Chapter 102:

Chapter 102 - The Most Beautiful Flower!

The Flight of The Draykes

Two months passed by in a flash. I would continue on with my routine diligently, irrespective of rain, thunder, and fury.

But today, I quietly told Alden that I won’t be coming tomorrow and then moving to the inn, I said the same to the manager.

Dr. Cratus saw me coming and he held up his hand as he said, “Finally going to ask me for it, huh, boy?”

Grinning, I nodded, and he waved his hands at me; “I’ll handle everything here. Go!”

That night before sleeping, I paced around before I held up a certain object with great satisfaction in my eyes. Carefully keeping it in my finite ring, I slept deeply, in wait for the next day.

When morning came and I awoke, for a moment, I grasped out in the air as I tried to capture the remnants of the dream that seemed to be so close to me.

But as the remnants slipped away, a smile formed on my face and I jumped out of bed, energized.

Stretching hard, I quickly bathed and dressed myself as finely as I could.

Then, I ran to Ares, Damon, Celine, Teacher, Sir Patrick, and Aaron's room in turn.

Whispering a few words to each of them, I hastily made my way to outside Sia’s room.

Pausing a good distance away from her room, I watched the door vigilantly and waited for her to emerge and a good half an hour later; she stepped out, clad in a white tunic matched with black trousers, and her hair up in a severe bun.

Stepping forward and coughing to alert her of my presence, she turned around and relaxed as she saw it was me.

Smiling at me, she teased, “Pretty early in the morning for you, isn’t it?”

Smiling at her back, I moved forward with my arms spread out.

Alertly, Sia stepped back, but I kept moving forward slowly, giving her all the time to dodge my hug.

Cautiously, Sia stood where she was as she stared suspiciously at me.

Then I clasped my hands around her in a hug, and I whispered, “Happy birthday!”

Blushing, she hugged me back in turn, and was about to speak when she yelped as my hands undid her hair clip and her hair came tumbling down.

Then, straightening her hair out with my fingers while still embracing her, I put the sea- green hair clip on her again, conscious the entire time of her face that was buried in my chest.

Stepping away, I admired my handiwork as she blushed and glared at me bashfully.

Summoning the object that I was holding the previous night, now wrapped in colorful paper, I held it out and said, “For you.”

Reaching out, she took the wrapped gift and touching it, a bigger smile spread across her face as she said, “You didn’t…. Did you, immortal boy?”

Touching my nose, I said, “I didn’t. But I did something else. I hope you like it.”

Puzzled, she was about to open it when I pushed her back into the room and said, “take your time. We’ll be at the dining hall.”

Before she could say anything, I had already turned and left her standing there, bemused, as she held the gift in her hands.

Then going to the dining hall, I grinned as I saw all the people that I had spoken to after waking up gathered around the table.

There was Ares who was dressed in a black doublet. There was Damon, wearing a smile as he talked with ease to Celine, who, in turn, was dressed in a pretty blue dress. Then there was Teacher, who was sitting at ease as he sipped on a glass of juice; Sir Patrick, who was grumbling something about whippersnappers waking up too early, and my brother, who was rolling his eyes as he sat beside Sir Patrick.

Soon, the door opened again, and a maiden of peace, clad in a flowing white dress that reached her ankles, floated in. Her blonde hair fluttered; held in place by a sea-green hair clip while her own sea-green eyes looked shyly at us.

She was beautiful, breathtaking, and she was Sia.

Stunned, all of us froze in our places as Sia clasped the hem of her dress nervously, and then Celine was taking her hand and leading her to the seat of honor; where a cake in the shape of a shield lay on the table in front.

Holding her hands to her mouth, Sia looked at me and whispered, “You didn’t!”

Grinning, I nodded and shook my head at the same time, words having failed me yet again as I met her radiant eyes.

Then she was cutting the cake, and Sia fed a slice of it to me while her fingers trembled and my legs shook, and then the rest followed as they wished her.

After the wishes came the gifts, as Sia curtseyed to everybody and hugged Ares and Celine.

I was surprised to see her take so well to Celine, and quite happy too, since it meant she had a girl friend to talk to about, I don’t know, girl things.

Then we were alone, and she stood in front of me; taking my hand, she walked in front of me through the Hoard and into the small garden in the back.

Standing peacefully there, she blinked her large eyes at me and mischievously asked, “I didn’t see this dress at the shop…. Where did you get it from?”

Awkwardly, I looked away, but she grabbed my hand tightly and I grimaced before quickly straightening up my face.

But not fast enough that she didn’t notice, and looking down at my hand, she gasped as she saw the many tiny holes that peppered it like a sieve.

Then she looked down at her dress and realization dawned, and a radiant smile bloomed. A solitary tear fell on my hand, and startled, I looked at her worriedly; Only to relax, as I saw her step close and lay her head on my shoulder.

Content, I stared at the flowers while thinking that the most beautiful flower in the garden was the one beside me.

I must have said it out loud, because a tiny punch hit me and she buried her head deeper in my shoulders.

Smiling, we stood there for a long, long time.

It felt like mere moments, though.

I hope she felt the same way.

When she squeezed my hand, and raised it to her lips to kiss it; I knew she felt the same way.

“Life.... is wonderful,” I thought as I looked fondly at her, the girl in white.