't work either. The only option left was to check the public job listing. Most of them were from well-known companies, so I knew they wouldn't accept me. Then I saw your offer. It was far from attractive, but I can't stay jobless any longer."Bookmark here

"So, you had no other choice than to apply for your little brother's new, small, business with the lowest salary possible."Bookmark here

"Basically. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested in it."Bookmark here

"At least that's something," I said. "Since I already know your skills and experience, I'll just tell you what you're going to do as the PR manager. You'll handle the social media accounts and their posts; you'll negotiate business proposals like photoshoots, interviews, appearances, etc.; you'll look for opportunities for performances and schedule them; and you'll be the company's spokesperson."Bookmark here

"That's quite the list of duties. I was already going to be underpaid, but this is straight-up abuse."Bookmark here

"I'm really sorry. Those jobs need to be fulfilled and I can't hire anyone else until we start earning money. When that happens, I'll increase everyone's salaries."Bookmark here

"As if you didn't know me. I was kidding. Kind of. I'll do it. But, since there isn't much info about your company online, I need some answers before signing the contract."Bookmark here

"Sure. What is it?"Bookmark here

"At the dinner we had weeks ago, you told us that you started an idol group. But now you're saying that it is a company. Am I going to work for the group or for the company?"Bookmark here

"The company. It's an agency. Didn't you see the name in the post?"Bookmark here

"I did: Galactical Idols Management Agency. So, your company is a management agency for idol groups that will travel around the galaxy."Bookmark here

"Exactly."Bookmark here

"Are you the CEO of the company or the group's manager?"Bookmark here

"Both."Bookmark here

She squinted her eyes at me, thoughtful. "You know that's going to be impossible in the future, right? Once the group becomes famous and the company is well established, you'll have to choose between handling the paperwork or managing the group. You can't do both."Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I've thought about that."Bookmark here

"I'll take your word for it," she smirked. "Okay, I'll sign the contract."Bookmark here

I put my glasses on and sent her the contract. She only read it for a few minutes before signing it. Even though she had experience, it was very fast. She probably trusted in me enough to be comfortable accepting it without reading it letter by letter.Bookmark here

"Done. I start today, huh?"Bookmark here

I nodded. "Follow me."Bookmark here

We stepped back into the dance studio. The girls and Tomokazu stared at us as we walked to the center of the room.Bookmark here

"Everyone, I want to present to you the new PR manager: Aya Miyahara."Bookmark here

They clapped and Aya bowed with a smile.Bookmark here

"Thank you. It's nice to meet you. I look forward to working together."Bookmark here

"Wait, Miyahara? Are you related to Kaito?" Sanae wondered.Bookmark here

"I am. He's my brother."Bookmark here

"You're Kaito's sister?!" Astra shouted.Bookmark here

"Yes—"Bookmark here

The girls—except Umi—suddenly approached Aya and surrounded her.Bookmark here

"You look so mature!" Astra continued.Bookmark here

"T-Thanks…"Bookmark here

"And you're so pretty," Risa added.Bookmark here

"Your skin looks so well taken care of and your hair so smooth," Aki said. "Has Kaito told you about me?"Bookmark here

I let out a long and deep breath. Really?Bookmark here

"He hasn't," Aya answered, confused.Bookmark here

"He should've," Aki glared at me. "I'm Aki Akane, one of Blostars' members. And I'm Kaito's girlfriend," she smirked.Bookmark here

The whole room was encompassed in silence. Everyone stared at me, shocked. Sanae seemed to be the most affected, looking at the floor with a frown.Bookmark here

This is going to need clarification later…Bookmark here

"N-Nice to meet you," Aya replied.Bookmark here

"I'm Astra Celeste," she beamed.Bookmark here

"I'm Sanae."Bookmark here

"And I'm Risa, Sanae's sister."Bookmark here

"It's nice to meet you all," Aya smiled. She then glanced at Umi, who was sitting at the other side of the room.Bookmark here

Umi's cheeks got pink for a split second before she approached them.Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

"I'm Umi Adachi."Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you, Adachi," Aya smiled.Bookmark here

Umi's cheeks flushed again before she turned away to sit again.Bookmark here

Did she…? No, it can't be.Bookmark here

They stayed silent for a moment, so I continued the conversation.Bookmark here

"Apart from being members, they have done a lot of work behind the scenes. Aki made the costumes from scratch, Umi makes the songs and records them, and they all work together to come up with the choreography."Bookmark here

"Amazing," Aya replied. "You're all so talented."Bookmark here

They giggled, while Umi seemed embarrassed.Bookmark here

"And the other worker here is Tomokazu. He's the merchandising manager. He just started today as well."Bookmark here

He stood up and approached us.Bookmark here

"Good afternoon, Aya. Long time no see."Bookmark here

"Hello, Tomokazu. I see you dyed your hair and grew quite tall."Bookmark here

"I'm a changed man."Bookmark here

They had met many times in the past since I invited Tomokazu to the house. They always seemed to get along well, probably because Tomokazu was quite courteous. Opposite of Jun, whom Aya didn't like in the slightest. He always tried to impress her and she quickly grew tired of it.Bookmark here

"Jun also works with us from time to time, but only under commissions," I continued.Bookmark here

"Good," Aya replied. "If Tomokazu works here, does that mean that he stopped studying?"Bookmark here

"In effect," Tomokazu answered. "I was hired last week but was unable to start working officially until today."Bookmark here

"I see. Kaito, you have a wonderful team. I'm eager to start working with everyone."Bookmark here

"I'm glad to hear that. Girls, Aya will be working with you closely, just like Tomokazu. They need to get a good understanding of the group and yourselves so that they can bring about the best results."Bookmark here

"Understood!" they replied.Bookmark here

"Any questions?"Bookmark here

Sanae raised her hand. She seemed serious. "Can you explain your situation with Aki?"Bookmark here

"I meant questions about Aya or Tomokazu…," I said. I let out a long sigh. "I guess it's better if I tell you now. Yes, Aki and I are together. That's it. Let's not treat it like a secret, but try your best not to tell anybody. Understood?"Bookmark here

"Yes!" they replied.Bookmark here

Sanae's serious expression had switched to a slight frown of disappointment.Bookmark here

I think I should talk to her. Maybe go somewhere with Risa and her next weekend.Bookmark here

"If there are no more questions, please go back to work," I said. The girls walked away to resume dancing. "Aya, let's start by watching the recordings of the two performances so far."Bookmark here

"Sure."Bookmark here

The rest of the day went smoothly and so did the week. Another song was finished—called Cherryish Life—and a social media account was made. Everything was ready for Sunday's performance.Bookmark here

It was Saturday, the day Sanae, Risa, and I had planned to meet to eat outside. However, I got woken up by someone repeatedly knocking on my apartment's door early in the morning. There was no sunlight coming through the window yet.Bookmark here

I put my glasses on to see a suited man standing outside of the apartment. Confused, I stood up to open the door.Bookmark here

"Hello?"Bookmark here

"Good morning!" the man vigorously smiled. "Are you Mr. Kaito Miyahara?"Bookmark here

"Yes…"Bookmark here

"Magnificent! I'm here to offer my services as a lawyer."Bookmark here

"Wait, what? Isn't this kind of advertising forbidden?"Bookmark here

"Well, contemplating your situation, I believe it's quite a reasonable offer."Bookmark here

"My situation?"Bookmark here

"Hm? Have you not seen the news? It happened a few hours ago. Maybe you were asleep."Bookmark here

As he talked, I looked at the news on my glasses and a picture of Sanae and Risa immediately appeared.Bookmark here

The president's affair with his maid: his secret daughters are idols…? Oh shit.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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